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Open Thread: Monday Night Mischief

Good evening, Persephonites!

I hope everyone had a a lovely weekend, complete with enough chocolate to appease both believers and non-believers at any family functions you had to attend. The Sally J family had a lovely, if not rained out weekend, and we are happily in chocolate comas twenty-four hours after the official end of the Easter Candy Season.

So”¦ what’s shaking? Any good family dinner tiffs? Egg hunt meltdowns? Other calamities you’d like to share? We’re hear to listen and commiserate this fine evening”¦

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I finished the Hunger Games series last night…
It was rough. I didn’t cry until the very end. I tried to hold it together but then, failure. God damn cat.

I can see where some people will not like the ending but for me, I think it did okay. I don’t want to spoil anything but I just have to say this. Katniss became a soldier. Aside from a figure head, she went into battle. Where else would one go from there? (parts of the climax wrapped up too quickly though, too easily for the writer, I could feel her getting fatigued)

Finishing a book always makes me feel weird inside. Closing the book knowing that there is no more. This might be why I read books at least two times. I had an awkward dream that combined some scenes from the book with my class work. No one should go into battle with a paper on Corporate Compensation. It ends badly…

Some of you likely saw the news about the two photojournalists who were killed the other day. I hadn’t posted anything about it here because, I don’t know, what is there to say? But I feel so dampened by both of their deaths.
War is so terrible. I am glad I don’t cover it anymore, and I admire those who continue to do so. Someone needs to chronicle it, if only to document what war does. You just always hope, I guess, that the ones you know will always be the survivors.

I just realized that inessita’s time in Amsterdam is over again. Well, hope you had a great time!

I had a fabulous weekend, it was like a mini vacation. Waking up late, having brunch with freshly baked croissants on the balcony and lounging in the park. All this happened in Amsterdam, but I didn’t really know how to tell le bf that I was thinking about meeting up with an internet stranger on our single day toghether.. ;)

I had my doctor visit with the neurologist today, which was inconclusive. I do have a disc protrusion on my spine, but it is not the source of the pain I’ve been having, and appears to be asymptomatic. So now we’re kind of back to square one, and it looks like the next course of action is to go to a pain clinic and have them shoot me up with drugs to see if they can tell the nerve signaling the pain to STFU (despite not knowing why it’s signaling pain. Okay, yes, the current assumption is that it’s inflammation due to having irritated my ribs somehow and ribs just take ages to heal, but… the assumption has already been several other wrong things!)

So, yeah, that was my day. I called in to take the whole day off and spend it in my jammies. This evening, I got together with a good friend for pizza, wings, and the first Harry Potter movie, which was awesome.

Have you tried asking for a DO who is an OTM specialist ? I’ve had much better luck with random pain with osteopathic physicians than with allopathics. You might try asking for one if you’re already going to a pain clinic. I hope you feel better soon.

I played 4 games of Uno with my family – and won three. At one point I gave my mom a bloody nose when she was trying to see what color my last card was! (I really just bumped her and with allergies and aspirin she was a little sensitive). Also, I came up with an analogy of how my dad’s cheating is like when a person tells you he can see down your shirt – after he’s already gotten an eyeful. So not cool, dad.

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