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Open Thread: Weekend Edition

Well, it seemed like this Friday was never going to end. After all, we started posting at 3 a.m. ET today in honor of the Duke and Duchess. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m capping off my Friday with some takeout and an early bedtime.

Anyway, time to rock out, and I’ll see you all in the comments (perhaps tomorrow after I’ve gotten some sleep)!

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For anyone wondering why half of today’s posts ran for a little while already, the server shit itself and needed a reboot, which reset the server time for 12 hours later. So everything we had scheduled went live as soon as we rebooted. I just put everything back the way it was and fixed the server clock, so hopefully we won’t see any more weirdness today.

So sorry for the confusion!

Today my baby sister moved two and a half hours away for the next nine weeks :( I didn’t get to help move her in with the rest of the fam, so we had a half-hour talk on the phone just now and she cried her heart out. This is the first time she’s left home in any real sense (at a young 20) and doesn’t know anyone where she is, has no internet yet, not even a pot to cook with. Poor kid.

I’m staying with my BF this week while his parents are away for a trial period, so her absence doesn’t seem real yet. But I know that next week when she’s not around I’m going to be DESTROYED. We’re only 18mos apart, everyone thought we were twins when we were small, and she’s my bestie for life.

Anyone in the Waterloo, ON area got survival tips for her in the meantime? Anyone with a sister want to commisserate?

It was. But before the news leaked, I just had this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I knew it couldn’t have been another disaster, because that would have been all over the news. Same for a big battle or anything like that. I was half afraid he was going to announce they had thwarted an assassination attempt.

And then the talking head on MSNBC, who had gotten the news and was told on air not to release it, started in with these broad hints about ‘something over seas’ and ‘that we’ve been trying to do for 10 years’, and I figured out it had to be Osama right before Fox broke the announcement.

I have to make a salad for a BBQ on Tuesday, but I really don’t like what I call “Southern” salads (mayonnaise based ones, like potato salads, tuna salads, carrot salads, etc). Do you guys have any interesting salads you think would be good for a BBQ?

Whenever we have ol’ fashioned southern BBQ potlucks, my step mom always brings this stellar ramen broccoli slaw salad. It’s vinegar based, so you won’t be saturated in Mayo, and it’s pretty cheap and easy. I’m trying to find an online recipe that resembles the one she makes, but the basic idea is this and add dried cranberries as you like. You can also substitute the chicken ramen for vegetable ramen to make it vegetarian/vegan friendly.

My friend/housemate and I got into a fight a few days ago, we finally talked about it and worked out issues and determined that I react badly to certain things while still delivering the same kind of comments back, and I was so happy to finally clear the air, when she added at the end that it seems to follow a monthly pattern, so I should start skipping sugar pills or give a warning when I’m on my period. O_O Things seemed to be going so well until then.

And she just added “Did you know you can get 12 free psychologist sessions per year?” God damn. I don’t even know now.

Congratulations! I found the contents of your bag fascinating, even though I’m not a gamer so I only recognized half of the things you mentioned… Also: in all the weeks that I’ve been reading about your gaming video blog project, I always thought you were referring to videogames!

Nope! There will probably be some reference to video games at some point (when I can start playing them again… two weeks until I move!). I mostly do tabletop gaming and other assorted geekery. The video I plan on shooting tomorrow will be basically the intro to “So I’m going to be writing this thing for Persephone Magazine about the old X-Men cartoons, and here’s why.”

No problem! In all honesty, when it comes to people I know online, I’m always curious to find out what they sound like in real life, so that’s what made me follow the link. You look really confident in front of the camera, I admire that! I would never be able to do video blogging – or any other online project that my students could find and trace back to me, really…

Have to admit I’m a slave to evolution in at least one way – there is nothing in the world that gives me the warm fuzzies more than seeing my boyfriend holding a tiny baby* and liking it. Damn, he’s cute.
Now I’m off to re-suppress my ovaries…

*3 months old. Not ours, just on loan for a few minutes.

Have you chosen one?

I thought about Berlin but registration is closed. There seem to be lots of others all across Europe around that time and the one I’m thinking about still lets you register close to race day so I don’t have to (financially) commit to it just yet.

Any advice for a first time marathon runner?

[img] and Annie.jpg[/img]

The adoption papers are finalized! She comes home with me mid-June (after I move and after she has her second surgery). I SO EXCITED!

(Seriously, I am home from the adoption event and I miss her already.)

Her name is Annie. She is deaf, so we’re working on hand signals (her name is also “snap the fingers on your right hand, and then end in the sign-language letter ‘A'”). The surgery she needs is to remove her ear canal (She already had one done) because they are permanently damaged from her previous owners ignoring an ear infections for a really long time.

She is a purebred rat terrier, all of about 12 pounds (i.e. smaller than most full-grown cats), and I can pick her up with one hand, which is really good when she has difficulty focusing and I need to remove her from a distraction.

I fully plan on spoiling her rotten.

I ruined half of my Easter break by coming down with the flu. AGAIN. After spending the Chrismas holidays, January and most of February fighting off the most resilient flu virus ever, I thought I was done for at least a year, but it turns out that was just act one.

So this is a PSA for baby academic Sephies: always remember to eat your five a day, take your multivitamin, do some exercise, get enough sleep, and every now and then get out there, do fun stuff with your friends, have a laugh, get some fresh air in your lungs and some sun on your face. Yes, your research is important, and your time is precious, but so are your body and your overall health.

Heh, same thing happened to me throughout high school and undergrad. There’s even a Calvin & Hobbes comic in which Calvin complains about getting sick during the weekend and not getting to enjoy the best part of being sick, which of course is missing school. Yes, I still identify with Calvin way more than an independent woman in her late twenties should.

This time, I think it’s a case of The Post-Dissertation Flu that everybody has been warning me about. Apparently, this is how your body reacts when it finally has the chance to relax after several months of nonstop writing during which you have forced it to survive on coffee, sandwiches, sleep deprivation and adrenalin.

Apparently, this is how your body reacts when it finally has the chance to relax after several months of nonstop writing during which you have forced it to survive on coffee, sandwiches, sleep deprivation and adrenalin.

Hm, this is already my life and I am a good year and a half away from writing my dissertation. This is not looking good for me…

PS I hope you feel better.

Just ordered X-Men Animated Series Volume 1! 16 episodes of awesomeness.

I am also having pierogies for breakfast, which I think might need to become a weekend tradition. I don’t even feel guilty because I have to ride my bike 4 miles today to go pick up my car at a friend’s house.

Oh, God, I forgot how hilly that area was… and I forgot my water bottle. The drymouth I had by the end was tragic.

On the plus side, whipping my body into shape so I can do more biking in the future is good (even though I will totally admit that I walked my bike up some of those hills because zomgwtf)

I may be late to the Dog, Cat, and Rat party, but whatever, this video is amazing, and it had my team and I in tears of mirth after our boss had us pull it up following a lengthy discussion about cats vs. dogs:

(My kingdom for an explanation of how to embed a YouTube video in a comment.)

I hear you :( My hayfever in the last two weeks has been crazy. I had to take a sick day last Thursday – I just double dosed on my antihistamines and slept it out. I’m on my third antihistamine of the spring, so far I’ve tried Singulair, Zyrtec and now I’m on Allegra. It’s miserable :( My top lip is actually chafed from blowing my nose so much! Whinge whinge, bitch bitch.

I know that this can happen regularly, but try changing tissues. I had that happen once and it turns out I was allergic to the tissues (I already knew that I was allergic to aloe, and did not know that Puffs had started to put that into their tissues with lotion.)

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