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Parenthood Recap: Spring Fever

Last night was the third new Parenthood (on NBC) in a row, and the show is back into its groove. The show opens with Crosby  looking at houses, while recounting his fractured relationship with Jasmine. The realtor isn’t interested, but he goes on anyway. His plan – sell the houseboat and buy a house for his  family. If he buys a house, surely they’ll come back, right?

We then move onto Julia’s storyline, she’s got a broken arm from ice skating. When Sarah asks how that goes along with the babymaking, Julia lets her in on the recent news of her infertility. Sarah is compassionate, but Julia blows her off, saying “I’m fine.” Friends, let me tell you, she is not fine. But we’ll get to that later.

We then get to see Alex and Haddie together for the first time in several episodes. Haddie coyly asks Alex to prom, and the two of them tease Amber into going as well. Alex hooks Amber up with a friend of his, and Amber agrees.

Richard Dreyfuss returns for his guest -star appearances as Gilliam, Zeek’s theatre friend. He’s mentoring Sarah, and pushing her to make her play a priority in her own life. He’s demanding major revisions, and Sarah’s not quite ready to make the commitment to do so.

Circling back to Crosby, the baby of the family attempts to talk to his big brother, Adam. Adam is still pissed, and isn’t ready to forgive Crosby yet. Crosby goes to Sarah next, and asks if she and Julia and Joel can come by to see his house. When she suggests Adam go too, he lets her know Adam still hasn’t gotten over Crosby’s indiscretion.

Prom starts taking more of a spotlight as the episode goes on. Adam is a bit obsessed with Haddie having sex that night, and at every turn he’s telling his wife about his sexual encounter the night of his prom. Kristina is playing it more cool, but she does come out and ask Haddie if she and Alex are thinking about it. Haddie tells her that prom is a cliche night to have sex. (But she’s sixteen. Of course she’s thinking about sex! Don’t be naive, Kristina!)

In contrast,  when Amber and Sarah have a conversation about prom, it’s more about the ritual of going, and how Amber will be glad she’s made a prom memory, regardless of how the night turns out. It’s a touching scene, and it’s a sharp contrast to the previous one between Haddie and Kristina. (Don’t get too comfy, Sarah. Just sayin’.)

When the night of prom comes, everyone gathers at Adam’s house. Zeek andCamille come to see their granddaughters off, and the cameras are flashing. Amber meets her blind date, and he’s the perfect gentleman. It’s a fun scene with adults and teens getting along and it shows how much Alex has become endeared to the Braverman family. The girls are stunning, and I couldn’t help but think that my daughter’s own prom is only eleven years away. Sappy, but true.

I think Zeek and Camille must go over to Julia’s right after they leave Adam’s house, because they show up on her doorstep with her old golf clubs. Since learning that Sydney will be an only child, Julia is in super-mom mode, teaching her French, ice skating, and now preparing for mother-daughter golf lessons. When Julia tells Sydney this is their next new past time, Syd in her six-year -ld wisdom says, “How many things do we have to do together?” which sends Julia out of the room crying. No words are spoken, but Camille gives Julia a hug as she finally begins to cry about her new infertile reality.

The prom appears to be as magical as one always hopes, with Haddie and Alex finding their friends and dancing the night away. Amber runs into her former friend Kelsey (the bad girl from the fall whom Amber tried studying for the SAT with), who is trying to be friendly but touches a sore spot – college. Amber tells her friend that she won’t be going, and then immediately leaves the prom. Brandon (her date) gets the short end of the stick here, but plays the gentleman and gets her home. At home, she freaks out at Sarah (see, Sarah, I told you not to get to comfy), and tells her that she’s going to start doing things her way. It’s such a contrast to their earlier scene together, and I can only imagine that it’s a pretty accurate portrayal of parenting a teen. Cool one moment, emotional the next. Amber goes up to change clothes, then goes out on the porch for a smoke. Why there are smokes in the kitchen, I don’t know, because I haven’t seen anyone else smoke on the show, but whatever. It was very dramatic.

While Amber is telling her mother off, Haddie  and Alex are getting closer and closer. Closer? Yes, closer. And closer. And then you know what happens? They have sex. How cliche. Haddie makes it home with a minute to spare before her curfew, and her parents are pleased. Little do they know “¦

The episode closes with Crosby showing off his newly-purchased fixer-upper to his sisters and Joel. As they are going around, it becomes apparent that it’s going to take a lot of work to the make the place livable. As they question him about it, he shares his scheme, along with the fact that he’s already sold his boat and bought the house. As he goes on and on, he talks about how he’s totally wrecked his life, and  “you can’t really wreck it worse than totally.” It’s a speech that makes Crosby’s character, and you begin to wonder how this will all play out. Then  Adam shows up, and Crosby’s look of admiration is heartfelt. Without too many words, Adam has forgiven his brother, at least partially, and all is right with the siblings again.

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Long time lurker, first time poster here.

I don’t think the show would have Haddie get pregnant. That’s too on the nose, and this show has always felt so real and organic to me.

Anyone else watch Lauren Graham on Gilmore Girls before coming to Parenthood? My husband and I were giggling last night when Sarah was talking to Crosby about the grand gesture of buying a house for someone. Remember when Luke bought a house for Lorelei? And remember how well that turned out?

I was floored by the preview for next week. Hope everything turns out okay!

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