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Persephone Lounge is as Open as This Thread

It’s the weekend (weekend!) so what better excuse do you need to sip a drink or two in the Persephone Lounge?

Instead of a dance tune, I thought we’d get starting with a classic SNL skit with a young Bill Murray as the lounge singer.

Enjoy, and have a great weekend, everyone!

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What a glorious day! I finally was able to go on a run and not feel like I was freezing. Yay for spring! I actually ended up walking more than running but I was out running/walking for so long that I didn’t get home until two and half hours later.Ohh and it was the premiere of Upstairs, Downstairs.

… anyone use YouTube a bunch?

I am trying to upload the first video for my video blog. It is going poorly. It kept stopping at random times, making me have to cancel the upload and start it over. I finally go it to 99%, and then it froze. That video shows up in “My Videos” as being “Uploaded (processing, please wait)” It says it should take a few minutes but has been there for over an hour.

Before I saw that the other one apparently finished uploading, I started an upload using the Java big-upload-thing, which supposedly continues even if your internet cuts out. After an hour, it’s at 29%. Before, it took about 30 minutes to upload.

I just want to post to my blog! Halp!

I wish I didn’t have such a thin skin about people being nasty to me on the internet. Someone on another board (I’m fairly sure I know who it was, I’ve had problems with him in the past) responded anonymously to my post about an upsetting incident that had happened to me the night before with, “I would’ve laughed, too, if I’d seen that.” UGH it shouldn’t bother me so much but it does. Especially since I feel like I’ve gone out of my way to just avoid saying anything at ALL to him, and then that? Uncalled for.

I’m insanely thin-skinned about Internet meanness. But that guy is obviously a dick. Just think of how miserable he must be in real life to have to be a jerk to strangers on the Internet, and wrap yourself in the knowledge that you’re a far more awesome person than he is.

It’s also hard since I can’t really imagine why someone would be nasty to me about this: Three women were talking towards me on the sidewalk and not moving out of the way. I moved sideways a little bit, partially behind my boyfriend, but it wasn’t far enough so I twisted my upper body to avoid smacking into one of them. There was not a lot of room on the sidewalk so it was either twist, smack one of them with my shoulder, or step in the mud. One of the women said, “I hate retarded white women.” Like… what? I don’t understand a) why that was necessary and b) why that guy would have laughed at that, too.

It’s just frustrating because everything you wrote is totally right and I know really shouldn’t care. But it’s so hard not to.

I just discovered My So Called Life (I know, I know).

I’m a grad student and I have only two classes this week before going on Spring Break (but one of them I have a proposal due and, while I know what my paper topic is, I haven’t started yet).

So have this glass of wine and watch an episode and pretend I’ll do work later?

Or have this glass of wine, watch a few episodes, and throw my hands in the air?

As a side note, I’ve also recently decided to get my PhD in Women’s/Gender Studies and not Philosophy (which is what I’m getting my MA in).

As in I decided this last night. As in, I think I need another day off. As in, I definitely do, but I really should get SOMETHING done. #guilt

Oh wise Persies (is that what we call one another?), what do I do?!

Oh hai.

It’s been awhile. I think I’m coming back to the internet scene.

How is everyone? How’s school? Making it through the last push? Who has pets? Who wants to share pictures of pets? Anyone want to hug it out?

As someone who dones t-shirts and jeans, I really really really am obsessed with Madewell.


Hey, I missed you! I AM making it through the last push, actually – I just emailed my advisor the intro to my dissertation, I’m working on the conclusions which I intend to email her before midnight, my partner is hard at work proofreading the whole three hundred pages, and we’ve promised ourselves Indian food as a reward. I’ve had like three major meltdowns in the last two days but I’m happy to report I’m currently panic-attack-free. How’s everything on your end?

Well.. not well.. and really well. As a result of the really not well, I think I’ve decided to pursue my PhD in Women’s Studies instead of Philosophy.

And because of the not well/really well, I think I’m going to dye my hair Shirley Manson (circa commercial with Elijah Wood [if you haven’t seen it youtube it now]). I know and am ok with the fact that I know its because I feel out of control of my own life.

Otherwise, I feel like I have two really strong paper topics for the end of the semester; I think this proposal due this week is manageable. Then I have two weeks for a book review to be completed, which I get to write at home with my boyfriend.

Aside from a really pissed off rabbit (we got her nails trimmed at the vets today) and a bit of guilt from not working on anything today, life is pretty solid.

I’m struggling through it, still, but you know, life is still pretty solid.

And CONGRATS for hitting the three hundred page mark! And what a diligent partner! If you need an outside reader, I’d be HAPPY to read through it over my Spring Recess (next week).

Thanks for offering, that’s really nice of you! I’m planning to stay up all night revising my draft for the last time, and then as soon as my advisor returns the intro+conclusions and I get to make whatever corrections she recommends, it’s off to the printers. Yeah, this is what I was trying to tell you about time management: the only reason why I’m not writing my conclusions the night before the dissertation is due is that I need a week to print it out. But I’m working on it.

I once tried to dye my hair red (because MY SO CALLED LIFE) but my hairdresser talked me out of it. I wish I could see a “Sliding Doors”-type film of the person I would have been if I had dyed my hair red at 16!

Glad to hear the LDR is still going strong…

The only way the LDR could be stronger is if it minus the LD. But what can you do? No doubt you and your partner’s story functioned as inspiration… and reassurance that we weren’t bat shit crazy for doing this. Also, he got a new (waaaay better paying job), which allows us the freedom to travel without uber stress (now if only we had the free TIME to do so).

I’ve been purpley-red, blonde, dark brown, light brown… and I always was confronted with “is that natural?” Now I’m orangey-red (like the copper color of ACTUAL red heads) and for the first time I see that I actually CAN wear any semi-natural looking hair color… I certainly wish I had other talents–like x-ray vision or being good at math–but hey, I’ll take it.

And I hear you on the print thing. I have one day on campus which I can print unlimitedly, which means all of my assignments are done on the Tuesday before they are due. It’s really great to be gullible enough to trick yourself, isn’t it?

Finished my lesson plan early tonight. Now I’m curled up with the third Sookie Stackhouse novel and my good friend Jagermeister. Mmmm, Alcide. I am ripping through these books, too. They’re pretty short. I think I love them equally to the series. Seeing everything from Sookie’s POV puts you IN the action and I am liking it a lot. These books have so much sex in them too, which I also enjoy. Mmm, sex.

To thank her for covering the first few hours of a shift for me, I bought a yummy pain au chocolat for a friend, and brought it with me when I showed up. Did I completely forget to give it to her? Yes. Until now when she’s long gone… I am not sure about how the karma of eating this will balance out.

I am at school for a workshop for the MPT portion of the bar exam this year. Has anyone taken a bar with the MPT? My bar exam is the first one in this state, so it’s weird, but we just did a practice one and it seems a lot more manageable than I planned. I’m just wondering how people studied for them.

I’m gonna leave when we get to lunch and head home to clean and workout before I get ready for (drum roll, please) Barrister’s Ball! I love law prom. I went last year, thinking it was going to be lame, but ended up having so much fun even though I got stuck at a table with people I don’t really hang out with (i.e., like). This time I got a table with all my favorite law school friends and I’m so excited to wear a fancy dress and do my hair and drink (not a lot! gotta be professional!).

Tomorrow I have volunteer training at the shelter where I got my little nugget so I can spend one day a week playing with puppies! This weekend is going to rock, after I leave this workshop.

Yay! A question I can kind of answer!! I’ve taken two bars with MPTs (NY and OH). Because of the nature of the MPT, I only did one or two practice ones and devoted my time to studying for the MBE and state portion. The most important thing on the MPT is to stick to the time limits – I think BarBri recommends spending the first half of your time reading the materials and the second time writing. I stuck to those limits to the minute. I had friends who spent too much time reading and felt like they completely screwed up the writing.

Enjoy your last few months (weeks?) as a law student and don’t worry too much about studying until after graduation. You have most of the summer to freak out about taking it and then the rest of the summer to freak out about whether you passed. :)

Good luck! Let me know if you have any other bar questions.

Thank you! I’m pretty good about sticking to time limits, so I think I’ll be good there. I was really worried about the MPT because it’s so new for our state, but it’s good to know I’m on the right track. I am definitely more worried about the MBE and essays. So far my studying is limited to my bar prep class (speaking of which, I have a Crim Pro essay to write before Barrister’s…), and the prof is saying we should be studying an hour a day by now which is seriously not happening. I like the chill out till BarBri starts approach. Thanks for the advice!

In my quest to eventually watch all the Oscar Best Picture winners, I will check another film off the list this weekend. Earlier this week I watched “The Godfather II” and I’ve got “The French Connection” on the way.

In the meantime, what instant title should I watch?
“Going My Way” with Bing Crosby (1945)
“All About Eve” with Bette Davis (1951)
“Driving Miss Daisy” with Jessica Tandy & Morgan Freeman

The dems better not effing give in.

The way I see it, if they don’t and the government shuts down – then thew Repubs will have officially shot themselves in the foot. Not according to station likes Fox, of course. But to the rest of us, there they are. Taking their pay like the corporate feds pigs they are while the rest of the middle-class government employees suffer. And for what? They want to “cut the budget” by pulling tons of social services, throwing women under the bus and screwing many many people.

The dems better not fucking cave. I don’t even want a negotiation. Any negotiation will be a win to the Republicans. They won’t say it, of course. They’ll still whine that they didn’t get all they wanted. But the way I see it, they’ve been pulling this shit since the last elections. Slowly getting more and more of what they want and we’re just LETTING them. No. Fuck them all.

I was so busy posting pictures of handsome men on my tumblr last night I didn’t see this. :p Oops! The short answer is that I don’t know because not a lot was released after the eleventh hour decisions. But I am guessing more will come out tomorrow morning, so I will let you know when I see it!

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