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Questioning Donald Trump, Bravo, and 30 Rock (not at the same time)

There were a few shows I was contemplating writing about this week – The Real World, the Voice – but instead, I realized I had a ton of random television-related questions on my mind. If anyone has the answers or any theories or questions of their own, please leave a comment. I want to feel like I’m not alone in pondering these important issues!

OK… here I go…

Why are people giving Donald Trump the time of day? He is rude, blatantly makes things up, and won’t ever run for president because there is no way he will ever disclose his financial statements. The fact that respected journalists like Meredith Vieira are letting him spew his foolishness in front of millions of viewers without holding him accountable for his statements makes me livid. Is it all a publicity stunt for The Celebrity Apprentice? Is he secretly filming a mockumentary, a la Joaquin Phoenix? Oh, how I wish I could tell him, “You’re fired… from my TV!”

Why do 30-minute comedies struggle when going into an hour? Last week’s 30 Rock had many funny moments, and I loved how they poked fun at everything from Jack just paying attention to TGS and none of the other shows on the network to Jane Krakowski’s real pregnancy. But it felt forced at an hour; I think even 45 minutes would have worked, but there just wasn’t enough to fill 60. I’ve noticed that other comedies have had issues going past 30 minutes, including The Office when they were having super-sized episodes a few seasons ago. Is it because the writers are so used to tight scripts?

Speaking of The Office, how long will it last without Michael Scott, a.k.a. Steve Carell? I love that it’s a true ensemble cast, and I think removing anyone from the mix, whether it’s Dwight or Kelly or Andy, would hurt. So, take away the big boss, and you will have a very different vibe. Will it make it past just one more season?

Why is Kendra still on Dancing With the Stars? I’m a very casual viewer of this show, and I know that in the end talent (unfortunately) doesn’t always win out. But I miss kind Petra and peppy Sugar Ray, and I haven’t quite forgiven Kendra for her anti-elegance rant and renaming the Viennese Waltz the Mafia Waltz.

Is there a limit to the number of Bravo shows that I’ll watch? I love me some Bravo original series, but often find myself ignoring a show and then magically getting sucked into one of those mid-season marathons. That’s how I got into Pregnant in Heels, featuring a maternity concierge named Rosie Pope who does everything from plan a wedding for a nine-months-pregnant bride to helping a couple with intimacy issues. Rosie is actually stronger than I thought she would be and often goes toe-to-toe with her difficult clients. The show is only a few episodes in, but now I have to tune in on Tuesday nights to see what the latest rich person maternity trend is.

Finally, how am I going to make it until Southland comes back on? It felt like it started, I blinked, and the season was finished. It’s been off for several weeks now, but I miss it. A lot. Come back to me, Officer Ben Sherman!

By Catherine

Catherine is a Southern California based freelance writer, whose work has appeared in everything from the New York Times to Entertainment Weekly. The highlight of her life (so far) was being featured on MSNBC for a story she wrote on Hello Kitty wines...she knew one day her love of all things HK would come in handy.

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Rachel Maddow recently asked that same question about Donal Trump, as has Lawrence O’Donnell. There’s no reason for it other than grubbing for ratings. Trump is, as described by Atticus Finch, white trash. And our media is giving him allllll this air time. What does that say about 1) the state of this country’s media and 2) the state of this country in general?

30 minute comedies struggle when going to an hour when they have nothing substantive. Cheers could have gone to an hour. Golden Girls could have gone to an hour. Barney Miller, Mary Tyler Moore, or the Cosby Show could have gone for an hour. Reason being that those shows had substance. Viewers gave a shit about the characters. I like Tiny Fey, but don’t give a shit about Liz Lemon. 30 Rock isn’t relatable for most people.

I think The Office can last without Michael Scott. All of us have had changes is management, and that’s where it’s got to come from down the line. My money is on James Spader as the permanent manager. He can do comedy, he doesn’t have anything else going on, and he does great comedy in that restrained atmosphere.

That’s all I have to say right now :)

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