Review: Portal 2

Let’s do some testing! I didn’t have the intention of buying Portal 2, but after seeing the “viral marketing” videos on YouTube, I bought the game anyway. I remember having a lot of fun with the original game as well, so I told myself, “Why not, Machiavellian A.I. are fun to listen to.”

The game comes with two modes: single player and co-operative. In the single-player mode, the player gets to play as the same character as in the first game; that story is a sequel in all points and events from the first game are referenced. The co-operative mode involves two robots that are controlled by two players. Because this is a Steam game, you can only play in co-op mode with your Steam friends.

Companion Cube
Companion Cube, I want one!

Portal 1 was seen as an innovative game when it was released a few years ago. Portal 2 doesn’t really innovate, but it does add new ways of solving puzzles and more characters that will interact with the player. I enjoyed the gels quite a bit, as well as smashing video terminals. Like its predecessor, the game relies a lot on the portals and physics to solve problems and requires good 3D orientation. Also, the game is a bit easier then the first one, but it offers more gadgets to solve problems, which means that you spend more time learning new mechanics than using them. Some of the new additions are really interesting, but they probably could have been used more throughout the game as opposed to here and there.

Lazers and nature
In construction

The game contains a lot of test chambers and you spend most of your time listening to the robots and “testing.” The voice acting is perfect and you actually learn a lot of stuff about Aperture Science and the robots you encounter. It will take people between 6 to 10 hours to go through the single player part of the game. Despite the type of game type (puzzle solving), there is actually a story here with a satisfying ending and interesting characters. The game is probably a lot more aimed at “geek” than everybody at large, though, and Turret Opera is really cool. Well, I love opera.

I haven’t tried the co-op mode yet. Although, from my understanding it’s a lot harder with two players. Valve also offers, for a price, costumes and trinkets for people to customize their “robots.”

Portal 2 is a fun game that will make your brain work more than your mouse and shows quite a few interesting characters and test chambers. It is a short game, although it does promise quite a few hours of co-operative gameplay as well. A must for people who love sarcasm, evil robots and solving puzzles.

What I learned while playing Portal 2:

  • Science isn’t about why, but about why not?
  • If it looks crazy, do it.
  • Turrets can play music and sing.
  • Potato batterie generate 1.6 volts of energy.

No potatoes were harmed in writing this review.

Portal 2 is created and published by Valve. Steam page.

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