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Rock and Rollin’ Open Thread

If you all didn’t already know that my open threads are just an excuse for me to feature my current favorite song of the week”¦ well, now you do!  “Rock & Roll” by Eric Hutchinson is this week’s, as I feel like it applies to much of my current state of mind.  How are you all doing today?  Comment!

Also, join Hattie, Selena and La Belle Amelie at the buttcrack of dawn, EST (That’s 3AM) for our liveblog of the royal wedding.  Mimosas and tiny Union Jack pins for all!


By Luci Furious

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It’s my mom’s birthday! Secretly I hoped she would’ve been more enthusiastic about my present, but I guess I should know by now that she isn’t the jumping and yelling type to show appreciation.

Weather’s good, I’m editing 60 pages of chicklit, things could be worse.

So I’ve finally decided that I’m in love with the person my boyfriend used to be, not the person he is now. That’s not to say that it’s impossible for me to fall in love with this new version but I don’t think this new version of him wants to make enough time for me to get to know him. Does that make sense?

I asked him several weeks ago if there was any activities he would enjoy doing with me that didn’t involve a bicycle. He still hasn’t come up with anything but has made PLENTY of time to go on seriously long rides with his cycling teammates.

I’m very curious to see where this relationship goes after I move out. I’m trying not to be resentful or angry and that’s a real challenge some days. My hope is that I’ll move out and he’ll realize that he misses me. The reality will probably the opposite so that’s what I’m trying to prepare myself for.

So I have been sick for the past 2 weeks (more or less) with a runny nose and a horrible cough that WILL NOT QUIT.

I finally went to the doctor today and she said it’s Bronchitis. Because I’ve been on so many different kinds of antibiotics this past year (damn you UTIs!) she didn’t want to prescribe me one. She was going to give me some steroids to calm the cough, but didn’t do that either because I’m trying to get pregnant.

So basically, I just have to wait it out. She suggested a humidifier, tea and honey (I HATE tea btw) and plenty of rest. She was even ready to give me a doctor’s note to miss work, which I declined.

Any other home remedies that y’all know of?


I do recommend a humidifier, and for more immediate results a very hot bath with the shower curtain drawn to keep the steam in. That was the only thing that helped me when I had the world’s most heinous cough. Once I managed to get it a little better the humidifier was good maintenance.

Oooo, I never thought about warm water instead of tea.

My teaching assistant is an older lady and she gave me a recipe for a tea that she says I have to make. This was after she reprimanded me for going barefoot (because that’s why I got sick). I still love her though :)

Oh I do so love, love, love Eric Hutchinson. LOVE. I’m good here. Kind of getting excited for tomorrow’s main event. I doubt I’ll be up before 6am, but I have vague memories of seeing the footage of Diana & Charles getting married, and am looking forward to seeing some fun and fancy times on my tv tomorrow.

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