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Royal Wedding Live Blog!

I hope all of you have your fancy hats, tea cups, scones, and Union Jacks ready – this is going to be a good wedding! Let’s get this party started, British-style. Keep in mind I am doing this Central time, so bear with me.

2:00 a.m. ““ All right! I got my tea in hand and a Nutella sandwich. Let’s get going.

They are showing all the crowds that are lining the streets and beautiful sights.

2:01 ““ In case any of you are wondering, I am watching this via BBC America, which is airing this commercial=free.

2:05 ““ They are currently interviewing and offering some insight into the traditions of royal weddings. I am a tad tired, but my little sleep seemed to invigorate me.

2:07 ““ OMG! LITTLE BABIES IN CUTE CLOTHES! Frankly, I wish I was in England; I would want to hang out with all these people, it is kinda cool.

2:12 ““ Not much still going on, they are talking about how wonderful William is and all his charity work. I am kinda wishing I slept until 3… I was just too excited. Way to go, me…

2:15 ““ Apparently it is first come, first serve for some of the seating in Westminster Abbey… Royals! Just like us!

2:17 ““ I love all the outdoor televisions that are set up all over the country for people to relax and watch.

2:18 ““ OMG! A message from the space station! What?! This is awesome! I want a personal message from the space station crew!

2:23 ““ Can we mention how bad I feel for Harry, though? I mean, that guy is gonna be a target. He always was, but now that William is getting married, it only leaves Harry. Yikes, guy better hold on for the ride!

2:26 ““ OK, I totally just told Selena this, but I would totally rather be in the streets partying rather than in the Abbey. I mean, as cool as it would be to be at the actual wedding, the people outside are having tons of fun.

2:28 ““ OMG! The little relationship montage! So cute! I am tearing up, I am so happy that they have found their match.

2:29 ““ Oh look! The London Crier is out! Getting ready to open the doors!

2:30 ““ How does anyone see with all those hats?!

2:31 ““ Guests are filing in. I am getting more and more excited! I am also trying to stay quiet; my roommate has a final tomorrow. She is in law school and needs all the sleep she can get.

2:33 ““ They don’t seem to be checking invites? Maybe they did that in the pre-line part? ‘Cause it seems too easy to crash.

2:34 ““ Is that an American flag in the background?

2:35 ““ WHO IS SWIMMING IN MY APARTMENT COMPLEX POOL AT THIS TIME?! (File under things that are distracting me.)

2:36 ““ Wow, they built a mini-station for all the television stations across from Buckingham Palace…

2:40 ““ Those trees in Westminster Abbey are so beautiful. I want trees at my wedding.

2:44 ““ Still filing in. Who is this guy they are interviewing? He kinda looks like Sting.

2:45 ““ Holy smokes! Just saw the time line! I am gonna stay as long as I can guys, but I can’t do this for six hours…

2:46 ““ Bridesmaids and pages on the way to the Abbey! Couldn’t see anything that well. Grrr.

2:48 ““ OMG, jugglers in the home town! Jugglers! I want jugglers at my wedding!

2:50 ““ The people in the street are having so much fun! I want in, I want in! Ohh, look, some people from Chicago! They look fancy.

2:51 ““ Ohhh my, this woman basically filled her house with the wedding memorabilia… yikes, some of that stuff was nuts – i.e., the gnomes above!

2:53 ““ BTW, I am wearing a tiara. Just thought you all should know.

Also, that stuff in Westminster Abbey is pretty; I didn’t see that stuff when I was there a million years ago. I got robbed on that tour!

2:56 ““ Just got an email from Banana Republic, apparently they are running a “King for a day” sale… 30% off your purchase. Even the Banana has wedding fever!

2:58 ““ Ohh, the Scottish accent, it goes straight to my heart…

3:03 ““ BTW, William will become Duke of Cambridge after the wedding. There also goes the Rolls to pick up Kate.

3:06 ““ I want to see more people filing in! Switched to CNN to see what they are showing, I got people!

3:07 ““ I also have to say that I am so happy to not be watching the E! coverage. I would be so annoyed with Guiliana by now.

3:09 ““ Whoa, cupcake dress alert! Literally, a cupcake!

3:09 ““ Did I just see the English version of the mullet?

Band marching! Sorry, Welsh Guard, they are marching.

3:12 ““ I still don’t know how some of those hats work. How did that one that was literally sideways work? Did it have a headband attached? Did she sing “my headband” when she put it on? What is the protocol?!

3:14 ““ OMG! Anderson Cooper! Yes, the Silver Fox is on my screen!

3:16 ““ The route to the Abbey… seems like the longest one ever.

OMG! POSH! Becks! She looks pretty, but how does that hat stay on? Why doesn’t her dress have more shape? I need a zoom out to see her belly!

David is as gorgeous as ever.

3:19 ““ I can see her belly – she is big! I am happy for her expanding family; she looks totes adorable.

3:21 ““ Hats, hats, hats, and more hats. I can’t understand how anyone is going to see in that place.

3:23 ““ Air Force band marching! I know that song. I don’t know the actual name, but that is the problem with going to a large school with a military band, you hear all the familiar military songs.

3:25 ““ Posh looked so uncomfortable in the crowd at the abbey, people were touching her. You don’t touch Posh. She should have a bubble around her.

3:27 ““ Today’s accessory, hats that defy gravity and physics.

3:28 ““ MR. BEAN!

3:29 ““ Whoa, I am seeing some tans that should have been scrubbed off.

3:30 ““ Are you all seeing the huge blue pea hat? Tara Palmer-Tompkinson, who had surgery on her nose. Glad they mentioned it and not me first. That would have been painful.

3:37 ““ This is interesting, the mix of people in the abbey. Some of the most powerful people, and some of the most normal people, people you would know in your daily life. Crazy.

3:39 ““ Cars to pick up the groom are there. Let’s get this guy to the church on time.

Also, there are cars for all the other dignitaries that are apparently at the palace.

3:42 ““ Everyone is right, some of those hat mistakes could have been avoided if they had a sassy gay friend. “Look at your life, look at your choices.”

3:43 ““ Yes! Pictures are arriving!

Posh and Becks looking faboosh.


Let me cry for Posh's feet.

3:44 ““ Newest lesson: they are not buses, they are motor coaches. Oh look! All the dignitaries.

3:47 ““ Sir Elton has arrived! He is looking amazing as usual.

3:47 ““ I do have another name for this, but it has been censored… here is the crazy blue hat.

It points straight to her newly constructed nose.

3:49 ““ Here is Chelsea Davy. I don’t like any of it.

3:50 ““ They are going to give periscopes to see the wedding. I knew they had a solution for the hat issue.

3:54 ““ There has been a suggestion for the band to rick roll the crowd. I am so down for that.

3:54 ““ Horse guards! Yeah! Pooper scoopers!

3:56 ““ Important people are now coming in. They are getting the fancy seating.

3:57 ““ Oh, the faces. I love the faux boredom on people’s faces. They are perfection.

4:00 ““ Oh, Vera doesn’t like that she has to cover her shoulders…

4:03 ““ Major dignitaries arriving. David Cameron and his wife are here.

4:06 ““ Come on, William, leave Clarence House! Let’s get this started!

4:08 ““ I am out of tea… I need more, but that requires moving. I am too comfy.

4:11 ““ Chanting for Will or Kate, I can’t understand which one right now. I assume it is Wills.

4:12 ““ OMG, royal drag queens. I die.


4:13 ““ I am so excited! It is one step closer to happening! They both look so dapper!

Sorry for all my dapper comments. But really, is there any other word?

4:16 ““ The people are going nuts! I would be too, let’s be honest.

4:17 ““ “Guys, I think Prince William went with the red because that’s what all the Disney princes end up wearing at some point with their fancy Prince Charming pants.” (via Jessysaurusrex)

4:18 ““ The bells! He has arrived! He is going to be married soon! I don’t even have any words!

4:19 ““ Aww, you can tell he is so nervous! Royals, they are just like us.

4:20 ““ Look how cute he is!

4:23 ““ More people filing in. Wills talking to family. This is exciting! I can’t stand it!

4:24 ““ Jessy mentioned it, and I finished it. Chelsea Davy would be the worst in my opinion… I can’t imagine her being added to the family.

4:25 ““ Royals coming in! Bride’s mom and brother on the way!

4:27 ““ Really? Just one car in the Middleton parade? How lame.

4:28 ““ Did I ever mention that there is a gorgeous prince from Luxembourg that would be totally game for anyone? Also, Sweden’s prince is gorgeous, but he is pretty popular as it is.

4:29 ““ Ahhh, the moving coaches! I love that name for vans. Important people in them, dukes and duchesses.

4:32 ““ Man, I hear some major screaming, people are going to lose their voices. Kate’s mother and brother have arrived. She looks nice, but for some reason I expected to be dazzled. This is totes appropriate for the mother of the bride, but still rather simple… I mean, hello? Pippa isn’t going to do this good, live it up while you can!

4:34 ““ Oh yes, they also did say “Jag-you-wah” when talking about the car.

4:35 ““ Prince Edward on the way.

4:35 ““ I love the light-up coat of arms, it is like a classy pizza delivery car.

4:37 ““ Big hats, they obvs can’t see. If I can’t see you, you can’t see. I am sure that needs to be a rule.

Princes William and Harry.

4:39 ““ Duchess of Cornwall and Prince of Wales on the way. Camilla, I am not amused.

4:40 ““ Dear BBC, I couldn’t care less about what Camilla is wearing, thank you very much. Love, La Belle.

4:41 ““ Duke of York is leaving. I love the official trumpet going. There is the Queen! She is looking bright in yellow.

4:43 ““ The people are going flat out nuts. Awww, the little girls in dresses! Let’s get Kate out of there.

Bridesmaids and pages.

4:44 ““ Dear God, Camilla. Pleats? Really?!

4:46 ““ Queen is almost there. I think they are taking extra long with her car. She and Kate are easily the most important people there.

Princesses Eugiene and Beatrice. It is a sad day in London town with those hats.
Better view.

4:48 ““ Queen has arrived, you may all now surrender. The lady looks faboosh for being in her 80s.

Royal Trumpets going crazy, and rightfully so – it is the queen! I wish she was wearing a tiara, though.

4:50 ““ There is a serious lack of crowns and jewels. I am very, very upset.

4:51 ““ Kate is getting in! All I see is white! I want to see more! It is huge! There is lace! It has long sleeves!

4:52 ““ I need to see more! Move it, car! Move it, camera!

4:53 ““ There she is! She looks beautiful! I can’t see her tiara that well, though, I want to see it better. She looks lovely – HER HAIR IS DOWN! HER HAIR IS DOWN!

4:54 ““ People are going nuts, and for good reason. I want her to hurry up and get there. I need to see the whole dress!

4:55 ““ Her dress was designed by Sara Burton for Alexander McQueen. So far it is beautiful. Pippa looks pretty, too. The bridesmaids are adorable.

4:57 ““ Haha, Tumblr question of the day: “So how much was her dowry?”

4:58 ““ My imaginary thoughts: “Dad, my arm is hurting from waving too much.” “Get over it, you can’t back out now, billions are watching.”

Worst thing ever.

5:00 ““ Goin’ to the chapel and we’re gonna get maaaaaarrrrrriiied, going to the the chapel…

5:00 ““ She has arrived. Now we see the full dress. It looks beautiful. Thank goodness there isn’t a huge train! She has a short veil, too. How beautiful!

5:02 ““ Held in place by the Queen’s halo tiara. She looks amazing.

5:02 ““ No waiting, it seems, she is going straight down the aisle. Don’t mind me if I start crying!

5:04 ““ William is coming out. He is walking up to his place. OK, good, he didn’t glance back. Let it be a surprise!

5:05 ““ There she goes! She looks so happy. I am tearing up, it looks so beautiful!

5:07 ““ She is almost there! It is supposed to take over three minutes. That must feel like an eternity.

5:08 ““ Aw, Harry muttering to Will.

5:09 ““ Look at Will! He is glowing! She is glowing! There are blushes!

5:09 ““ He looks at her! It is just so perfect! I want a prince!

5:10 ““ It would be cool if Elton was playing the organ, though it is totally different to play from the piano.

5:11 ““ This makes me wish I had stuck to my original plan of being a music major. I miss being in choir so much.

Kate arriving at Westminster Abbey.

5:13 ““ Wedding has officially started, and somehow I am still going. This is amazing, guys.

5:14 ““ Here comes the long wait for objections!

5:15 ““ I was hoping there would be someone ballsy enough. Not that I don’t want them married, but I wanted to know if there was someone.

5:16 ““ Vows exchanged, hands are being held, they are so beautiful, and you can tell how much they love each other.

5:17 ““ Her dress does look so much like Princess Grace’s.

5:18 ““ OMG, that ring for a moment didn’t look like it wanted on! Whew, that is over now.

5:20 ““ I know this song, I know this song! I am excited! I can sing in my head! Since my roommate is still sleeping.

You can see the love. It is beautiful.
He is so telling her she looks beautiful.
Look at them! Look at them!

5:25 ““ Sorry for all the pictures, Tumblr just went nuts with them. James Middleton is doing a reading.

Kate Middleton wearing Sara Burton for Alexander McQueen.

5:27 ““ Does her brother look way too tan?

5:27 ““ The choir is making me cry, damn those little boys. I also love that Will and Kate were totally laughing at her brother.

5:31 ““ I love that you can so tell this is a John Rutter piece. So obvious! John Rutter, you great choral composer, you!

My new favorite tumblr:

5:35 ““ Oh, that look and laugh. They are too cute!

5:37 ““ Will looks so bored, so does Kate. I also think the Queen was falling asleep. This is the best wedding ever. Royals, they really are just like us.

The tiara that Kate is wearing: Cartier Halo tiara.

5:39 ““ Royals are now asleep, and the crowd was told who Chaucer was. Eventful moment.

5:43 ““ Longest moment/chant ever. Kate and Will are bored.

5:45 ““ Is it weird that I totally repeated after the Archbishop?

5:46 ““ “Blah blah blah, get preggers Kate!”

5:48 ““ I think it is over?

5:50 ““ Wrong, I was wrong.

5:51 ““ Yes, the end is in sight! Wills and Kate must be ecstatic.

5:52 ““ Now for the long trek back.

5:54 ““ Signing of the registry.

5:58 ““ Note the Queen does not need to sing along to “God Save the Queen,” ’cause she rocks more than anyone else in the place.

6:06 ““ They are on their way out. Quick curtsy to the Queen, and they are now officially married.

6:09 ““ Crowds are going crazy! They are now outside. The carriage awaits them.

6:11 ““ They are off in the carriage. They both look lovely and amazing. The crowds are going nuts!

6:13 ““ William is now off the market for good, it seems. I am glad that he is so happy. They look amazing together.

6:14 ““ They both look tired, Kate most of all. I bet the stress of this whole event was enough to make her go crazy.

6:17 ““ Text from Kate: OMG this is the longest carriage ride evah! (I like to imagine she is texting.)

6:19 ““ Harry = small child patrol.

6:19 ““ I think I might make it into work today, I am still going strong! (Normally I don’t work on Fridays but still go for extra pay, so it is totes OK to skip if I feel like it.)

6:21 ““ So is it the general consensus that QE2 drinks unicorn blood to look that good in her 80s?

6:23 ““ “Well honey, here it is, your new home! Get ready to live with grandma!”

Just kidding, I know they aren’t living there right away.

6:25 ““ I feel for the pooper scoopers – that is a lot of horses.

6:26 ““ Arrival at Buckingham Palace, they are now getting out of the coach.

6:26 ““ What did that groom think? Kate is now royalty, she does not carry her own train!

6:28 ““ Royal family arriving back at the Palace. “God Save the Queen” playing in the background. Kind of awesome.

6:30 ““ QPOV: “Ahhh, home at last!”

6:34 ““ Kid and bread rolls! Brilliant!

6:35 ““ Hurry up with that kiss! I want to either go to work or bed!

The Internet and Tumblr are amazing things.

6:39 ““ Confetti is everywhere! I wish I was British, I would be as posh as hell. More tea now while we wait for the kiss.

6:45 ““ I love the British newscasters and their love of hanging out with the kids and wearing funny hats.

6:59 ““ This is taking forever. I am le tired now. Hot tea with loads of caffeine is perking me up, though.

7:00 ““ That is the calmest and more organized crowd to Buckingham Palace ever.

7:02 ““ OMG! Old man in Union-Jack-printed Kanye glasses!


7:11 ““ Most organized swarm to the gates ever.

7:20 ““ Haha, going to Soho to find a real queen. The Brits are awesome!

7:25 ““ Balcony! They are coming out!

7:26 ““ Kate was shocked. The kids are too cute. Everything is adorable, and nothing hurts. Love that the kid looked frightened of the Queen.

There is The Kiss! OK, everything is good.

The faces of the little kids are the best.

Another kiss! Geez, Will and Kate, save it for the bedroom.

The Queen is out, and thus we are out! Huzzah to the Royal couple and happy wishes all around!

This is the end of the live blog! I am tired, and I am sure that you all are as well. Get some sleep or drink some coffee, we have a whole day ahead of us. I think I am going to nap, go about my normal day, and drive to another city for a concert and baby shower (I am the Godmother!). I hope that you all had fun staying up with me! I am still amazed that I accomplished it! Kisses!

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Did you see Charles pick up his granddaughter so she could see over the balcony? I thought that was such a humanizing moment. Just before that I had asked SlayBeau if he thought the Queen ever sat her grandchildren on her lap or got to hug or be close to them, and the long shot shows Charles holding that little girl — it was a really sweet side note.

I slept through the wedding … so thanks for this! I managed to tune out/avoid most of the hype, but I am happy those two crazy kids tied the knot. :)
I also teared up a little on the drive into work when they were replaying some of the wedding on the radio. Yes, I am one of those people who will cry at weddings regardless of whether I know the couple or not.

Oh mygodthis dress is so gorgeous! And to think that they’re going to be our future king and queen,my Frenchness vanished,I’m now 100% British! And Philip in the carriage,bless him, it was all the fault of the suspensions I guess…

I got that impression too! Between them living virtually next door to each other and the way he handled the scandal, I got the impression they were really quite close. She is the mother of his children — even if they’re not a secret couple, its refreshing to see a a divorced couple seem to have a fond and caring relationship after their split.

I like that you can see how much they like each other. Even Harry looked thrilled. When he turned around to see Kate coming down the aisle and then whispered to his brother with that big smile on his face? Its really a different generation — what I remember from watching Charles and Diana get married is how stoic everyone looked. They didn’t look like a couple in love.

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