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Still Sweet Open Thread

My sweet tooth is still nagging me, so after the trivia answers feel free to use the open thread to talk about your favorite sweet things.  Or something you think may be made of lies and glue, because that’s my new favorite phrase.

1.  What is the difference between ice cream, frozen custard and gelato? Gelato actually has less milk fat than ice cream, but it has less air stirred into it so it seems richer.  Frozen custard usually has egg in it.

2.  What is a petite fours and what does “petite fours” actually mean? Petite fours are pretty, tiny little cakes and “petite fours” does indeed mean “little oven” in French.

3.  What is the main ingredient in marzipan? Marzipan is not, in fact, made of lies and glue, it is made of almond meal and sugar.

4.  Where would you find Rainbow Balls in Coconut Cream? Taiwan, or a restaurant that specializes in Asian desserts.

Balfours Frog Cakes

5.  What is Frog Cake? Frog Cake is a specialty created at the Balfours bakery in South Australia.  It is a little sponge cake covered in cream and fondant and made to look like a frog.

6.  Which one would you most likely have for dessert:  Spotted Dick, Bubble and Squeak, or Inky Pinky? Spotted dick is a fruit studded pudding.  Bubble and squeak is a cabbage dish and inky pinky is like a pot roast.  Which one you would like for dessert is up to you.

7.  What are Bisteeya, Pyrih, Vlaai, and Zelnik? They are all types of pie.

8.  How old is cheesecake? Older than Jesus.  There have been cheesecake recipes found from Ancient Greece.

9.  Where are most cacao (chocolate) beans grown? Western Africa.  I would have thought it was South America too.


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Between work, the midterm, two wedding pre events (bachelorette, bridal shower), mother’s day, and travel plan for work I have NO TIME to do what I really want to do.

Tear apart my bathroom and rebuild it. I just want someone else to come and do it so it’s all nice and pretty when I return. Is that too much to ask?

Maybe after the midterm and the bachelorette is over I’ll feel better? Or maybe I can take a day off from work next week if I get like a ton of stuff done today?

I’m at home with my BF in Kansas City and we both have a morning of in-apartment work (and then he travels to stores in the afternoon).

It’s essential to his job to be on the phone during this in-apartment work time… except that I can’t do MY work (today: reading Deleuze’s esoteric nonsense… ok, I love him I’m just angered currently. love me some esoteric). I just use it to do other “tasks:” emails, facebook, open threads… but I’m at my best in the morning, so him being on the phone for 40 minutes is complicating my work day.

It’s not that big of a deal this week (since I leave on Monday), but I’ll be living here over the summer… any ideas on how to delicately bring this up?

A few other details: there are no doors in our apartment, actually, except to the bathroom. He’s new in the company and frequently has to kiss ass a bit to total morons (so I can’t NOT listen). He insists on using speakerphone on his phone, which, frankly, we all should, it just also adds to the noise level of a phone call (this is also awesome because then I get to hear what the other person on the phone says =) ).

So… I think the Sephora website should have a breathalyzer. On the plus side, half of my wedding shopping is done for my friends’ upcoming wedding (she borrowed my eyebrow stuff and loved it, and I was like “Heeeey you have a celebration coming up that involves gifts…” and now I just need to buy fancy silk underpants for her fiance, because it will be hilarious and awesome) AND I am going to have amazing eyelashes, assuming that the purple spot on my eyelid is just because I haven’t been sleeping well and is not actually a problem (yes, mom, I have been avoiding wearing eye makeup, as much as it kills me to do so. Also: It just looks like a spider vein on my eyelid. Can those happen?)

But I had a good coupon because I spend enough money there that I get the super-awesome-tier of coupons, and of course I need to keep spending money to stay in that tier so that I have better coupons to save money. That’s just how things go.

Question (was in the de-lurker’s post but will repeat it here): where do you guys get your t-shirts (long and short sleeved)? Would prefer that they be of decent quality but not expensive. Old Navy, unfortunately, is not an option as they seem to disintegrate after 5 washes.


How do you wash your shirts? I have at least one Old Navy shirt that is over ten years old. I promise I’m not trying to be argumentative, I just got this mental picture of you doing laundry with rocks and it made me laugh.

I second Land’s End, they last forever and JC Pennys carries them in-store so you can check them out without doing the catalogue thing. I hate catalogue shopping.

Old Navy’s quality has sharply declined in the last few years. I have T-shirts from there that are 5+ years old that have held up fine, while the ones I bought last year were full of holes after one season. They’re using ridiculously thin material now that falls apart. I get the Merona brand V-necks from Target or H&M T-shirts (beware of H&M, though, they have some that are crappy and some that hold up, and you’re always two sizes bigger there than everywhere else).

I just ordered four “perfect fit” V-neck and crew-neck from ON and had to send them back, because they switched the perfect fits to the tissue fabric, too. Their ribbed tank tops are half as thick as they used to be. My wardrobe even just a few years ago was 80% ON, but their stuff is such crap now.

95% of mine are from gap (both men and women’s), which is owned by the same people as Old Navy (and Banana Republic) so it may not be avoiding your issue.

However, I do find that, as far as quality goes, Old Navy < Gap < Banana Republic.

I also have one from American Apparel (but just one! and even that one I feel guilty for) and a few from Madewell, but there are sort of…. "nicer" T's, definitely not classics.

Thanks! Will look into them, esp. Target and Lands’ End/JC Penneys.

SaraB: I have one Old Navy shirt from ten years ago which is holding up well, too! The more recent ones seem to be made of gauze, unfortunately.

philososaurus: I have an American Apparel shirt, too! But it was a gift and it was from back in the day when everyone was raving about AA’s non-sweatshop working conditions.

Man, I bought mine a month ago… but… but… I just…

Ok, I have no excuses than I am incredibly vain and wanted to look pretty. I needed a new skirt and couldn’t find anyhting in a reasonable price. I went on their website, found exactly what I wanted and got a t-shirt too for real cheap so I could get free shipping.

And to look pretty.

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