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The Daily Goodie -4/4

Happy Monday, everyone! How were your weekends? I spent the whole weekend subsisting almost entirely on Cadbury Creme Eggs, so that’s what this Daily Goodie is devoted to!

First off is this Cadbury Creme Egg Brulee.  I love creme brulee, and I love creme eggs, but that might be a little much for me.  Someone should try it out though, you can get the recipe at Pie Of The Tiger.

Ramekin with creme brulee and a cracked cadbury creme egg on top


Next up are these Cadbury Creme Egg muffins from Baking Bites (recipe at the link).  These ones look less sweet, so they might be a little more manageable.

Muffin with cadbury creme egg in the center


And finally, my favorite.  Did you know that in the UK they have a special Creme Egg McFlurry at McDonald’s?!?! What??!  I have never been to England, but I know that if I ever go I am for sure going during Easter season.

promotional image of Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry in a fast food cup

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I have an addiction to the mini Cadbury eggs. To the point that I will open the bag in the store and start to eat them there if its been too long since the last bag.I also may have a stock pile of them saved for after the easter season.

Ugh, I know. I used to really like that site, but not anymore. The content has massively deteriorated! I’m hoping more people discover this site (I’ve seen people plugging it on Jezebel) and then a larger community will develop here alongside the much better content!

I’m a refuge from Jezebel! I started reading that site from day one, literally. It has definitely taken a, um, different path. I never read it anymore, except for groupthink, which is practically a ghost town. I have been seeing a few others come over since I made the switch, so I am hopeful!

I just want to link this over and over and over every time I see something snotty.

Yeah, some teachers do awful things and some teachers are incompetent. So are loads of other people in loads of other fields, but you don’t see news about that every day. When did it become ok to hate on teachers as a whole for no good reason?

Oh, they are delicious. But I can only eat one before I start feeling ill.

My weekend was also food filled. Myself, my boyfriend, and two other couples we are good friends with made tacos Saturday night. And oh my god. Way too much food. Everything was delicious but I practically rolled to the car because I couldn’t move otherwise.

And then I did schoolwork, and then this morning I bought a bunch of books at the Borders closing sale… :( (And by a bunch, I mean 10.)

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