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This Open Thread Has All The Answers

Actually, it doesn’t.  It just has the answers to last night’s Name That Slogan! and this:

which should answer everything else you might be wondering about.


1.  Reach out and touch someone. ““ AT&T

2.  Plop, plop;  fizz, fizz; oh, what a relief it is. ““ Alka Seltzer

3.  Finger lickin’ good. ““ Kentucky Fried Chicken

4.  Where’s the beef? ““ Wendy’s

5.  It’s everywhere you want to be. ““ Visa

6.  Is it live, or is it _______? ““ Memorex

7.  Nothin’ says lovin’ like something from the oven. ““ Pillsbury

8.  Think different. ““ Mac

9.  A little dab’ll do ya. ““ Brylcreem

10.  Here’s always room for ________. ““ Jell-O

Bonus: How do you spell relief? Personally, I spell it M-A-L-O-X, but in the ’80s it was spelled R-O-L-A-I-D-S

If, by any chance, you still have questions, feel free to ask.  Your friendly neighborhood Persephoneers will do their best to answer with our customary wit and compassion.

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I don’t know if anyone is still reading this post but I just have to write out some frustration. I just realized that I delivered my application packet for employment without my signature on my statement of interest.

Ugh. Hopefully that’s my worst problem.

I had a follow-up fitness evaluation at the gym last night.

I’ve been going nearly three times a week for the past month, with a mix of weights and cardio, and feeling pretty good about my progress. Yet the dealie that measures all your stuff made it seem like I hadn’t gone at all and had been having a diet consisting of ice cream. Disappointing.

Then my work out wasn’t all that great.

I realized this morning that my period is about to start (either today or tomorrow … it’s close, I can sense it’s rumblings) and starting reading up on how it could affect the machine’s readings and my work out. Which, it turns out, is quite a lot. So I feel a little better about the fact that I can pretty much discount the numbers that the infernal machine spit out yesterday.

In my internet travels I found an interesting article on how your cycle can affect your workout. It can be found here:

Now … can anyone spot the part about that link I find hilarious?

//reposted from tumblr//

Haha, I’m the same way about my college and grad school essays. I read them now and think, whoa, I really WAS smart back then! Never mind that at the moment of writing them I always thought they sucked, I sucked, life sucked and so on. Are you applying for jobs where you are, or in the States? I remember you mentioned you would be going back, but I don’t remember when.

Yeah seriously! It’s bizarre. Also unfair: how I did get less smart over time? I thought that was supposed to happen the other way around.

I’m applying for stuff stateside. What I would really like, though, is to land some grants so I can work on my book full time. So, I’m applying for those too, and finding I’m far more interested in that application process. I need to muster some enthusiasm for real, paying jobs though… since they, uh, pay.

How are things going on your end?

Well the copy shop opens in 12 hours and the plan is to be there with my pen drive so I can print my dissertation and submit it tomorrow, before the Spring break. A dissertation I’m still working on, by the way. But I changed to a new multivitamin today and I’m on a ginseng high, so I’m super-optimistic about this (for a change!) Wish me luck!

For fuck’s sake. Every few weeks I feel like I can go back to that other ladyblog. Then I do. Then I can’t. I don’t know why I try. Maybe because because I want things to stay the same for longer than they should stay that way.

That said, I found out today that everyone at my school will have to reinterview for our jobs. I can’t help but think that, if we’re going to reinterview teachers, we need to reinterview administrators, too. It all starts with leadership.

I’m trying to decide what to do in my re-interview. I want to talk about my best principal ever, who worked with us when we got to the bottom of our toolbox and helped us find solutions we didn’t know we had. We did amazing things at that school. At this school, we get platitudes like “Keep trying!” and “Whatever it takes!” and it’s not helpful. I’d like to point out the difference. But’ I’d also like to keep having a job. I never thought teaching would be basically whoring myself out like this.

I am actually having the same difficulty, I keep thinking that the other blog will be like it once was, approximately 4 yrs ago, so I keep checking, but alas, it is not.Apparently, whether or not Lady Gaga’s giant cheekbones are real is a feminist issue.

Also, best wishes for your interview! I am so sorry to hear that you are going through that. Also- I agree you should be able to rate/interview the admin.

It’s best to just stay away. I clicked over earlier today and happened to read a couple of articles. Some of the comments were… just… no. As I felt my blood slowly begin to boil I thought to myself, Self! Why do you do this? Hate-reading is good for no one. Instead, I closed the browser window and stepped away from the computer. It felt good. My blood pressure is also returning to normal now.

This semester is really testing my dedication to my grad program. We are undergoing additional accreditation, but my entire cohort has been threatening not to sign up next semester because the teaching quality has been so terrible.

If it wasn’t for my internship (which I am in love with) or my research assistantship, I would have already transfered. To top it all off, one of the tenured professors is talking behind my back to other students about me (thankfully good friends of mine), and I am so uninspired with the high-school antics of the administration. Basically, I am way over this.

Your grad program sounds a lot like mine. I am almost finished and I’m so discouraged I’m tempted to just abandon my thesis because I’m fed up with the majority of the department and my advisor. We even have a professor talking smack about the students like you. What is with people in academia?

I think it’s the academic cocoon, where some of these professors develop weird God-complexes. I feel like grad school was such a mistake when I’m in class, but when I’m out in application I couldn’t be happier. At least it’s not just my school, I guess, and that transferring wouldn’t solve all my problems.

Same here. My advisor talked to me about giving me a scholarship to work on some of stuff that needs to be published (so excited!!) and then immediately went into how well it would prepare me to get into a good Ph.D. program and solidify my CV. I was polite and said how neat that would be, because he has two Ph.D.s and obviously it’s something he thinks I should have, too.

Today I got my wrist cast off! Yay! And ew. There’s all dead skin crusting up on it from four-nearly-five weeks of immobilization and it’s noticeably skinnier in the forearm than my other. The dark-hair thing doesn’t seem to have manifested much but I’m super blonde, so.

It’s pretty sensitive and hurty though. I’ve been given exercises to do so hopefully that’ll ease up sooner than later.

Other exciting news: I get the last half of my braces off tomorrow and can finally look like a Real Grownup and can go back to fooling everyone into thinking I have my shit together :D

We are having difficulty breaking our puppy of demand barking. Her bark is EARDRUM PIERCING. So I came home with a migraine and it’s only getting worse. Mister says he’ll be home in another 2 hours, and do I mind making dinner? Right now? I MIND. Blerg. He’s getting Doritos and Diet Coke for dinner, and I am getting ear plugs.

This is a good site that explains the basics of clicker training. We used it with some success on our (then) 8-year-old shelter dog, who didn’t even know “sit.” It’s infinitely more effective on puppies. Plus, a clicker only costs about $2, and you just need a bunch of really small, high-value treats (we used plain chicken breast, cut up into tiny pieces). We managed to get Girl Dog’s “vocalizations” (howls and barks) way under control, and she’s a chihuahua. They’re some barky dogs.

Haha, I was pretty sure they didn’t make the playoffs. The leafs tend to do okay when the season opens, then REALLY suck forever, then towards the end raise hopes long enough to make their missing the playoffs that much more disappointing.

See, as a Canadian, I may not watch hockey, but it is like, inherent or something. I can close my eyes and perfectly picture when Canada handed the US it’s ass in the Gold Medal games in both Salt Lake City and Vancouver.

Tomorrow is the first day of my new job. I’ll just be going in one or two days a week until the end of the semester and then I’ll be full time for real. I’m excited and crazy nervous. I will really feel like it’s real once I do my HR paperwork. I can’t believe I’ve got a real, grown up job. Suck it grad school.

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