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Thursday Night Open Thread!

It’s Thursday! Time to get our chat on in the OT.  Here is my current favorite song to start us off.

By Luci Furious

There are no bad times, only good stories.

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Ok, so somehow I only just figured out what that government shutdown thing actually meant. I assumed it was going on holiday. But wow. I hope some kind of last-minute deal is negotiated (that doesn’t include the de-funding of Planned Parenthood). Or else you could come and live here – I’m sure Australian politicians are too shy to even consider talking about lady matters.

Hi ladies,

I’m hoping y’all can help me out with a delicate animal neglect issue. ***[WARNING: This is long and kind of sad]***

So, last year it broke my heart to learn that in spite of the fact that my S.O.’s parents are lovely people, their attitudes about animal care is totally different than what we expect here in the West.

His family has a dog that they use to “guard” his mother’s car. I say “guard” because after my visit last year, it was apparent to me that this little cutie had absolutely no fight in him and just wanted love and attention from anyone who would give it to him. The poor dog lives in a corner of a garden (next to the car, natch) with about 5 feet of fixed chain to move around on and a tight rope collar around his neck (I could barely fit 1 finger in). They do feed him every day, but I’m pretty certain he’s never had a bath and they certainly don’t clean up his poop from his corner. When I asked why they wouldn’t let the dog roam free in the walled garden, his mom replied that he digs and ruins the landscaping. I wanted to explain to her that he was probably digging because of boredom/anxiety from being neglected [and anyways, who cares about stupid landscaping? He’s a living, breathing being!], but I decided it would be wiser choose my battles on this matter.

It killed me to have to leave him after our visit because I couldn’t bear the thought of him staying that way, especially now that I know and I can hopefully do something about it. I did manage to construct a make-shift haltie for him to relieve some of the tension on his collar, but unfortunately he managed to slip out of it after we left and I suspect he’s back on the rope collar again.

I definitely think its too much to ask them to change their behavoir towards the dog. I also don’t think giving the dog away is the best solution since the entire country has more or less the same attitude towards mix-breed dogs (purebreds aren’t subjected to the same degree of neglect, for some reason– I think it’s a status thing).

Anyways, here’s what I’m thinking. I’d like to buy everything they need to set up a trolley system between the two walls in the garden. Since the father also passively disapproves of the dog’s living conditions, I’ve asked my S.O. if he thought that his father would follow-up with it if I were to ship it to them, and he said yes, especially if I asked him directly. I know that a trolley-run is far away from being an adequate way to address this little guy’s condition, but seeing as he’s in North Africa and I’m on the other side of the Atlantic, it’s the only immediate solution that comes to mind.

I’m wondering if any of you:

a) Have experience with a trolley/dog run? If set up properly, are there any risks to the animal if he’s left out there without supervision (i.e. accidental hanging, suffocation, getting tangled, etc.)?

b) Know of other methods out there that could meet both their expectations (extremely low-maintenance) and mine for keeping him contained but healthy and happy?

This little guy thanks you for reading!

I got an email saying that I didn’t get a job I really wanted and did two interviews for.
I’ll be spending this afternoon having a whine and cheese party before getting ready to start another job on Monday. Fellow partiers welcome.

Morning everyone! Last night I had a total meltdown over my dissertation. Yes, after writing three hundred pages on a topic I know inside and out, and just a few hours after reading Ailanthus’s awesome post on writer’s block, I still managed to somehow convince myself that I simply did not know how to write my conclusions. Ten f***ing pages about a topic I’ve been working on for three years! Maybe the fact that I had been awake for twenty six hours had something to do with it… Anyway, fresh start today, somebody remind me that I can do this!

You’re completely right about the scary part: yesterday, for some reason, all I could do was focus on how scary it was to sit down to write. Today I’m able to look beyond that, at how awesome it’s going to be to finish and submit this thing. Can’t wait! Thanks for the encouragement!

Thank you! Yes, I still don’t know why I thought I could tackle my conclusions the day after an all-nighter… They are much less scary after eight hours’s sleep! Note to self: maybe it’s time to start making an effort to sleep eight hours every night. We’re not getting any younger, self.

The problem is that I feel like I’ve been sprinting for a year already, and sometimes it’s hard to find the energy for that final homestretch. But right now I’m imagining your avatars jumping up and down in the stands, and it does make me feel better. Thanks for the words of encouragement, I’m sooo looking forward to never mentioning my dissertation on the open threads again! ;)

(1) For those of you in the federal government, hope that there’s no shutdown! Esp. since Rep. Moran (R-VA) said that from what Republicans are saying, furloughed workers shouldn’t expect to be reimbursed. Having been a fed, I guess you get used to political showdowns but this one is cutting it close!

(2) How do you guys put together a spring/summer wardrobe? I need casual and work clothes [am aiming for business casual for work], esp. tops and maybe dresses. Do you go for getting a few quality pieces or get more for cheaper? How did you develop a spring/summer style? Right now I have mostly t-shirts. (Thanks in advance!)

(3) Am not ashamed to say that this has been my song for the past week.

I go for quality pants and have them tailored to fit properly. They’ll last a few years that way, so I don’t mind spending the money. Shirts, however, go in and out of fashion and my own personal taste, s I tend to but cheaper shirts. And being from a lovely hot, humid environment, those shirts tend to be more akin to fitted, cotton t-shirts that only need a necklace or nifty pair of earrings to dress up when added to nice pants.

For the spring/summer transition, as well as just the indoor/outdoor one, I have an array of cardigans that help ward off the chill and a few vintage jackets to keep things interesting. Buying consignment accessories (or even just awesomely cheesy costume jewelery)to add to my main staples helps keep me from getting too bored with what I own and keeps my shopping budget way down.

I don’t know if that helps at all, but it’s how I got my wardrobe, which seems to be holding up fairly well. Good luck and happy hunting!

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