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Tuesday Night Open Thread (Plus Site Junk)

Not to be confused with the junk you’d see on chatroulette.  It’s Tuesday night, there was some new TV on, we had a day full of bookish, clever posts.  All is right with the Persepheverse. We could use a hand with a couple things, however, find the details after the cut.

1. We are looking for a digital artist for a project.  The work is fairly simple, and we can negotiate all the things.  Experience in game development and/or mobile development is preferred.  PM or email me, or drop something in the comments if this is you.

2. We’re fresh out of Firefly to recap for Monday’s Ladyghosts series, and we’re looking to slide BSG into that slot.  I know Dellbot has volunteered to help, but I’d love to have a pool of BSG ‘cappers, if we can.  The series is long and complex, and writing a great recap is a time-consuming process.  I want to spread the work out over a few people to make sure we knock it out of the park every week.

3. Don’t forget we’re always looking for contributors, either as regular writers, one-shot writers or in behind-the-scenes roles like copyediting.

Okay! Now you can get on with your open threading, and it’s delurkification Tuesday, so I want to see some newbies in the comments.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

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I plan to, in a month or so, start watching the X-Men Animated Series from start-to-finish. Would people be interested in recaps from an feminist perspective watching it for the first time since she was a kid?

Seriously, X-Men was my favorite show as a kid strictly because it showed multiple female characters kicking ass, and is probably a big part of why I am a nerdy feminist today.

What is this new tv you speak of? All my favourite shows are getting close to their season finales, and I haven’t had time to get into any new shows this year… What are people watching, aside from Parks & Rec, Community, 30 Rock, Modern Family, Parenthood, United States of Tara and Nurse Jackie? I have some time in my hands that needs to be filled with TV!

If you want someone to write about BSG who got REALLY MAD AT IT then I’m your girl. No show kills off all my favorite characters and expects me to return. I tried. I thought, well since A*, B and C are gone maybe I’ll see something in D to keep me going. Nope. D becomes an a-hole.

Though, the original was awesome and I could spend an hour talking about my love for the robot dog, Muffit. (20 of those minutes would be spent watching gifs over and over again, not gonna lie)

*names removed to prevent spoilers, you must all feel the pain I felt the first time, no warnings.

Hello Persephoners!

I’ve been lurking for a while and commenting for a few weeks. Looking at the groups it struck me that maybe some people would be interested in a group for Persephone parents? As a new(ish) mom, I am constantly getting a pain in my feminism from other parenting-directed blogs I read and it would be nice to have a group of like-minded Internet friends to counteract the less savory aspects of the cult of motherhood.

tl;dr: Join my group! Be my friend!

It’s not Tuesday anymore, but I wanted to delurk anyway :-) I’ve been reading here awhile first because a lot of my tumblr friends were writing here, and then because just about every column has been interesting and well written. I’m really loving this site so figured it was time I actually say so. So… hi!

Ooh, I just started BSG from the beginning last night. Hooray for the public library having all those DVDs to borrow! I saw a lot of the final season when it aired and knew I would have to go back and watch the whole thing.
I would love to help with recapping, although I am going to be cramming as many episodes as I can into the next four weeks before I leave for my summer job. Any suggestions for a way I can contribute?

MONCHICHI! I’ve seen your avatar in the box of recent members, and it always makes me squeal.

Do you know how to take screenshots? That could be a way you could help all the recappers, without having to commit to writing a whole piece. Or if there’s an episode you’d really like to write about, let me know and I can pencil you in.

I wholeheartedly second Xfafafab (did you add another “fa” in there, BTW? It seems like an extra one). The two of us are Team Copyeditor here, and we have a number of writers who have English as their second or third or fifth language. I’m always beyond impressed with their work, and we do all of the cleanup on spelling and grammar and all that nonsense, so if you have something to write about, write it!

So I finally get the guts to delurkify myself (it’s been a long time coming) only to discover that BSG recaps are potentially happening. Awesome!

Articles like these are why this website has become such a haven for me during the busy work week. It satisfies all my nerdy, geeky, bookish, crafty, and foodie needs, all in one welcoming place. Thank you ladies! And hello!

I’m not really sure who to send this to, but would anyone at Persephone be interested in a recap of the Canadian election? I’ve been looking at getting back into writing and feel like this’ll be a good opportunity. I plan on liveblogging election day on tumblr, which I’m hoping due to my relatively low number of followers wont get me into trouble… legally. But, a recap, after the whole thing is said and done, would anyone on Persephone read it?

I love the idea of multiple recappers for BSG. That show is really complex and actually quite intimidating… to do it justice takes all kinds of angles and insights. I mean you can look at it philosophically, politically, dramatically… on and on. School’s finally finished too, so hopefully for a few people it makes for a good time to start it. Yay BSG! Only second in my heart to Buffy!

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