Tuesday Trivia

Tuesday Toon Trivia

Last week I was all about the sweetness, this week I’m feeling animated.  I love cartoons, always have, always will.  Tonight’s selection is a mix of cartoony questions, both old and new.

1.  On Futurama, who is Bender named after?

2.  There is only one actor who has provided voices for every single Scooby-Doo cartoon or movie ever made.  Who is he?

3.  On what sketch comedy show did the Simpsons make their first appearance?

4.  Maurice Sendak, author of Where the Wild Things Are, also created what other character who is quite popular with the pre-school crowd?

5.  Who is this little guy and what is his alter ego?

6.  Speaking of alter egos, who were He-Man and She-Ra when they were not in super-form?

7.  Which Bugs Bunny cartoon won an Oscar?

8.  Which animator, who helped create Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Droopy Dog, Chilly Willy and Screwy Squirrel, was responsible for creating Red Hot Riding Hood and Swing Shift Cinderella (as well as the smokin’ hot Symphony of Slang)?

9.  Jack Riley, who provideed the voice for Stu Pickles on Rugrats, had a recurring on-screen role in what popular sitcom in the 1970s?

10.  What cartoon is this still from, and why is it significant?

*Bonus – What is this classy fellow’s full name?


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13 replies on “Tuesday Toon Trivia”

1.  John Bender
2.  Casey Kasem
3.  Tracey Ullman Show
4.  ?
5.  I feel I should know this … but ?
6.  Prince Adam and Princes Adora
7.  ?
8.  ?
9.  Because I’m “an old” The Bob Newhart Show
10.  Steamboat Willie and it was Mickey’s first appearance
*Bonus – Michigan J Frog

1. Bender Bending Rodriguez was named after Judd Nelson’s character from The Breakfast Club, John Bender.
3. The Tracey Ullman Show
6. Prince Adam and Princess Adora
9. The Bob Newhart Show
10. Steamboat Willie, the first cartoon featuring Mickey Mouse
Bonus: Michigan J. Frog

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