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We Try It: Shiny Hair Stuff

I’m a pretty low maintenance kind of lady.  I’m lazy, and time spent futzing over my hair or putting on makeup is time I could be reading.  So I stick to the basics: a little moisturizer on all the parts and something to keep my hair from looking like I just spent an hour in a convertible.

I have long hair (laziness, again, a ponytail is easier than styling short hair) and it’s thick, sort of wavy and reacts to everything by becoming frizzy and tangled.   I was a long-time fan of Johnson and Johnson’s No More Tangles spray, until I realized it was full of silicone and was creating an icky build-up in my hair.  Plus, it smells like babies.  I’m thirty *cough* years old, I don’t want to smell like babies.

I’m a huge fan of The Body Shop, so I looked around there and found the most awesome shiny hair stuff ever, Grapeseed Glossing Serum.  It doesn’t smell like babies, and it makes my all my hairs as shiny as the gray ones.  I use two drops when my hair is wet, focusing most of it on the bottom 3/4 of my hair.  I’ll usually braid it after that to keep it from tangling into a rat’s nest before it dries.  When it’s dry, it’s extra soft, bouncy and feels like what I image 1980s Supermoddle hair feels like.

It’s not cheap, $12 USD for a pretty small bottle, but it doesn’t take much of the product at all to get great results.  I’ve had the same bottle for about six months and there are still several more uses left.

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You might try rinsing with a mix of cider vinegar and water after you wash it. That will bring out your natural shine without putting anything on your hair that might weigh it down. I use a vinegar rinse to fight what hard water does to my hair, and it comes out shiny without putting any other stuff on it. It stinks like pickles and secrets, but the smell doesn’t stay on your hair after you rinse. Experiment with the ratio, but stick to at least 3 parts water to 1 part vinegar. And don’t get it in your eyes.

I’ll usually just mix up what I need in the kitchen before shower time, in a pitcher. I buy cider vinegar by the gallon, I use it in the dishwasher, the laundry and for other cleaning, too, so I just keep it under the sink.

LilCrow, you might also try rinsing your hair with a beer. That was a trick that was all over the fashion mags when I was a teenager, and I got in so much trouble for using one of my dad’s Good Beers for shiny hair before a date, but it totally worked. I’ve learned since that the cheap beer works just as well as the good stuff.

I LOVE the smell of No More Tangles… sometimes I spray it in the air just to sniff it. I did stop using it on myself, but I use it on the dog all the time because she is a Yorkie/Maltese and has hair instead of fur and I do constant battle with dreadlocks.

I will totally give this stuff a try. I use Moroccan Oil, which is heaven sent and works wonderfully for me, but it is so expensive I probably won’t be able to afford a new bottle when the one I have runs out. Thanks for the tip!

For when it’s time to re-up … generic argan oil is supposed to work just as well at Moroccan Oil (which contains argan oil). I was talked out of the name brand stuff by a very helpful clerk at ye olde local beauty store. The store sold both, so she could have just let me get the expensive stuff and said nothing; therefore confidence in the recommendation is high.

Dermorganic Leave-in Treatment with Organic Argan Oil is the one I use and have been happy with. One bottle has lasted more than 1 1/2 years at this point, and it’s only about 2/3 gone:

Excellent! Thanks for the tip! Does it smell really good like the expensive one, too? I love the smell. And maybe it would last me longer if I stopped using it on the dog, too. I can’t help it, it makes her so shiny and delicious smelling. She sleeps on my pillow, I can’t have stinky dog-ness. I am ridiculous.

I use the Target children’s detangler almost every day. I find that the baby smell is faint and fades quickly. I almost always use a clarifying shampoo, so buildup isn’t really a problem. I kind of like a little buildup because it gives my baby fine curls some texture. Once my hair is dry, I spray on some dry shampoo (Suave) which has a nice citrus scent, absorbs oil over the day, and adds more texture.

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