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WTP: 4/25

What’s the W for, you’re wondering? WHO! Doctor Who, that’s who!  All the Whovians down in Whoville are scared gray-haired from the gray dudes in G-man suits.  I will be removing the furniture from in front of the doors as soon as we see those scary bastards sent the way of those scary spider aliens and the farting worm creatures from Nine’s season.

I promise not to make all my polls Who-related.  There are only like eight weeks in this mini-season, I’ll have to quit sometime.  Anyway, tune in later for Devina’s recap, but in the meantime, put on your thinking caps, we’re getting all 10th grade English in here today.   I want you to make me an acrostic poem using a word or phrase specific to Doctor Who.  An acrostic poem is created by adding a word or phrase for each letter of chosen word, like such:






Now it’s your turn!



By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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Thanks to everyone’s help last week I am learning more about this Dr Who. (I keep referring to him in my head as The Who but then, that could be confusing for some so I’ll try to remember Dr.)
With the help of my trusty Tumblr fans, I’ll try to find a word or phrase to use.

The doctor is from outer space right? Please. The “O” is so hard to work with.

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