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Welcome to another week of Euro News! This week: wreckage from the downed AirFrance flight of two years back is finally located, a police officer in Northern Ireland is killed by a car bomb, and an arrest was made in Sweden’s torture/sex chamber case. A lot of doom and gloom actually. But that’s how these things go at times.  Join me with a cup of tea and le’ts get started on the big stories of the week:

Bosnia: Banned from football
Bosnia and Herzegovina have been banned from international football after they failed to elect just one president for their football team. The current system had three heads and did not comply with international FIFA standards. Read more.

EU: Sex trafficking and how different countries respond
This part video/part article from CNN details how different countries in Europe are working to deal with sex trafficking and prostitution. Comparing Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Denmark, it deals with the issues of shifting blame from the worker to the demand, and creating safer environments. Read more.

France: Wreckage from AirFrance flight 447 finally found
Almost two years ago, AirFrance Flight 447 from Rio de Janeiro to Paris crashed in the Atlantic. The search for wreckage has been on and off since. However in the past 24 hours it seems a new scavenger crew has found wreckage and more details are expected to come soon. Read more.

Germany: U.S. Air Force jet crashes
A jet on a training mission crashed a few hundred meters from a residential area. The pilot was able to eject himself safely and nobody on the ground was harmed. Read more.

Germany: Companies agree on increasing numbers of women in leadership position
2.2% of the board members in the 100 biggest companies in Germany are women. Everybody seems to agree that this is not good enough and Labour Minister von der Leyen demanded a gender quota. This will not happen for now; the companies will get a chance to make changes themselves. Read more.

Germany: 25-year-old detained after bomb threat
A man in Germany threatened to bomb Borussia Dortmund’s football stadium – a stadium that can hold 80,000 people. The arrested man had emailed anonymous tips and it is believed that he made an attempt at blackmail. Read more.

Greece: Welcomes pro-Gaddafi Libyan official for talks
Abdel Ati al-Obeidi, a Gaddafi-controlled foreign minister met with officials in Athens. He insisted that Gaddafi wants an end to fighting. Dimitris Droutsas, the Greek foreign minister, said he believes the Libyan officials are seeking a solution. Not mentioned was Gaddafi’s previous solution of exterminating all dissidents. Read more.

Northern Ireland: Police officer killed by bomb
Dissident republicans have planted bombs under the private cars of police officers for some years now, and last week one of the bombs took the first life. In 2008 and 2010, two police officers already lost their legs. Read more.

Russia: Authorities confiscate book that outs corrupt political figures
Regional police confiscated almost 3500 copies of the book by investigative reporter Anna Sokolova. The book was entitled: Corporation “Moscow Region”: How Russia’s Richest Region Was Bankrupted. It is also said that shipments have been halted and bookstores have been warned not to sell the item. Read more.

Spain: Zapatero will not run for Prime Minister again
The former favorite of the Spanish and his Socialists lost a lot of followers, since the crisis has hit the country hard. Currently, Spain is dealing with many problems, the 20% unemployment being of the biggest. Elections will take place this summer and the right of centre Popular Party is gaining votes. Read more.

Sweden: Man arrested in sex-chamber case
The details remind of Larsson’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. An underground sex-chamber was found, with a bed, elaborate restraining devices and a number of sex toys. Evidence suggested that one or more people were held there against their will. A woman came forward and a 47-year-old man was arrested. Read more.

Sweden: Jets sent to Sicily
Sweden is the latest country to join the U.N. efforts in Libya. Eight Swedish Gripen jets landed on Sicily to support the Allies. Read more.

UK: Trafalgar Sq under activist occupation
Young adults, armed with chalk and their favorite quotes have taken up camp in Trafalgar Sq. This 24-hour legal sit-in, coined an “occupation” because edgy is fun, is to protest budget cuts and show solidarity with recent arrestees from last weeks protests. Read more.

UK: Gorbachev turns 80
This year, on March 2nd, Mikhail Gorbachev turned 80. Reason enough to celebrate his mile stones with celebrity guests at the Royal Albert Hall. Video at the Read more..

UN: Head of U.N. panel regrets inflammatory comments on Israel
Richard Goldstone has said he regrets saying that Israel intentionally killed Palestinian civilians during the Gazan War. Goldstein, a South African journalist who investigated the war, recently wrote in a Washington Post article that if he knew now what he didn’t know then, he would not have said such things. Read more.

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