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Your Weekly European Roundup

Welcome to this week’s European Roundup! We have Italian homophobes, new energy sources in Iceland, and dictators and weddings for you.

France: Sarkozy and Berlusconi to call for reinstitution of European border controls

The recent Italian move of giving EU resident status to the influx of N. African refugees has caused a lot of tension with many EU countries. France has discussed closing the border with Italy, but perhaps such controls could extend throughout Europe. Read more.

France: Murdered family found

A horrific crime of a man killing his wife and four children and then burying them in his home in Nantes has rocked the country. The man is still at large and his face has been plastered on the news in hopes that his capture is swift. Read more.

Germany: Greeks sue German magazine

Last year, the German magazine Focus had the Greek goddess Aphrodite on the cover. She was giving Europe the finger. At the same time, the headline was calling the Greek “swindlers.” Now angry Greeks are suing the magazine. Read more.

Hungary: Almost 300 Roma flee from their homes in fear

The Red Cross came with busses and 270 Roma fled from their village in fear from right-wing militia. Read more.

Hungary: President signs new constitution

The new document “protects life from conception, defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman, as well as excludes sexual orientation from the protected grounds of discrimination.” Lovely. Read more.

Iceland: Jumping in the geothermal game

The country of Iceland, which has undergone financial hardships for the past few years, is hoping to restart their economy by tapping into their country’s natural geothermal energy. Read more.

Italy: AirItalia hijacker wanted to fly to Tripoli

A Rome to Paris flight was interrupted when a Kazakh man working for UNESCO decided he wanted to divert the airplane to Libya. He was quickly subdued by the flight attendants and the airplane landed without incident. Read more.

Italy: Joining effort in Libya

President Berlusconi of Italy has approved the use of Italian air strikes against estranged dictator Muammar Gaddafi. Read more.

Italy: Italian official calls gay couple in IKEA ad “bad taste”

Secretary of State for family policy Carlo Giovanardi complained about the use of a gay couple in an IKEA ad and that the couple was called a family. He also thinks that IKEA customers in Italy won’t like the ad. Read more.

Russia: Exposed scam is making waves

It’s being called the crime of the century. The mafia infiltrated the government, spent millions around the world, and lost any hint of a fair and just legal system. Read more.

U.K.: New tax treaty means millions to pay

Citizens who have secret bank accounts with Switzerland are going to be displeased at the new tax agreement between the country. Millions of pounds are owed in back taxes, and individual account information regarding those who owe is about to be handed over. Read more.

U.K.: Anger over Royal Wedding invitations to dictators

Many in Britain and around the world are upset about some invitations that went out to some less than savory people. King Khalifa of Bahrain, currently in the midst of a brutal crackdown on his people, was invited but declined. Read more.

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