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Bones 6.22: “The Hole in the Heart”

Rogue sniper Jacob Broadsky is back and he intends to finish his job this time. Unfortunately, Booth is in his life of fire. Booth and Brennan have a sleepover and it makes the heads of fangirls explode.

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Jacob Broadsky is back, after Booth didn’t take the shot at him last time, and he’s looking for help from an old friend. The friend says he’s done killing people, and just offhandedly mentions that the FBI told him Broadsky was crazy. Friend just thought that Broadsky was working for the CIA on something the Bureau didn’t approve of. Broadsky asks for a favor: to use the friend’s rifle. Friend will think about it, as they toast to “the good guys.”

Booth, Brennan and Sweets hang out in the Royal Diner because they haven’t had a case in over a week. Why? Because Booth requested that his case load be cleared so that he could put all his energy into finding Broadsky. Mr. Vincent Nigel-Murray bounces into the Diner with “massive” news: the T-rex skeleton that he and Brennan ordered has arrived at the Jeffersonian. Brennan explains that they’re going to deliver a paper on a very long title that has no meaning to me, Sweets or Booth, but cracks Brennan and VN-M up. Before they can explain the funny, Booth gets a text: Broadsky’s been spotted, at his girlfriend Paula’s grave. When Booth arrives at the cemetery, Tina Majorino is back as Agent Shaw. She’s been keeping a detail on the site, but Broadsky spotted her. As Booth looks for evidence, a cell phone starts ringing from the flowers. Booth reads out the number so that they can track it before answering. Of course, it’s Broadsky, who thinks it’s cold that they’re staking out Paula’s grave. Broadsky lays it out for Booth: since Booth is trying to stop him, that means that Booth is playing for the wrong team. He’s not one of the good guys anymore. Broadsky warns, “Don’t you forget, you never see the bullet that takes you down.”

Back at the lab, VN-M is wearing some of the T-rex bones. Yeah, you read that right. There’s a backpack thing… it’s really hard to describe. Hodgins wonders what he’s doing and VN-M explains says the title of the paper he and Brennan will be presenting. Hodgins understands it, thinks it’s awesome and translates for us regular people: It’s a theoretical arm wresting match between a human and a T-rex. Okay, that’s pretty awesome. Hodgins is disappointed that it’s going to be all equations and powerpoint, though, and asks if he can borrow the T-rex backpack. Hodgins should really be a mythbuster, don’t you think? Cam thinks they really need a murder case again. Badly.

Sweets works his profiling magic on Broadsky (side note: I want Sweets to be dead wrong about something someday) and Sweets thinks that Broadsky wants to keep the lines of communication open between himself and Booth, hoping that Booth will stand down and just let Broadsky do his “good work.” Sweets also thinks that someone is helping Broadsky. Of course, he’s right. They find that Matthew Leishenger, an old military buddy, just made a big withdrawl and determine that he was the one helping Broadsky. Angela arms Booth with an app that’ll locate which cell phone towers Broadsky’s calls are using and Booth, Shaw and Sweets head out to where Leishenger lives to question him. Shaw is kind of twitchy at having a civilian with them, especially when they might be shot by a master sniper. On Leishenger’s property, they find a rotting body and an empty rifle case. Booth thinks that Broadsky would have taken the case if he’d gone far and Shaw spots a camera in a tree. She calls for backup as Booth shoots the camera. Broadsky, who has been watching them, chuckles as he polishes a special bullet.

Cam estimates that the body, assumed to be Leishenger, has been dead for about five days and he was definitely stabbed under the chin. His wallet had been looked through, but all the cash was there and nothing of note had been taken. Hodgins interrupts to steal V-NM for a minute for a “life or death” issue. The issue: showing off the pimped out T-rex backpack, which can now exert the right amount of force in a practical setting. VN-M tries it on and Hodgins plays for the Humans as Cam discovers them. Ever the good boss, she just reminds VN-M that if he breaks Hodgins, he’ll have to raise the baby. The T-rex takes an immediate lead, but VN-M discovers that he can’t rotate the elbow beyond 40 degrees. He tries pushing it and the shoulder socket breaks before he can defeat the tiny human arm. That’s pretty awesome.

Booth thinks that killing Leishenger is against type for Broadsky, but Sweets posits that Leighenger wronged Broadsky somehow, maybe refusing to lend him the rifle, which would put him on the “wrong” side according to Broadsky’s flawed logic. Booth is upset with himself for not taking care of Broadsky when he had the chance. Sweets agrees, emotionally, but thinks that professionally, he did the right thing. Sweets worries though, that if Broadsky kills Booth, the whole team is marked for death. Way to put the pressure on, Sweets.

Vincent Nigel-Murray waxes poetic about how amazing it is that tiny, fragile humans can defeat the huge, powerful T-rex in a match of strength as he and Brennan find the other injuries on Leishenger’s body. There’s a cracked rib, crushed foot and neck fracture. Brennan reenacts the combat that must have taken place for Booth, but he’s frustrated, wanting to know how that brings him closer to finding Broadsky. The answer is, it doesn’t.

It’s time for an old-school montage now, but far from welcome, this is the most nerve-wracking montage Bones has ever done. “Keep the Streets Empty For Me” by Fever Ray plays as everything moves in slow motion. We see everyone going about their business”¦ Hodgins, walking across a street (OH GOD, NO! NOT HODGINS!!!); VN-M, Booth and Brennan in the lab; Agent Shaw looking out a window; Angela crossing a street. WHY ARE YOU ALL OUTSIDE OR NEAR WINDOWS?!?!?! Find shelter!! Get inside!!! Don’t you know that Tonight, Someone Dies? Sweets is in the Diner (by a window!)’ Angela and Hodgins meet on a corner (DON’T YOU DARE LET HODGINS DIE IN ANGELA’S ARMS!!!); Broadsky is ominously in a crane, high up above the city, the vengeful false god waiting to act. Cam sips tea in the Jeffersonian (SHE’S SAFE, RIGHT? SHE’S INSIDE! SHE MUST BE SAFE! IF SHE’S NOT SAFE INSIDE, NO ONE IS SAFE!!!!). Broadsky makes a phone call as the song ends.

The phone ringing is Booth’s, of course. Booth hands the phone to Vincent Nigel-Murray so that he can trace the location. He instructs VN-M to wait until the fifth ring. Broadsky is looking into the building with heat targeting and as soon as the phone is answered, he fires off a shot at the person who is holding the phone. Booth doesn’t react soon enough and fact-lover squintern Mr. Vincent Nigel-Murray is shot. The titular hole in the heart is through his. Booth puts pressure on his wound, but VN-M insists it doesn’t hurt. He looks at Brennan, begging not to make him go. He loves being there, it’s been lovely being there”¦ he doesn’t want to go. Brennan, holding back tears, tells him that he doesn’t have to go, he can stay as long as he likes, “You’re my favorite, everyone knows that, right, Booth?” But Vincent Nigel-Murray has stopped talking. Brennan tells him he needs to keep the pressure on, but Booth softly says that no, he doesn’t. After a pause, she reassures Booth that he did everything he could. “You were very brave. I witnessed everything”¦ You did everything you could.”

My husband would like to point out that VN-M was wearing a red shirt. Farewell, Mr. Nigel-Murray.

The team sits around a table. Brennan says it’s amazing he lasted as long as he did. Sweets tries to evaluate their emotions, but Angela just wants to be sad for a minute. Hodgins remembers his facts fondly, Cam, his confessions. Booth comes in and informs the team that they recovered the casing. Booth feels partly responsible because he gave VN-M the phone. He doesn’t blame himself, though, he blames Broadsky and rightly so. Now, Brennan says, they work to find the murderer. Cam refuses to do the autopsy, she can’t steel her emotions that much. Booth suggests they reconvene tomorrow to get the son of a bitch. Before Brennan leaves, he tells her she’s staying at his apartment and she doesn’t argue.

At his place, he closes the blinds, tells her to stay away from windows. Booth gallantly offers to sleep on the couch, but Brennan says she’s smaller and he needs to get a proper sleep since he’s got to kill Broadsky. He says goodnight and goes into his room as she makes up the couch.

Hodgins is still at the lab and Angela is dozing next to him until his exclamation at a discovery wakes her up. Hodgins muses that when they found out about their kid having a 25% chance of being blind, Vincent gave him a list of other things that had a 1 in 4 chance. Hodgins found the slot that something was missing from in Leishenger’s wallet… something with traces of fold, but he doesn’t know quite what yet. Angela says he’ll find what it was. “Bet on it, baby,” Hodgins responds and then speaks to Angela’s belly, “you bet on it too, baby.”

At 4:47am, Brennan opens the door to Booth’s bedroom, as he reflexively pulls a gun at the noise. Brennan apologizes and Booth tells her to come in as he puts the gun away. Brennan, the logical, clear-minded person we love, is having problems processing Mr. Nigel-Murray’s death. She thinks that he was talking to her as he was dying. “He kept saying “˜Don’t make me go.’ Why would he think that I’m the one making him leave? What kind of person am I?” Booth says she’s got that wrong that he wasn’t talking to her. She says he wasn’t talking to Booth. Booth explains that he was talking to God, but Brennan protests that he was an atheist, just like herself. Booth corrects himself that Vincent was talking to the universe. “If there was a god,” Brennan states, “he would have let Vincent stay here with us.” “That’s not how it works,” Booth says sadly and holds her as she cries.

At the Jeffersonian, Cam tells Angela that she just finished taking care of the terrible task of calling Vincent’s mom. When Mrs. Nigel-Murray saw the caller id, she thought it was her son calling. Cam told her how much he meant to them and then just listened to his grieving mother sob. She promised to arrange to have him sent home. “He was such a sweet little weirdo, wasn’t he?” Cam asks sadly as she fights back tears. Hodgins enters with a discovery. He’s found the impression of an access card in Leishenger’s wallet… Broadsky wanted an access card, as well as the rifle. But to what?

Booth sits in his office as Shaw tells him Leishenger’s boss is in the interrogation room. Shaw asks if the person that died was his friend and Booth says that he was. Leishenger’s boss says the access card was for the International port in Wilmington where Leishenger was a shipment inspector. We see Broadsy at the port with a large bag. He swipes the access card and is wished a good day by the attendant as he enters the shipyard.

Angela finds Brennan still staring at Leishenger’s skull, staring at some strange injuries. Angela presses Brennan, wanting to know if everything’s okay and Brennan confesses that she got into bed with Booth last night. Angela doesn’t want to celebrate in a time of tragedy, but she needs more details. She asks if they”¦ you know and Brennan just kind of smirks oddly as Hodgins interrupts. Angela shoos him away, telling him ” Go”¦ I love you but go tell Cam… Leave!” It’s a pretty adorable moment. He finds Cam and informs her that he found something out about the bullet. It had remnants of sea salt and produce cleaning products meaning it was made near the ocean where they decontaminate produce.

Booth gets this information and heads to the port with Agent Shaw. The guard tells him that Broadsky came onto the yard an hour ago. Booth tells the guard that he’s going to shut this place down and when the guard questions whether he can do that, Booth tells Shaw to do whatever it takes to shut the place down. DON’T TELL BOOTH WHAT HE CAN’T DO! Booth asks which ship was used for produce and the guard says The Persephone! I will totally count that as a shout out to all the awesome P’neers. Booth gets his rifle out and tells Shaw to send the team in when they’re there.

Booth stalks around the shipyard scaring the port employees. Broadsky spots him from his vantage point and grabs his rifle. Booth gets a sight on Broadsky’s rifle, but the two are playing hide and seek and neither can get a true view on the other. Brennan comes in on his earpiece, but freaks out slightly when he doesn’t say anything back. Hodgins realizes he can’t really talk at the moment and instructs him to single click his gun for yes, double click for no. They communicate to him that injuries to Leishenger’s head were from Broadsky’s right hand, which must be broken now. Booth speaks up to softly say “I think you might have just saved my life.”

Broadsky gets off a shot and Booth yells to his foe that that he missed. “Happens to the best of us,” Broadsky shouts back. “Not to you,” Booth corrects, “not to me.” Neither will give up. Broadsky climbs up some trucks and I ask myself why Booth isn’t looking up more. He does, finally, but as Broadsky jumps down. Booth gets a sight on him and tells him to drop the weapon, or he’ll blow his head off. Broadsky calls the intern collateral damage and Booth shoots him in the knee cap. “You really so damn positive you’re the good guy in this?” Broadsky questions as Booth stands over him. “Yeah,” he replies, “as positive as you are, only difference is”¦ I’m right.” Brennan gets a call and with relief lets everyone know that Booth got Broadsky. Brennan and Angela share a look.

That night, outside the Jeffersonian, the team are waiting on Brennan. Some techs wheel out a coffin (I really wish they’d called in all the other interns for this) and Hodgins says to let them take it. Hodgins asks if Booth will say something, but he says he didn’t know VN-M that well. Brennan arrives and agrees, revealing that Booth only ever called him “the English Squintern.) She’s brought a potted plant. Cam laughs about this, to which Brennan asks if she did something wrong, but Angela assures her she did something exactly right. The team share their favorite facts that Vincent Nigel-Murray told them. For Hodgins, he gave the advice that the busiest shopping hour of the year is 3-4pm on Christmas Eve. For Sweets, it was that Quebec City has the same amount of street crime as Disney World. For Cam, it was that the crack of a whip was actually the tip breaking the sound barrier. For Angela, it was that the top of the Eifel Tower is six inches shorter in the winter. Brennan reveals something different; a fact about Mr. Vincent Nigel-Murray. His favorite song was “Da Lime in da Coconut.” Sweets starts a round of the song. Angela and Hodgins join in, followed by Cam, Brennan and finally Booth as they all help put his coffin in the hearse. It’s a sweet cathartic moment (with harmonies and everything). Brennan takes Booth’s arm and leads him away as Angela gives a knowing smile again.

So… all the feelings. Let’s start with poor Mr. Vincent Nigel-Murray. Knowing that someone would be dying this episode, of course, my analytical brain went right to it. Obviously, Booth and Brennan are safe. Without them, there’s no show. Angela is safe because while Bones might go dark sometimes, they would never go that dark, killing a pregnant woman. Hodgins and Cam I wasn’t too worried about until the montage started. Sweets was who I was really worried about. I feel like all this season, there’s been something hanging over Sweets, especially since “The Bullet in the Brain,” when he was a hair away from Heather Taffit’s shooting. I also felt like it was more likely to be Sweets because I felt it would be cheap to kill off a Squintern. We don’t see them every week, we don’t grow as attached to them, my brain said. Well, I was wrong. Although, because I was typing notes furiously while blinking back tears, I think his last moments actually got to me more as I was writing this recap. I appreciate that Booth (and I guess the writers), respected Brennan and Vincent’s atheist beliefs and didn’t try to force the opinion that VN-M was speaking to God in his last moments. Booth’s explanation of him speaking to the universe was one of the most touching moments in a great episode. I also loved (as much as you can), Brennan’s pain at thinking that he was asking her not to go. The moments that Brennan can’t logic out are the most heartwrenching moments that this show gives us and Emily Deschanel is exceptional at her performance.

Speaking of that scene… OH MY GOD, DID THEY OR DIDN’T THEY?!?!?!?! You really have to think that in the writer’s room they laughed gleefully when they decided to leave everyone hanging on that. I agree with Angela, maybe not right to celebrate in that episode, but COME ON!!! I keep going back and forth on what I think happened. Knowing Brennan, she would give that smirk if they’d just cuddled all morning (saying something like “His radial to ulnar ratio was the exact length to encompass me in a satisfactorily comforting way,” with an ear to ear smile). Whatever happened, between that and worrying for Booth’s safety, their relationship is definitely changed. While Brennan and Booth have never shied away from friendly physical affection, there was something different in the way she took his arm in that last scene. I just hope this time, they either go for it or just be done with it. I don’t think the fans can last much longer.

So… what did you think? Discussion commence!

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Just finished watching this with tears in my eyes. Dammit, fictional people, why must your fictional deaths make me cry.

Re: DIDTHEYORDIDNTTHEYZOMG – the question for me hinges on whether the writers are planning to incorporate Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy into the next season. If yes, my guess is yes….

I cried like a baby. A complete and total baby. And your description of the montage is pretty much exactly what was going on in my head, except I have no faith that they wouldn’t kill off a pregnant woman if she wanted to move on to something else. My exact words to my husband were “If they kill Hodgins of Angela, I’m quitting the show.” And then when they were sharing stories, all I could think of was “I wore your iguana as a hat.” He was so endearingly strange.

As for “did they or didn’t they?” I’m okay with waiting a week. I’ve got enough to process as it is. I do agree with you though, her looks could just as easily be about cuddling as nekkidness.

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