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Bones Season Six Finale Recap: “The Change in the Game”

Change in the BOWLING game, that is, when a champion bowler is found murdered. Booth and Brennan get to go undercover as Angela and Hodgins get ready to have their baby. So their game is changing, too. And those are the ONLY two references to the title. Maybe.

At a bowling alley, a really snotty kid named Justin is having a birthday party. And no one is letting him bowl, apparently, so he yells at him mom that he wants to bowl. Hey! His mom is Libby from Sabrina! The pins aren’t resetting fast enough for little Justin, though and Libby gets all mom on him, telling him that he doesn’t want to know what happens to bad boys. Justin finds out (or so he thinks) as the pins reset and a bunch of flesh and bones come down with them. Justin totally promises to behave now.

At the Jeffersonian, Angela is still pregnant. Very pregnant (although not quite two weeks overdue yet). She’s resorting to hot sauce as she reminds Hodgins that the first thing the doctor has to check is the baby’s eyes. Hodgins reminds her that they’re in very good hands with their doctor as he almost dies from the amount of hotness on Angela’s food. She is unfazed.

Booth and Brennan arrive at the bowling alley, which had been closed for 10 days for lane resurfacing and had just reopened the day before. Brennan makes the victim as a white male, mid 30s. The pin machine ground him up pretty well and the cop on the scene suggests that he snuck back there to have it off with someone. Brennan says that he was already dead a week when he was ripped apart, though, and that there are defensive wounds. It’s a murder!

Wendell is the squintern of the week and as he tries to work, Hodgins complains about he and Angela being there when they should be at home in comfort. Wendell tells Hodgins to prepare to be Brennanized and uses a lot of big words to describe a repetitive stress injury. They theorize that it’s from sun god worshipping. Angela comes up and suggests that it’s probably from bowling, since… you know, he was found at a bowling alley. In a bowling shirt. That said Jeff on the pocket and the league name The Thunderballs on the back. Oh, and on the pregnancy front, neither hot sauce nor sex have worked. Angela suggests a long ride on a bumpy road and Wendell suggests a roller coaster (like the one his mom was on when she went into labor… I’m pretty sure no park would allow that).

The victim was Jeff Fowler – big shot in local bowling, lots of trophies. Booth recognizes the bowling team as the one that Brennan’s dad plays on and really hopes that Max didn’t kill anyone this time. As Brennan is on her way to meet Booth and her dad, Angela calls. Brennan assumes she’s in labor, but no, Angela just wants to talk. Brennan says that she can’t concentrate on anything else and Angela thinks it’s because she’s a good friend.  At the Royal Diner, Max is in a wheelchair. He’s initially reticent to explain why, but then admits that he fell off a bed. As did his thirty-six year old lady friend, Rosamund. Brennan asks about Fowler. Max explains that Jeff called himself The Closer; everyone else called him The Gloater. Booth wants to go question the leaguemates, find out who had grudges, but Max says no one will talk – it’s tournament time. He suggests that Booth takes his place on the team, go undercover, hear the gossip. Brennan likes going undercover and Booth suggests that Brennan can be his girlfriend. She says sure, but if Angela goes into labor, they have to have a fight so she can leave. Booth agrees and Max notices something odd between them. He asks if they’re fighting… they’re too polite to each other. Brennan says she just wants to be there… for Angela’s baby. Suuuuure, Brennan.

Undercover mode B&B arrive at the bowling alley wearing the most terrible wigs in creation. Dear, god, Booth has a mullet. I just”¦ I can’t even”¦ Wanda and Buck and their terrible wigs and blue eyeshadow have killed me. Done. Anyway. Max tells them that they need to act like a couple if they’re going to pretend to be one. We meet the rest of the team: Amber is about 12 and carrying on the theme of terribly behaved children from the teaser. Hercules, aka The TornAHdo, doubts Booth’s skills. Booth schools him by rolling a strike on the first shot. “Now that’s my muffin at work!” Brennan shouts. I am totally calling my husband “muffin” from now on. Seeing that The Thunderballs have a ringer, the other team, Strike Force, start to divide and concur: Tina, a younger lesbian, hits on Brennan and Alison, an older woman, hits on Booth. Their third team member, Blake, a young guy with longish blonde hair, hits on no one. Amber yells at the team to back off, eliciting the attention of Tod, the tournament director. He’s called The Raven. I don’t know why”¦ maybe he’s from Baltimore.

At the lab, Hodgins has found red flakes embedded in the front of the victim’s skull. Wendell observes that with the ground up-ness of the body, it’s going to be tough to determine cause of death. The only fracture he can see is a broken nose and who dies from a broken nose? As he refers to the skull, they hear it rattling and find pieces of the broken nose. The fragments flew into his brain, killing him. Angela comes in to the room and Hodgins freaks out, thinking it’s time. Seriously, Hodgins, when it’s time, I think you’ll know. Angela channels my thoughts and tells him to chill.

Back at the bowling alley, The Tornado”¦ sucks. Amber’s really good, though and she keeps score on her laptop. On the other team, Tina’s bowling strikes, as well and Blake makes a 7-10 split. As Booth takes his turn, Brennan hangs out with Amber a little. Amber logs every single game on her computer and has predicted that she’ll be World Champion of the World in 2026. Brennan points out that phrase’s redundancy and Amber explains that she’s “so good, they have to say it twice.” Unfortunately for The Thunderballs, Strike Force wins that round. Booth finds out from Max that The Raven assigned Hercules to the team after Jeff got killed, thinking he’s trying to sabotage the team. Max again encourages B&B to act more couply. Aww, I love Brennan’s dad. Brennan kisses Booth and leaves to go grill Hercules as Max smirks. Hercules blames Amber for giving him bad juju, basically. He also thinks that Jeff was a hack”¦ he always used the same rental shoes, his lucky shoes and had a lucky everything; lucky ball, lucky lane 12. Hercules doesn’t need luck as he has God on his side. Stupidly, he lets slip that Jeff told everyone that he was a terrible bowler (um, that’s kind of truth, dude) and ominously says that God works in mysterious ways. Booth, meanwhile, goes to get info from Blake, who is enjoying his position as the “hair apparent” with the ladies now that Jeff is dead.

In the lab, Angela fires up her magic screen as she eats some more hot sauced food. They rule out a 2×4, hammer, bat, and bottle from being the murder weapon. Guys? What about a bowling ball? Since, you know, it was in a bowling alley? I’m going to chalk their obtuseness up to the impending baby, which, by the way, is on its way. Angela says “Oh my god,” which isn’t noticed by Hodgins. Angela can’t believe that he’s been on edge all day and doesn’t notice when her water breaks. It’s showtime and Hodgins is calm, very calm as she yells at him to get the car. He runs, shouting “Where they hell are my keys?” Really, Hodgins? You aren’t keeping them on you? That’s what pockets are for, kid.

At the hospital, Angela is screaming through a contraction or, as she calls it, a fireball of pain. She calls the doctor a rotten old bat and then yells at Hodgins for having an annoying voice. Oh, joy”¦ the old wife shouts terrible things during childbirth cliché. Since the contractions are still pretty far apart, Hodgins videos in to the lab where Wendell doesn’t know how to read the results on the red flecks from the mass spectrometer and also doesn’t know how to make the Angelamatic work. God, Wendell! Just a couple of weeks ago, you were telling us that you were the best! What good are you? Angela tells him to run it through the Spatula program as the doctor snarks about them working when they should be concentrating on bringing a baby into the world. I like this doctor. Cam shows up on the other end as Hodgins reads the results and says that the red flecks are polyurethane and hey, bowling balls are coated in polyurethane, maybe they should try that out. Gee, you think?

At the bowling alley, B&B are definitely having more fun than the rest of the team. As Brennan bends over for something, Blake comments on her nice buns, causing Booth to throw badly. He blames it on his shoes and gets a strike next. “Buck’s on the truck, driving the truck, Buck Truck,” he celebrates incoherently. Brennan takes a phone call and Allison sweeps in to make small talk with Booth, revealing that Blake is a car thief. Allison finds it kind of exciting, but Booth observes that would kind of make him and Jeff (who created custom cars) natural enemies. Brennan comes back with the information that the weapon is most likely a bowling ball and Brennan checks in Blake’s bag with her mini black light. She gets caught and quickly covers that she was checking for illegal substances on his ball that would enhance the performance. The bowlers call over The Raven to rule on what’s happening and later, he reveals that he thinks that Jeff got what he deserved. Turns out that Jeff super-glued The Raven’s hand to his ball as a prank. Booth calls to Sweets and says to have The Raven picked up for questioning.

Wendell videos in to the hospital because he needs more instructions on the magic screen. The Doctor says that everything’s going great and Angela yells that it’s not. She says no the an epidural again, though, because “natural childbirth is a beautiful thing,” she yells in explanation. Wendell can’t really understand her instructions since a contraction hits, so he videos out.

Sweets interrogates The Raven in the room and starts off by showing him the video of his crash. Ouch. It’s brutal. The Raven says that he’s a director now, people respect him. Yeah, it messed up his career as a bowler, but it didn’t ruin his life. He supervises 12 leagues, has a kind of family”¦ he’s cool. Sweets grills him more, getting downright mean and leading to this priceless exchange:

The Raven: Are you being so cruel to me in the hopes of getting some kind of “crazy murderer” response?
Sweets: Yeah”¦ yeah, I am.
The Raven: That’s extremely cold-hearted.
Sweets: That’s my job.

Sweets still needs to get The Raven’s alibi, though, and The Raven says that he was bowling at a different alley at the time of death.

Wendell and Cam think they have Angela’s screen figured out, but”¦ they really don’t. First, there’s a flame, then Harry Truman, then an animated kitten with a skull and finally, a Hodgins/Angela sexy time encounter. They turn it off and video in, but Angela’s of no use since she’s, you know, having a baby.

The next bowling match isn’t going any better than the previous one as Booth gets the deadly 7-10 split. Brennan informs him that it’s highly improbable that he’ll make that shot and Tina observes “Sometimes, when you speak, it’s like you watch PBS on purpose.” Booth gets the split and Brennan says that something must be wrong with the lane; he shouldn’t have been able to do that.

Giving up on the magic screen, Wendell has gathered all sort of bowling balls to figure out which one is the weapon the old-fashioned way. He determines that it must have been less than five pounds. Like a child’s ball. Brennan investigates Amber’s records and observes that “If Buck and I ever have a child, she will never turn out like Amber.” Brennan notices that a lot of difficult splits have been achieved on Lane 12″¦ she thinks that someone recalibrated lane 12 to set the pins closer. Brennan thinks that it was Jeff, but Booth things that it might have been ultra competitive Amber once they get news about the light bowling ball. Brennan references their imaginary child AGAIN.

Wendell calls B&B with Hodgins on the line. Angela’s labor has stalled and everyone’s getting a little cranky now. Hodgins says that bowling balls chip, rather than flake. A ball doesn’t make sense for the weapon. As it’s just about time to push, Hodgins suggests a motorcycle helmet with red sparkles as he signs off.

Booth asks the crowd who owns a motorcycle. No one in the league does, but the shoe guy does. Booth announces that he has to quit the team and Brennan explains, “We have to catch a killer and then we have to go visit our friend in the hospital, you understand.” Brennan whips out the black light and finds blood on his red helmet. Booth whips the mullet off (thank goodness!) and places the guy under arrest. The shoe guys breaks down”¦ Jeff never washed his feet, the shoes stunk, it caused him to lose all his fingernails and then his girlfriend and he didn’t mean to kill him. The other teams says to go easy on him and Amber freaks out because the game can’t continue. Brennan informs her that she is a horrible child.

It’s the big moment and Angela is pushing. She wants to talk about what happens if the baby is blind and Hodgins assures her that they’re totally ready. As Adele’s “To Make You Feel My Love,” starts playing and I get something in my eye as Angela wants to reassure Hodgins that she thinks he has a wonderful voice. They tell each other how much they love each other and the doctor marvels, “You’re going to be wonderful parents, no matter what happens.” The team waits outside the room, and Brennan looks uncharacteristically teary already. Back in the delivery room, it’s a boy. The doctor takes him away to check his eyes as Hodgins breathes “We’re a family.” Hodgins and Angela wait with worried looks. The doctor brings him back, announcing that his vision is fine. “Everything about him is just fine.” Aww”¦ Hodgins nods slowly, taking in the great news.

As the team waits, Brennan holding her stuffed rabbit, Hodgins brings out the baby: Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins. Oh, goodness”¦ there’s that thing in my eyes again. “These are your friends,” he says to the baby as they all huddle around to meet him. Brennan sneaks off to go see Angela and asks her what it was like. Angela replies that “it was wonderful and beautiful”¦ it was a dream.”

Brennan and Booth walk down a street together and Brennan remarks about how happy they looked. She thinks that they’d be apprehensive and scared of all the changes. Booth says that’s it a great change, though. Brennan, with another question behind her eyes, asks him if that’s really what he thinks. He says yes and after a momentary worried pause, Brennan informs him that she’s pregnant. And he’s the father. Shock, followed by joy comes over Booth’s face as he smiles. Brennan smiles back and we’re left with that wordless answer to our questions from last week.

My husband’s jaw literally dropped at Brennan’s revelation, but after all her comments about babies and wanting to be there for Angela, I was thinking that there had to be something going on. When Brennan was tearing up before the baby was born, I knew it. It’s definitely a very convenient way to write in Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy. It’ll be interesting to see what the implications for Booth and Brennan are. In season 4, they discussed Booth being a donor for Brennan, but it was dropped because Booth couldn’t *not* be involved with his child. Are they going to be a couple now? How’s that going to go? How on earth is Parker going to react (especially since we never saw how he reacted to She Who Shall Not Be Named leaving)? It’ll definitely be interesting to see where we go in season 7.

What did you think about the game changers in this finale?

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17 replies on “Bones Season Six Finale Recap: “The Change in the Game””

I guess I was the only person let down by the announcement. Really? Pregnant that quick? When it wasn’t even clear that they’d had sex? I didn’t want to leap to conclusions since this whole season has been a writing NIGHTmare. Brennan’s been nearly schizo, what with knowing how to act in social situations at one moment and being completely clueless the next. Why would I have necessarily assumed that when she told Ang they were in the same bed, it would be anything more than the literal meaning?

Eh. I suppose I assumed that Brennan would have used some type of birth control unless she was specifically trying for a baby. To me this has all come in the most non-sensical way possible, but I will try to enjoy the ride, nonetheless. I really would have preferred them getting together in a more Brennan way than such a Boothy way.

I guess I get it – but wow – they still need to clean up the story when it comes to Brennan. Although I’m sure a well-placed table, bookshelf, counter, or other such device could’ve helped until a more plausible pregnancy could be written…

Well… they said that Angela was having B-H contractions in the previous episode and those usually start about a month before the due date. And then, they implied that she was past due, too. I think with that (and a little distance for mourning Vincent Nigel-Murray), we’re supposed to think there’s about a month inbetween episodes.

That’s what I told myself at least.

I would like to say I called the sleeping together-ED’s pregnancy thing last week… along with thousands of others, I’m sure.
I loved Booth’s big, shit-eating smile when Bones told him. It was a lovely moment. I wouldn’t bet on an insta-couple, the writers will drag it out, but eventually…? Yes.

Totally minor point: the heart-rate monitor beside the bed showed 80 most of the time. If that was supposed to be monitoring the baby’s heartbeat, that’s a big old inaccuracy there.

I don’t know how you do it. I don’t think there is any way I could calmly re-cap the whole episode without shouting “She’s pregnant with Booth’s baby!!!” at the very start.

Yet again, I cried all throughout the last fifteen minutes. There must have been a lot of dust floating around or something. The baby’s naming was so sweet, and when Brennan told Booth she was having his baby his smile broke like the dawn. I backed it up so I could watch their faces one more time. Wordless acting is so powerful when it is done well.

All in all, I was very glad that they ended the season without any cliffhangers. I’m excited for next season without being pissed at the producers for making me wait.

This season has been disappointing. I mean I’ve enjoyed parts of it here and there but overall its just been meh. I usually rewatch episodes but I can’t remember rewatching any of this season’s eps. I didn’t have a problem with the idea of Hannah but the way it was executed was just terrible.

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