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I went to see Jersey Boys with my parents last night, which is about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. One song in the play was “Ces soirées-là,” which is a French remix/interpretation of “Oh, What A Night.” And guess what? It’s my new favorite song this week! And I bring it to you, as I love to do in our OTs. See you in the comments!

By Luci Furious

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This song is a remake, to see the original search Claude Francois Ces Soirees La on youtube. The 70’s French costumes will distract yiu greatly.

this week end I have a Celtic Ball and being part of the commitee,I have to go and shake my bottom on the dancefloor during an awesome ceilidh. I have a cool dress,black with peacocks feathers,and MrFlop will be wearing his kilt, nomz.
And then it is back to revisions for the finals at the end of this month!
And I’m in the process of dying my hair bright red,I am just bleaching it now.
Everything would be perfect except our landlord called to inform us of a rent raise. Not nomz.

I was awake until 4:30 last night writing ALL THE WORDS for my first ever Persephone post – which, BTW, I’m 100% nervous about posting, because what if people don’t like it or think it lacks nuance or that I’m an asshole for spilling my guts to the Internet or that it’s not the right type of post for the Friday before Mother’s Day? – and now I’m at work but all I want to do is keep reading Divergent.

FML. I need another dose of caffeine.

Do you know what the pomodoro technique is? Basically you work for 25 minutes then break for 5. Repeat as necessary, taking a longer break every couple of hours. It works on the principle that you can make yourself do anything for twenty-five minutes. There are plenty of variations, but that’s the basic idea. It’s AMAZING.

I actually invented it all by myself a few years ago, but turns out that someone invented it even earlier and stuck a clever name on it. There go my millions.

I know that the majority of you lives in a country where traveling two hours means nothing, but in NL it’s kind of a big deal. To get a lift I’m first traveling to my parents in law (two hours by train) so that we all can drive to my grandparents-in-law which is another two hours.
Going back home will leave me with over two hours of trains. This is going to be my weekend.

It makes me sad to see the open threads so empty lately. I love to start my day reading about other Sephies’ cats, papers, job searches, and doubts about what to have for dinner. Have people lost their enthusiasm for discussing random stuff with internet strangers?

Most of the time I use IE at work, and Persephone and (old) IE don’t seem to get along so well.
Now I’m in FF, so it’s easier to stick around. Besides that, I’m doing a bit of a Internet-detox this week. And maybe there are just too many open threads (yes I know, blasphemy).

I just haven’t really been on the computer later in the evenings. I dropped off a lot after we switched to this later format. And then once I come on in the morning, unless it’s something that really, really strikes me, I don’t comment because I feel like the party has already ended.

I am finally sleeping in a bed that’s not a hotel bed! on Sunday I left western Canada, crossed 6 states (and I am sad that I did not stop to do some Laura Ingalls-Wilder type activities in Wisconsin…), and am now finally in southern Ontario, which will be my home for the next few months if not longer. now that my wedding’s been cancelled I’m feeling super lost and like I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with my life now. but I guess a freshly pierced nose and a road trip are a decent place to start.

So, today was my Saturday and all I got done was a light workout and a shower(plus an episode of Buffy) I’m not going to see my man till late tonight and I’m bored and hungry. I didn’t do anything on the job hunt except for some typing drills because I had a talk with my soon to be former manager about my work situation and now feel like I have to temporarily back burner my plans…. By the way, HI! I’m kinda de-lurking, I’ve made a couple comments around here, but haven’t introduced myself. It’s getting to dinner time and I don’t know what to eat, any ideas? I’m a veggie and I cook for a living (for now!) so no meat and no cooking!;)

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