ESC Countdown: Poland and Portugal

Welcome to the Persephone ESC Countdown! Today we’ll check out Poland and Portugal.

Poland’s Magdalena Tul will represent her country with “Jestem” – “I Am” in English. Here are some of the first lines:

I am ““ in your word, thoughts, every gesture
I am ““ like water, earth, fire and air
I am ““ in my arms you melt like ice

You’re waiting ““ for at least one smile or one”¦
Word – every day you try to win my heart once again
With you
I’ve become familiarized

The Portuguese Homens da Luta represent their country with “A Luta É Alegria (The Struggle Brings Joy),” which can’t be anything else but a comment on the country’s current financial situation. Here are some lines from the song:

Sometimes you find yourself feeling blue
Sometimes you find yourself feeling wary
Sometimes you find yourself feeling alarmed
Sometimes you find yourself feeling despair

Night or day
The struggle is joy
And people only go forward
Shouting in the streets

There’s no point in tightening the belt
There’s no point in complaining
There’s no point in frowning
And rage is pointless, it won’t help you

By the way, do you remember how I said that the Eurovision was not supposed to be political? Well, in 1974, the Portuguese song in the Eurovision was one of the secret signals that started the Carnation Revolution – in which the country got rid of the dictatorship.

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