ESC Countdown: San Marino and Serbia

Welcome to the Persephone ESC Countdown! Today we’re of to San Marino and Serbia.

Senit, the singer representing San Marino, has already had quite some success as musical singer in Europe. In Düsseldorf she’ll perform the song “Stand By.”

And this, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is my favorite song so far. Serbia’s Nina sings “Caroban (Magical).” To be honest, I don’t know how I feel about the lyrics (some lines below) – but the sound just really makes me happy!

It’s freezing cold and damned ice is everywhere
I had such a rough day
People are strange, no one has any manners anymore
I’m dragging myself home, tired

And as I dig through my bag to find the key
Already at the end of my nerves
My sunshine, my moon and all of my little stars
My guy opens
My man is at the door

And in a second I am worth a thousand women
Because to him I’m beautiful and strong as a rock
And when he holds me I know everything is alright
The man is magical
He colors all my darkness into springtime
Since he’s been loving me, I’ve been standing tall
And for him I am good just the way I am
The man is magical

By inessita

I'm German but after high school I moved to Denmark for studying. A few years ago I finished my Master's in Business Communication and now I'm working as a marketing coordinator.
I'm a news addict. I spent an endless amount of time on reading the news from all over the world. And this is what I'll be writing about mostly.

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