ESC Countdown: Switzerland and Turkey

Welcome to the Persephone ESC Countdown! Next are Switzerland and Turkey.

Swiss Anna Rossinelli sings another love song for us (has somebody counted?). Here she is with “In Love for a While.”

Turkey sends another rock band to the Eurovision with Yüksek Sadakat and their song “Live it Up.”

So, what else has been happening in Eurovision News? Well, yesterday was the first semi-final! 19 entries performed and nine were kicked out.

The ten who made it to the final on Saturday are:

Serbia, Lithuania, Greece, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Switzerland, Hungary, Finland, Russia and Iceland.

The nine who didn’t make it are:

Poland, Norway, Albania, Armenia, Finland, Malta, San Marino, Croatia and Portugal.

Let’s hope that the sound will work better tomorrow evening for the second semi-final and let’s see who gets through. The contestants are:

Bosnia & Herzegovina, Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium, Slovakia, Ukraine, Moldova, Sweden, Cyprus, Bulgaria, F.Y.R. Macedonia, Israel, Slovenia, Romania, Estonia, Belarus, Latvia, Denmark and Ireland.


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Nobody knows. Honestly. It seems to be just what they’re like. They’re mad as brushes.

At first we were kind of horrified by them but they’ve grown on us. They’re mad cheesy bastards, but they’re ours.

(if you’re Twitter, follow them @PlanetJedward. Great fun.)

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