ESC Countdown: Ukraine and the United Kingdom

Welcome to the Persephone ESC Countdown! Well, this is the last countdown post. We’ve reached Ukraine and the UK. And tonight was the second semi-final. Excited to know, who’ll be in the final on Saturday?

Mika Newton represents Ukraine with her song Angel.

And the last of th 43 songs is Blue for the UK with I can. Someone is attempting a comeback…

So, who was in the second semi-final?

Bosnia & Herzegovina, Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium, Slovakia, Ukraine, Moldova, Sweden, Cyprus, Bulgaria, F.Y.R. Macedonia, Israel, Slovenia, Romania, Estonia, Belarus, Latvia, Denmark and Ireland.

Ecxcited? Want to know, who got to the final? Well, here they are:

Bosnia & Herzegovina, Austria, Ukraine, Moldova, Sweden, Slovenia, Romania, Estonia, Denmark and Ireland.

The final will be glorious. Just imagine all the strange things that will happen on stage!

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3 replies on “ESC Countdown: Ukraine and the United Kingdom”

You guys did have some really weird songs over the last years (I remember something with school uniforms?). Not that Germany always was that much better….let’s see how it goes. Lena was lucky, because she could charm people and because she had a catchy song.

Would that have been Daz Sampson’s classic ‘Teenage Life’? :)


You’re right our songs have been awful over the past few years. I thought the Lena song was excllent and so catchy. In my opinion the major probem with the UK entries is that Eurovision is not considered credible which means that we either get totally crap acts that are trying to break through, or old timers trying to make a comeback *cough* Blue *cough*.

As far as I can tell from what my German friends told me last year, Lena is a credible artist who has a strong following and who seems genuinely enthusiastic about the contest. I think that makes all the difference!

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