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Welcome to another wonderful week of the European News Roundup. This week, we have France acting like a giant, offensive douche, German age experimentation, lots of financial problems, protests in Spain, bombs and the mysteries of the universe being slowly uncovered. So, in general it’s a mixed bag.  Settle in and please enjoy this week’s prominent news stories.
France: Publishes the Name and Photo of DSK’s rape victim
Because they are so outraged over how terribly the millionare is being treated, the French magazine Paris Match has published the name and pointed to photos of the alleged victim. It is American journalistic standard practice that this not be done without the consent of the victim. It seems in France, while publishing a picture of the DSK in handcuffs caused a pearl-clutching scandal, violating the privacy of a woman c’est pas grave. Read more.


Germany: Green State Governor wants a revolution

The first ever Green State Governor talks about how he would like to change the energy, industry and refine the economic growth of Germany. His state also has the highest rate of growth of all the German states. Read more.

Germany: City lowers voting age to 16

The city of Bremen in Germany is having their first election which is allowing sixteen-year-olds to vote. Although voters will still have to be 18 and older to vote in public elections, there has been a push to end the large level of political indifference of many of the German youth. Read more.

Greece: After bailout, restructuring is still needed

The finances of the country are still struggling leading many to believe that an entire restructuring of the companies economy is needed. This, naturally, has many worried about Greece destabilizing the Euro. Read more.

Iceland: Volcano eruption shuts down airspace

Grimsvoetn, Iceland’s most active volcano, has begun erupting. Because of the infamous ash cloud effect on airplanes, there are warnings out there for travellers to be prepared for delays and possible cancellations. The eruption is not expected to be as severe as the one that shut down all European airspace for days last year, but if you’re travelling to Iceland, you might want to double check your booking. Read more.

Ireland: Bomb explodes in Northern Ireland town

After receiving a telephone warning, a bomb exploded nearby some businesses. It was said to be a small device and nobody was hurt in the explosion. Read more.

Italy: New observatory being planned

A new observatory that seeks out ripples from black holes is being planned near Pisa, Italy. It will be dubbed the Einstein Telescope (ET) and the project has involved over 200 scientists that will seek to observe gravitational differences, and of course, hopefully discover all the mysteries of the universe. Read more.

The Netherlands: Shock after a Dutch priest is caught promoting pedophilia

Are you ready for your skin to crawl? Well look no further, it seems a priest in The Netherlands has been caught serving on a board that promotes pedophilia. And that’s not all, he did so with the full knowledge of his boss. Read more.

Spain: Large protests rock Madrid

Many of the youth in Spain are calling for reform and an end to high unemployment rates that have devastated the country. The 15-M movement is causing campouts in plazas throughout 168 Spanish cities. Read more.

Switzerland: Saying no to nuclear power after Japan’s crisis

Switzerland has five nuclear reactors that generally supply the country with 40% of it’s energy. Government officials are now proposing that Switzerland slowly step down from using the energy source and finding new ways to sustain the country. Read more.

UK: British officially end military mission in Iraq

After eight years the last of the troops given by Britain for Iraq have come home. They have been a part of the mission since the beginning and have contributed over 46,000 troops to the fight, despite public opinion on the war being very low. Read more.

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