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It’s Delurkify Tuesday Again

Good evening! I hope everyone’s May has gotten off to a good start. It’s still raining here in Indiana, but I’m sure when it finally stops, those May flowers will be amazing. Right?

So it’s Tuesday again, and Selena has instilled the tradition on delurkifying. You know who you are – you’re the reader who comes here every so often to read a piece and see what’s happening. So today, tell us who you are! No, really, nothing makes us happier than to get a new commenter or two!

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Have you noticed how FOOD is the largest word in the tag cloud? Another one of the reasons why I love Persephone! Anyway, I have a question about cheese, which I know lots of you are experts in:

I found a recipe for gnocchi in a super simple cheese sauce (cheese, white wine, cream, nutmeg) that I’m dying to try, but the cheese is roquefort and my partner can’t stand strong cheeses – even mild cheddar is too strong for him. What cheese can I substitute, that melts creamy (as opposed to stringy) but does not have a very strong flavour?

Hmm… well, if I ever don’t feel like running out the store but want to make a quick mac n’ cheese or some other kind of creamy pasta, I’ll often substitute a harder cheese for cream cheese. If y’all are a fan of salty stuff, you might even want to try using Labneh (it’s like the saltier Lebanese version of cream cheese).

Another option could be to go heavy on the Parmesan. Or even both? You can never have enough cheese!

Wow, it took me three times of F5 to get in here. Does that make me determined or pitiful?

Anyway, I’m having a midweek with no computer/internet at night. Which is strangely relaxing and makes me go to bed at least an hour earlier. Clearly, internet keeps me up and forget I’m tired. Why I don’t completely stop with going online after eight pm? Urrrm.. let me get back on that.

Is the no computer/internet at night something you have chosen to do, or is it because of some other reason, like a technical problem? I can’t not check my email at night right now because of work stuff, but I dream of a future in which I manage to turn off my computer before starting dinner, and stay disconnected from the world until I get into work the morning after. I’ve done a couple of trial runs, and I can say it does wonders for the quality of my sleep!

I chose to. Usually I write every night, talk to my boyfriend online and visit a lot of message boards. From time to time I try to stop myself using the internet, because being online for ten hours a day sounds scary to me. Internet and online series are my easiest ways out when bored, so I try to tickle my mind in finding other ways for a couple of days :)

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