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Ladyghosts: Veronica Mars, 1.19, “Hot Dogs”

It’s yet another Veronica Mars recap, reader!  Even the recaps I use to reference details I got too sidetracked to pay attention to are starting to phone it in.  I’ll try to keep it fresh for you, but I see in my summary that it is a lost dog episode.  Another Clue Jr. case.  But! I do see that she is tutoring Weevil at the beginning, so this episode might have some promise yet.

Veronica is tutoring Weevil in math, who astutely notes that in his math problem if Bob is only getting 5% on a sale that he is pushing the wrong product.  There’s a reason they delineate between book smarts and street smarts.  Speaking of street, Weevil says that the word on the aforementioned streets is that Duncan took off because of Veronica’s suspicion that he killed Lilly.  There are no secrets in Neptune, except that of who killed Lilly Kane.  Unfortunately for Weevil, he is also accused of breaking into the Kane house and reportedly found in Lilly’s bedroom.  So, even though she just made out with Logan in the last episode, she bats her eyelashes to Leo which causes his stoner heart to melt and he lets Veronica in to see Weevil.  Weevil is especially concerned because now that he’s 18 he is going to go to big kid prison.  He explains that he was looking for a diamond ring that belonged to his mom because he had given it to Lilly when he wanted to be engaged with her, but he didn’t find it.  Who knows why he waited a year to break in and look for it.  Veronica seems to feel bad, and if I were a gambler I would bet my Persephone millions that Neptune’s Only Lawyer is going to end up on the case.

As for Veronica’s lost dog case.  A super awkward classmate in highwater pants has lost her Jack Russell named Chester, and Veronica felt bad, so she’s helping her out.  I guess to Veronica’s credit, this isn’t a case where she is out to gain something.  The girls put up fliers and check out the local animal shelter (I’m assuming Neptune’s Only Animal Shelter), where another student named Hans from the Neptune High volunteers. Unfortunately, Hans calls to tell Awkward Girl and Veronica that Chester was brought in and had to be put down because he was hit by a car.  For some reason, Veronica isn’t satisfied that Chester just escaped and then she notices a bulletin board full of lost dog posters. When she calls the owners, she learns that only dog owners who offered high rewards were returned.  Presumably all the other ones were just let out to get hit by cars. Sad.

It looks like this is going to be an Echolls-heavy episode.  Aaron Echolls has given up acting and is reading Siddhartha.  He was cut out of Lynn’s will and Willow Trina was never in it, which leaves Logan with Lynn’s art collection and $115,000, of which Trina is already asking to borrow $10,000.  Trina is also trying to get Aaron to be in her boyfriend’s art film or something, claiming it’s as good as Pulp Fiction.  Trina’s boyfriend also may have beaten her up, because she has a black eye.

There’s also some Kane drama, when Celeste Kane shows up at Mars Investigations to accuse Veronica of saying something to drive off Duncan.  Veronica can hold her own though and she’s all, “Bitch, you know what I didn’t say is that you threatened to have me killed and that you’re a raging bitch, so there!”  Celeste’s claws are out though and she also accuses Keith of being a bad detective for not seeing what was going on under his nose.  Just because she’s a bitch doesn’t mean she’s not right, Keith.  Just sayin’. Veronica says that she’ll help find Duncan if Celeste will drop the charges against Weevil. Probably because she needs Weevil to help her do something.  (My claws are out too.)

As for the Clue Jr. case, Veronica discovered that Hans from the shelter was kidnapping 09er dogs and hiring day laborers to return them if the reward price was good enough.  Veronica confronted Hans (in his van with the naked lady mudflaps. Classy) but he denied it.  Since there are 20 minutes left in the episode, I think we all know that Veronica has something up her sleeve to catch him, hopefully involving Backup, the most underutilized cast member, IMO.

So now Logan has come to V asking for help in investigating Dylan, Trina’s douchecanoe boyfriend with the play.  Veronica says she is going to start a drinking game and take a shot whenever someone asks her for help.  That might have had me shouting at my TV, because really Veronica? You’re really going to accuse other people of using YOU?! Give me a break. PLUS, she CHARGES for her help! Ugh.  Veronica helps Logan figure out Dylan’s last name, but not before Dylan is already at the Echolls house.  Veronica and Logan come home just in time to catch Aaron Echolls beating the shit out of Dylan for hitting Trina.  Which makes me feel kind of bad that I thought Trina was faking being hit to get money.  All the tension overcomes Veronica and Logan and they make out AGAIN!! She’s breaking up with Leo though, so there’s that.  Using a wordy version of, “It’s not you, it’s me,” and explaining that at the wisened age of 17, that she is too messed up for a relationship.  Oh snap! And now she’s asking Leo for a favor!! And Leo’s actually doing it! I don’t know which is worse!  Anyway, the favor is to go into the animal shelter to see if they can find the kidnapped dogs.  They took Awkward Girl who freaking tases Hans until he admits that Chester isn’t dead, but was sold when they couldn’t get a reward.  Hans gets sent to the pokey and they are able to track down Chester.

As for Weevil’s drama, Leo had mentioned that Weevil had a pen on him when he was arrested and then Veronica suddenly remembered that Lilly had a secret message pen where you could hide little notes in the barrel.  Veronica realized that that was what Weevil went to get, but Weevil won’t say what was in the pen.  Papa Mars explained that Weevil had an alibi because he was at community service at the time of Lilly’s murder, but since we know now (ahem, thanks to Veronica and not the senior Mars’ detective work) that Lilly was killed later, that puts Weevil back at the top of the suspect list.

Only 3 more episodes left! We will be learning the identity of Lilly’s murderer very shortly! See you next week!

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