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Ladyghosts: Veronica Mars, 1.20, “M.A.D”

This episode opens on Veronica causing a parking lot traffic jam by doing her own car tune-up, reminding us why Veronica is one of our favorite badass ladyghosts.  It then cuts to some 09er blackmailing his girlfriend into not breaking up with him by threatening to show everyone in school a cell phone video of the girlfriend skinny dipping and doing something “disgusting” with a popsicle.  Reminding us that 09er guys are horrible.  After the intro credits, it flashes to Logan and Veronica making out in the girls’ bathroom, reminding us to always question Veronica’s romantic choices.At Mars Investigations, Papa Mars is still dating Wallace’s mom and dreaming big about tracking down the still-AWOL Duncan Kane to collect the $50,000 reward to pay for Veronica’s college tuition. (The Kanes are billionaires and the reward they offer for their only remaining child is a paltry fifty grand? Really?) Veronica did some maneuvering to obtain Tad,the 09er d-bag’s cell phone to destroy the video.  But too bad for Carmen that Tad has already sent the video to his computer, which he conveniently IMs to Carmen while she’s over visiting Veronica.  The next day at school, we witness Tad, who is back with Carmen, predictably being an asshole to a gay kid about going to prom.  He makes a bunch of anti-gay jokes, and this is going to give Veronica her big Revenge Plot idea to create a website saying Tad is gay to blackmail him into not sending out the video.  I can’t really condone this because I hate the notion of making being accused of being gay out to be The Worst Evar.  It doesn’t work anyway, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Veronica is helping Keith track down Duncan.  She feels a little guilty that she may have inadvertently given Duncan some tips on how to hide from P.I.s. Also that $50,000 is looking pretty good since she spent all her savings on her mom’s rehab.  Veronica, of course, is using all her friends to help her out.  Mac is supposed to be tracking down used passports on eBay or something, and Weevil has a line on a used Impala that a friend of his sold to Duncan.  This is why I like Weevil, because my man isn’t going to help Veronica out for nothing.  He wants 8% of the reward if his tip pans out. Meanwhile, Mac is doing two favors for Veronica for nothing.  She’s still my second favorite lackey though.  Oh wait, I spoke too soon.  She found the name of some guy who sold his passport on eBay and sent it to the hotel by the airport, presumably to Duncan AND she wants 10% of the reward.  She’s even better than Weevil who was only going to get 8%, which is now 0% since his Impala lead didn’t pan out because Duncan ditched the car in Mexico.  So now Keith has a lead that Duncan might be in Argentina under an assumed name.

Francis Capra Headshot in black tank top

Logan and Veronica are still making out all over the place, but aren’t sure where their relationship is going.  Apparently it’s not going to go anywhere soon since Logan can’t even admit that Veronica is even over at his house when Dick and Beaver Casablancas stop by (pay attention to these two, BTW).  But Aaron, movie star and loving father, offers to help Veronica escape.  She even gets an invite to hang out with Logan on the Echolls’ yacht! Fun!

Things on the Mars homefront aren’t so great though.  Keith put a notice in the paper looking for Lianne so that he can file for divorce.  She gets this tip from her good friend, Neptune’s Only Lawyer.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Veronica tried to concoct some Parent Trap scheme to get her parents back together.  Like making them go camping and putting a lizard in the tent or something.  But Keith and Alicia look so happy taking their ballroom dancing lessons!  Their romance is going to be shortlived though, because Clarence Weidman learned that the plant that Wallace had delivered to his office was bugged and he is threatening Alicia with termination if she doesn’t quit seeing Keith.  I’m not really sure what he thinks that’s going to accomplish besides making Keith even angrier, but there it is.  Alicia looks pretty pissed, so Weidman’s plan was probably a success.

OK, so Veronica and Carmen tried to set up the gay website, but Tad wasn’t swayed and he got pissed that Carmen tried to dump his ass so he sent everyone in school the video anyway.  Carmen is upset but doesn’t decide to take her revenge.  Veronica can’t resist the temptation to watch the video (which, IMO, seems pretty tame for drunken high school shenanigans) and realizes that it was at Shelly Pomeroy’s Christmas party last year.  Also known as the worst party ever in the world.  Also known as the time Veronica was drugged and raped.  Carmen doesn’t remember much of this party either.  What was Shelly Pomeroy putting in her punch!? Veronica finds out when she goes to school early to see that Weevil’s gang has duct taped Tad to the flagpole.  Veronica offers to cut him down if he lets her know where he got the drugs when he drugged Carmen.  It was GHB from”¦Logan Echolls!  And that’s why Veronica stands him up on their yacht date.  Maybe I should give her more credit in her relationship choices?  Eh. Probably not.

That’s it! Only two more episodes left this season!  Who drugged Veronica? Who killed Lilly? Why did I think that Veronica dated Leo for longer than she did?  We will only be learning the answer to one of these questions! See you next week!



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