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Ladyghosts: Veronica Mars, 1.21, “A Trip To The Dentist”

Ed. Note: TW on this episode for discussion of rape. We have a flashback-heavy episode this week as Veronica works to piece together the details of what happened the night she was drugged and raped.  But the episode starts off with Papa Mars in Cuba where he has managed to track down Duncan Kane. Maybe Veronica will be able to pay for college after all!  Also, Weevil is acting as Veronica’s bodyguard and keeping Logan away from Veronica. Love him forever.

Logan finally manages to get to Veronica who seems to be re-traumatized after learning that it was Logan who had drugs at Shelly Pomeroy’s party.  Unfortunately for Veronica, everyone who was at Shelly Pomeroy’s party hates her.  She does manage to talk to Meg though, who lets her know via a flashback, that Veronica was passed out on a deck chair with a bunch of people messing with her.  Meg wanted to help her out, but Meg’s boyfriend didn’t want Veronica to puke in his car.  Meg left the party then and doesn’t know what happened to Veronica after that.

This isn’t Veronica’s day.  Because of the deal she made with Celeste Kane, she isn’t giving Papa Mars the $50,000 pocket change reward for returning Duncan.  Sad.

Meanwhile, Veronica is continuing her investigation.  She’s talking to some generic 09er named Luke who says he gave GHB to Dick Casablancas who was going to drug his girlfriend Madison because she was being too uptight. For reals. Dick Casablancas is aptly named, as we’ll see even more of in Season 2.  Luke says he doesn’t think Madison ever got drugged though because he saw her write “Slut” on Veronica’s car.  When Veronica questions Madison, Madison says Veronica made out with Dick Casablancas and Casey.

Ugh, poor Veronica.  Now Alicia Fennell is yelling at Keith about Veronica getting her fired by bugging Clarence Weidman’s office.  Keith is feeling guilty about how he’s involved Veronica in all of the PI stuff, but Veronica isn’t even bovvered.  She is, however, feeling kind of guilty about getting Wallace and his mom in trouble.  Wallace is a little more bovvered and says he feels like kind of a chump.  I would feel sorrier for him if he hadn’t spent 20 episodes letting Veronica treat him like a chump.

So Casey has filled in Veronica on some more party details.  Including that Dick Casablancas and the butler’s son, whose name I can’t bother to remember, were feeding V shots and getting her to make out with Shelley Pomeroy.  Ugh. These guys are seriously the worst.  Veronica confronts creepy butler’s son who denies that it was him and we see a flashback of Dick carrying Veronica onto a bed while Beaver and butler’s son look on.  Dick is trying to goad Beaver into having sex with Veronica, but Beaver is acting uncomfortable and says Veronica wasn’t willing because she was unconscious.  So Veronica confronts Dick in the parking lot, threatening to run over his new surfboard, which is like, the least that should happen to him.  Dick has a different version of butler’s son’s story and says what he saw was Veronica hitting on Beaver. Dick claims he didn’t drug Veronica and says, “It’s not my fault you got all wasted and slutty.”  For that, Veronica destroys his surfboard.  I wish Dick was under that car, too.  So we move on to Beaver. Poor little Beaver.  He admits that his brother was trying to goad him into losing his virginity by raping Veronica, but says he puked and left her alone passed out on the bed.  And he left her there. Because all these guys are fucking class acts.

Some little scenes happen that I assume will come into play later, because that’s how Veronica Mars works.  Keith says he has to go to Las Vegas for a case, and Veronica is going to stay at home.  At the Echolls mansion, Aaraon is making some sort of shellfish dish for Logan, but Logan is allergic to shellfish.  Aaron also doesn’t know Logan’s birthday.  We’re supposed to see here how damaged Logan is, so we don’t hate him as much. Just FYI.

Back on the rape case, Blair Waldorf tells Veronica that she saw Duncan and Veronica about to have sex at the party. Veronica is devastated and she confronts Duncan, who says he was drunk, but then claims it was consensual.  Veronica asks why she woke up alone if this was such a tender event.  This is a fucked up scene right here.  Veronica is in tears and Duncan starts yelling that he had to leave because he’d just had sex with his sister and he knew it.  This is some HBO-level shit.  Celeste overhears this exchange and Veronica leaves to go see Wallace, who is standing by his friend.  By way of apology, Veronica shows Wallace her computer files of Lilly Kane.  She also apologizes to Alicia, which is awkward since the next scene is Papa Mars setting up an appointment with Cheyenne, a prostitute.  Gross.  But wait! He’s not having sex with her at all.  Apparently this prostitute also happened to have a standing appointment with Abel Koontz and can provide an alibi for the time Lilly was killed.  Cheyenne doesn’t want to come forward though and feels like since Abel confessed she doesn’t need to.

OK, so Veronica and Logan have made amends, since Veronica was “only” drugged and not raped.  They head back to Echolls estates and are making out while opening the door (IDEK), only to find that Aaron has chosen this moment to throw a surprise party.  The most awkward surprise party ever.  That is apparently nowhere near the date of Logan’s birthday.  So there is all kinds of whispering and Dick wonders what Logan is doing with Veronica.  Logan steps up though and yells that anyone who has a problem with Veronica (who he calls his girlfriend?!) should leave.  Duncan is the only one who leaves. What follows is a bunch of terrible fake socializing.  I couldn’t even handle that kind of thing.  So Veronica is making terrible small talk with Madison Sinclair and Madison offers her a drink.  As Veronica walks away with it, Meg tells her not to drink it because Madison probably gave her a “trip to the dentist,” which is what she calls it when she spits in the drink of someone she doesn’t like.  All of a sudden a bunch of things are connecting for Veronica who, via flashback, realizes that Madison spit in the drugged drink that Dick had given her on the night of Shelly Pomeroy’s party and gave it to Veronica. So basically Veronica was unintentionally drugged and not raped.  Part of me thinks this is a cop-out story line because everyone is more or less absolved of responsibility.  Or, alternately, there is so much blame that it’s spread around until everyone only is at fault a little bit.  Instead of what I really think is true, which is that Neptune is like Sunnydale.  A hellmouth, but for sociopaths.  Then we see Duncan going berserk on a car outside the party.  More of the “Duncan is so cray-cray he must have killed Lilly!” storyline.  Especially since he knowingly had sex with his half-sister.

Veronica is totally over all this dramz though and goes to make out with Logan in the pool house.  Logan feels bad about his responsibility in fucking with Veronica while she was passed out.  Turns out that that included also drugging Duncan after he tried to stop people from messing with Veronica.  Awesome, dude, really.  Seriously. Hellmouth for sociopaths.  For some reason, Veronica is still acting like it wasn’t intentional and continues to make out with him.  Until he leaves to go get some alcohol and Veronica notices a line running from the ceiling fan… going to a VCR (how quaint), which is recording the bed in the pool house.  She has Weevil come pick her up on his motorcycle, and arrives home to find her mom on the couch.

It’s a jam-packed episode next week! We’re going to finally learn who killed Lilly! And maybe figure out what out sociopathic things Logan has been up to!

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