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LTP: 5/12

Good day, Persephoneers! I’m polling you today from vacation land, full of sunscreen and hoping that today lasts forever, for tomorrow we start to drive back home.

Since I’m in a vacation state of mind, I thought I’d ask a vacation-related question: if you could go anywhere on vacation with anyone, where would you go and with whom? About five years ago I went on vacation with all the females in my family and we had a great time. Last summer I went with friends from high school and we lived it up. This year I’m with my little family of four and we are having a great time.

To get you thinking vacation-y thoughts , here are some beach pictures!

photo by Vandelizer, from Flickr

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I’d fly to England to see my brother. Then I’d bring him along with me and we’d go to Spain and see my favorite places in Andalucía and possibly Madrid. Or I’d go to Seville and hang with my friends there. Or I’d fly to northern Italy, visit a great friend, and go with her to Firenze, Bologna, and Siena. Someday when I’m rich, right?

Oh yeah, and if it were just any random place, I’d take my best friend to Russia. We would spend quite a while in the Hermitage, then we’d go to Moscow. Then we’d fly to Paris and live it up there for a while. I so want to go to Russia, even if I had to go in the winter.

The WHO is much harder than the WHERE. Honestly, at this point, I kind of want to travel by myself.

The Mister and I have different travel styles, so there’s a lot of compromise. (I want to go to neat places I’ve never been; he wants to go visit people we know who live elsewhere. I want to plan everything in great detail; he wants a vague sketch and a lot of down time.) My BFF is a lot of fun and would like to go interesting places, but it takes her forever to get out of the house to go anywhere, when I just just want to go go go. (So I get frustrated, and she gets annoyed, and I sigh and roll my eyes, and she gets passive aggressive, and on and on.) My mom snores like a freaking freight train, so we’d need two hotel rooms. I don’t know. I could travel with my baby brother, which would be a lot of fun, but he’s always broke, so he’d be mooching off me the whole time. I like being alone. I can go where I want, when I want, how I want, and at my own pace. I can eat wherever I want. I can rest when I want and spend time just reading in the shade. I can go to yet another baseball game if I damn well please. Yeah. I want to just travel alone for a while.

The where? Well, wherever is interesting! I desperately want to see Eastern Europe, but I’ll go pretty much anywhere. I do prefer a longer stay in one place to really get to know it over the whirlwind tour of X cities in X+2 days or whatever. That’s just exhausting to me.

Last summer, I had the best vacation of my life. I have 3 sisters, and the 4 of us haven’t traveled together sans parents or their kids in years. But, we convinced my mom to babysit, and we took a 7-day cruise to the Caribbean. We got a free cabin upgrade, so we ended up with a huge room and private balcony even though we’d paid for a smaller cabin. And because we’re 4 fun, attractive single women, we were favorites of the staff, and our cabin attendant brought us free (expensive) champagne every night, and we had a bartender in every bar or club throughout the ship giving us free drinks the whole week. And we hung out with tons of other passengers and the DJ and the staff, and made lifelong friends with the family at our dinner table. There were vacation flings and a prank war in the dining room and we danced until 5am every day and spent half the week tanning, and then moving between the pool and the hot tub, and then repeating, all with daquiris in hand. And we got ot explore San Juan and St. Maarten and go to a private beach. We ate amazing food and wore pretty dresses and laughed and bonded and didn’t have a single worry for an entire week. We didn’t even fight with each other (a miracle). I didn’t check my e-mail the entire week. It was maybe the best week of my life. If I could recreate that exact vacation, I would. When I’m having a stressful day, I just look at the photos and reminisce.

After a few years of family trips, taking family to go see family, I am itching for a real tropical vacation. I see those ads of people on a beach watching the sunset while drinking fruity drinks and I want that to be me. It’s a fairly new sensation, I’ve never understood the appeal of a vacation where you do nothing in a pretty place before.

I’d go on a road trip tomorrow. The gas prices would drop significantly and I’d somehow acquire a car and I’d pack up all my stuff and drive south until I hit a beach. I’d go alone and make friends along the way (but in a safety-first type of way). I’ve never really travelled the US and I would love to just drive and find cool things to see and do along the way.

Both of these questions are so hard, but for (almost opposite) different reasons!

Place: Right now I’m thinking Puerto Rico, because I’ve never been. I love Latin American countries, and Spanish-speaking countries in general, because I like being able to actually make friends with people that live there while on vacation. There’s tons of Spain I’d like to see, too!

With who: This is harder, because rather than there being too many people, there are too few. It’s really hard to figure out who would be good to go on vacation with! I actually visited a friend i wasn’t super well-acquainted with last year, and he was one of the best vacation buddies. Other people I feel would just drive me up the wall! Best friends included. Maybe I’ll stick to a solo-vacation in this scenario.

The Hebrides. Without a doubt. Who i’d take with me? My husband and son.

I’m looking forward to the day i can share these places with them – a couple of the islands in particular – because those islands are … they’re just a part of me (which sounds really super dumb when written down).

2 years ago I went to Hawaii with my boyfriend. It was the most perfect vacation. Seriously. The only thing I would change about it is to go on a snorkle trip we didn’t think we could afford. I would happily live that vacation a million times over.
I would also like to go on a vacation with my parents, my sister and her husband, and my boyfriend now that my sister and I are adults I think it would be really fun.
Ahh fantasies.

We’ve gone a bunch of times and always rent a condo. It’s much more affordable and we usually end up with a place bigger than our house (we have a big house). Even though we like to splurge and go out for dinner a lot, it’s nice to have the option to eat in, especially at breakfast time.

It was in a condo. Actually the only reason we were able to go was because his uncle has a timeshare and wasn’t able to use it, so all we had to pay for was the transfer fee ($150 for the WEEK). And for some reason, flights were really cheap – I think around $400 from NYC. Everything just fell into place that we were able to go. It was amazing. My family went when I was 12, and we got a condo then too. It seems to be what people do. The condo was nice – really big, a balcony, a kitchen. Aaahhh I miss it so much

I’d either want to go on vacation with future Mr. paperispatient, since we’ve never traveled together, or with some of my friends from undergrad that I haven’t gotten to see for a while. I’d like to go somewhere with lots of museums and good restaurants and fun things to do and see, with a little time to just lounge around and relax thrown in as well.

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