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LTP 5/17

Oh hi, and welcome to today’s lunchtime poll. As we all deal with the emotional rollercoaster that is spring weather, I thought I’d ask a simple one:What’s your idea of perfect weather?

Mine is: mid 70s, partly cloudy, light breeze. I like it warm, but not too hot (I hate sweating), and my translucent/freckly skin can’t handle constant sunlight.

What about you, commenters? Oooh, and bonus points if you also tell us how often you get your perfect weather where you live!

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I’m the only person I know living in Southern California who doesn’t love the weather! I’m a Midwestern girl and I enjoy slightly cool temps (perfect range is 40-65) and oh boy do I miss the snow (though not the endless months of it). I think it’s too hot if it gets over 75.

I just like change. Not chaotic twister change but rain, snow, fog, sun. Just something new every week.
I wish we had a bit more humidity on some days but otherwise I really love my state’s weather. VERY FEW lightning storms – my nemesis. So, I can’t complain.

When you can see two or three rainbows in one day, there is nothing wrong with your weather. :)

My perfect weather is 80s and humid- humid- humid. Weather that is only suitable for laying about by the pool or reading books in the shade.These type of days only come by for about two weeks near the tail end of summer round these parts. My ideal weather doesn’t account for days when actual work is being done for those days I’d still like a good humid upper 70s with a Southern breeze. I should note that while I am all about the humid weather my hair is most decidedly not.

I actually enjoy most types of weather. The only things I DON’T like are days that are so hot you start sweating the minute you walk out the door and rain that goes on for more than three days in a row.

Sadly, here in the southeast US most of summer is super hot, insta-sweat days. I do love a cool night after a hot day though.

I like it a little on the warm side: sunny, mid to upper 80s and breezy, which is really lucky for me since after relocating last August, I seem to get this weather everyday during the summer months. :) I do, however, have to put up with ridiculously cold (by my Southern standards) winters, no me gusta nada.

*Sigh* you totally nailed my perfect weather. Down south, I could count on this for most of spring and a few weeks in the transition from summer to fall. Here in Canada… Mmm well, from what I’ve observed so far, it appears that the weather here likes to jump from full-fledged winter to a few weeks of rainy messiness that then transitions into summer. That being said, almost all last week the weather was perfect. And summer here isn’t quite as intolerable as the sweltering humidity that can be experienced in the south.

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