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LTP: 5/20

Down here in sunny Georgia, the temperatures are up and there’re only a few more days of school – summer is in the air.  Today’s question is an easy one: What is your favorite thing about summer?

I enjoy all the ice cream, pools, and barbecues, but my favorite thing about summer is kind of weird. I love the blast of cold air you get when you walk into an air-conditioned building on a hot day. I hate being hot, and if I stay too hot for too long, I get nauseous and stupid, so having that cold air wash over me is like a blissful promise that I won’t have to be hot for much longer.

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Fresh fruit, sun tea, getting burned on my shoulders (back burns are awful, but shoulder burns are fine), laying barefoot in the grass under a tree and reading, splashing in lakes or streams, picnics, elevated moods, washing the dishes in the evening with the windows open, and popsicles. I dislike sun headaches and humidity.

Living in the “low” Arctic makes summer not so much fun. It’s now light out 24 hours a day which makes sleeping a touch difficult and the bugs are atrocious. However, here the hours at work become very relaxed in the summer and there’s all sorts of fun festivals and outdoors things to do. Also, t-shirts.

I’m very excited to garden barefoot. I’m excited to sit outside and drink fresh squeezed lemonade and iced tea. Barefoot.

(I’m not excited about this rash my sunscreen gave me though. Good to know now rather than later, I guess.)

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