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LTP 5/24

Today I thought I’d ask a pick-me-up kind of question: what’s your favorite physical attribute of yours?

Sure, we could do some commiserating over what we like least about ourselves, but let’s brag a little! Everyone’s got something they love about the way they look, even on bad days. So, what’s yours?

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I really like my cheekbones and my nose. They feel strong.
I like my hands (I have lots of pretty nail polish colors).
I like my backside and my legs. (Others have agreed on this)
I like that I can’t tell if my eyes are blue or green or grey (they seem to change with my surroundings).
I guess I’m just pretty happy with everything in general. My earlobes are rather large but they remind me of my grandfather’s so I like them too. :) (I like my crooked feet because my uncle has the same crookedness too.)

When you’ve spent a good deal of time hating everything about yourself, learning to love your parts for various reasons becomes easier and more fun.

I really like my lips. I don’t like my face at all because I really look like my birth mother, but the lips are cute. My skin is naturally velvety a bit and that’s likable. Does this word even exist? I don’t know but let’s use it.

My eyebrows, definitely.

And my feet. Not for their appearance so much as they are super soft naturally. Actually, now that I think about it, my skin is soft all over … elbows, knees, feet — no rough patches or callouses. I never have to use body moisturizer. My face is stupid oily though, so it gets no love.

I think I have nice hands too. When I keep my nails nice.

What a great question for a day when I’m feeling foxy.

I’m really vain about my lower legs and feet. I have nicely muscled calves, slender ankles, and tiny feet that can fit into adorable vintage heels. And today in Illinois it’s warm enough that they’re on display without tights, hurrah!

I love my ass too! My boyfriend loves it and it’s the biggest ego/self-esteem boost in the world. My mother goes on about me needing to lose a couple of pounds (I’m a size 10, she’s crazy and I don’t listen to her) but I wouldn’t even dream of it.

I love my grey streak. I have very dark hair and the bright white strands started coming in when I was 22. It is kind of like Rogue from the X-men. I originally swore I wouldn’t start dyeing it until I was at least 30, but now that I’m pushing that number I think I’ll extend it. I get compliments on it all the time, and some people mistake it as intentional- like highlights.

I love my ankles! I’m pretty sure they’re the sexiest part of me. Although I may only think that because I’m an Aquarius and the body part we’re associated with is the ankles, so I’m a little drawn to them. Regardless, I love my ankles and admire them frequently.

I just found out about Persephone yesterday from a friend, and activated my account just now. Great poll! My favorite physical feature is my wrists. They are small and slender. While I am no longer small or slender in other areas, having 4 children and generally getting older has not taken a toll on my lovely wrists…

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