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LTP: 5/26

Good Day, Persephonites! If you weathered last night’s weather throughout the Midwest, I’d totally give you a cookie if I could. This week was a good snail-mail week at the Sally J house. We subscribe to a few magazines, and new issues have come in the mail. It’s some of the only mail we care about, so it’s always a banner day.

We currently subscribe to Wired, National Geographic and Family Fun. Yes, we are geeks, and no, I don’t care about fashion. Do you still get traditional magazines in the mail? I probably do 75% of my¬† reading online, but like a good mag to read outside on occasion!

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I’ve been receiving Vogue every year since I was 18. (omg, that’s ten years…)
I started saving all the covers because I was so in love. The habit has kinda stuck so I now have all the covers from Vogue since 2001.
But yeah, that’s the only magazine I get.
Back in the day I would get W (it makes for great wall art), Allure, Shape and Elle. Elle’s subscription lasted a year. Bor-ring.
There was once a magazine called Shop Etc and I LOVED IT. I believe it was a spinoff of Lucky? I wish it had survived. The articles and layouts spanned every price point, every age, every size. Their home section was beautiful (beat the pants off Dwell) and there were always a shit load of coupons and online deals in the back. Solid Gold.

I’ve been a subscriber and big fan of Whole Living (formerly Body & Soul) for years now. I got one awesome year of Saveur (but that’s over…. enough material in 1 year to last me 2-3), one year of Chicago Magazine (which they still send, nonetheless), and recently picked up a $8 year of Good Housekeeping (as an impulse purchase). Every year or two I subsribe to something new since subscriptions can be so cheap and getting non-junk mail is so nice.

I get Interview magazine because it was the only one that seemed relatively interesting when one of those canvassers earning points toward some better life, and I wasn’t able to say no that day. I have such a backlog of old magazines, though – those, some local magazines, and Afar (which is great but I just couldn’t keep up!) My organization publishes its own magazine, which I just changed my subscription to online-only since I can’t keep up with it! (and they’re environmental so it just seemed right).

I actually do like fashion mags. I subscribe to Glamour, Marie Claire, and Self. I’m thinking of adding Essence to that list. I love getting magazines in the mail! And I always used to buy them in the stores, at like $4, so paying $10 for a subscription is hugely money-saving.

I would subscribe to Real Simple if I could afford it right now, because I adore their layout and they sometimes have handy tips or good ideas for inspiring my own projects. My mister received a GQ subscription for Christmas; he was excited because he thought it was going to be rad men’s fashion, and it’s… not. But they sometimes have interesting featured interviews.

The only magazine I actually subscribe to is Bon Appetit. I also get the alumni magazine from my college and the alumnae magazine from my high school. Those are always a laugh. (Although my update/news made it into the “Kudos” section in the alumnae magazine this quarter, so suck it, bitches.)

I used to buy magazines by the pound, but I’ve switched to reading mostly online. Like PiP, I let my sub to EW run out. I feel like I kill fewer trees this way.
I do still get catalogs, which are one of my guilty pleasures. I enjoy the furniture/housewares porn in Crate & Barrel more than many magazines.

I get Bitch magazine in the mail. I was never a big magazine subscriber anyway – I used to get Entertainment Weekly but stopped when my subscription ran out and I wasn’t doing as much running (I’d read them on the treadmill), and that was it! (I still sometimes get piles of them from the library though.)

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