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LTP: 5/27

Here in the States, we’re getting ready for Memorial Day weekend.  Technically, it’s a holiday to honor American servicemembers, but for many people, Memorial Day is an excuse to dust off the grill and have a good old-fashioned barbecue (unless you live in Indianapolis, then you will either be going to the racetrack or doing everything you can to avoid rabid race fans).

When we cook out, we like all the standard fare; hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and some sort of veggies so we can feel like we at least ate something healthy, but we also try to do something non-traditional to keep things interesting.  We’ve done grilled asparagus, sweet potato fries and, Mr. B’s favorite, pineapple slices dipped in coconut milk, dredged in cinnamon sugar and lightly grilled for dessert.

What about you, what are your favorite non-traditional barbecue treats?


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Technically it’s a holiday to honor those that died in service, not just every American service member. Those that died did not get the same opportunities as those that came back home/retired from military service – regardless of religious beliefs, death ends this life. It is the ultimate sacrifice and worthy of its own day for honor and remembrance.

Avoiding rabid race fans, check. Literally hiding out in my house/backyard and avoiding the public and all traffic until Tuesday morning.

I’ve lived here 10 years now, I really ought to do something ‘race weekend’ related, eventually. But this year ain’t the year, darlings.

And there is no such thing as non-traditional bbq fare on the Conner grill. If your grandfather didn’t burn it black on a Weber kettle over Kingsford charcoal, we probably don’t eat it.

I make a traditional potato salad but add Cayenne to give it a non-traditional kick in the pants. I love it.

But otherwise, I’m very traditional with my bbq fare. It’s a meal as sacred as Thanksgiving. :) (which I also prefer very traditional)

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