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LTP: 5/6

Imagine you were suddenly transported back in time.  What would you do for money?

This is a game I play with myself when I’m stressed out and can’t sleep.  Figuring out all the logistics and possibilities takes my mind off of whatever it is that is keeping me awake.  For example, I’m a pretty good carpenter here and now, but how would I do without power tools?  After much thought, I’ve decided my most valuable skill in ye olden days would be crocheting.  It doesn’t require much in the way of specialized tools and everyone likes a nice fuzzy scarf.


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Crocheting would be mine too. Definitely.

Somewhat related:
Actually, I had a very realistic dream a few weeks back about a complete societal breakdown. My dream was me going through the house and deciding what we could take with us. Crochet hooks were one of the top items! It was an interesting dream because my dream-brain made some very interesting choices (like the crochet hooks), which — upon waking — made perfect sense. Also on the list were: knives (I only brought minimal cutlery, but ALL the knives); knife sharpeners; not much clothing, but lots of blankets/towels; left most of the canned goods, but took as much of the dry goods as we could — flour in particular; bars of soap; and perfumes (in my dream I decided they were small and good for trading, awake me was impressed with that line of thinking). There was more, but I can’t remember at the moment.

Depends on when exactly we’re getting transported back to, I suppose! I would have cross-dressed and become a director of plays in Elizabethan times, but as recently as the 1800s it would have been possible (though not encouraged) for me to make my living as a writer, as I do now.

My friends and I talk about this all the time! Usually it’s in the context of what is our marketable trade that we can use to barter food and board while traveling. In my case I make natural beauty products from beeswax that comes from my backyard. So I guess in ye olden terms I would be an apothecary? Awesome. Extra points if I’m an apothecary that the townsfolk believe is a witch.

I would be the most bad add house keeper ever. Like one of those women who “runs the house” and keeps track of everyone and their comings and goings.
Considering my family came to America as indentured servants, I assume we had no real standing in the aristocracy so “being a lady” is out. That and, I suck at being a lady. I rarely take orders and I would be the first one in the county to take off on a horse, skirts flying in the wind, never to return. :)

If I could be anything? Pirate. Definitely Pirate.

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