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LTP: 5/9 is Colortastic

Welcome to another exciting and non-stop week of wordiness coming to you from Persephone Magazine.  How were your weekends, readers? We’re gearing up for the best part of spring in the hypothetical Persephone offices; the part where it’s too warm for a jacket but not yet armpit hot. 

In Indiana, that’s about three days.

This is also the time of year when we can safely plant lots of pretty flowers without fear of them being zapped by a late frost, and thinking about all the pretty flowers made me sneeze.  So today we’re going to talk about a way we indoorsy ladies can get more color in our lives, minus the pollen – nail polish!

Like Lisa Frank in a bottle.

What colors are you coveting for late spring/early flip-flop season?

Inspired by the recent polish posts around here, I’m on the hunt for a robin’s egg blue and a sparkly pewter, and I picked up a sassy, shiny tomato red at the drugstore this weekend that’s going all over my toes.  Probably literally.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

17 replies on “LTP: 5/9 is Colortastic”

Dear FSM, do I ever have a nail polish addiction. I have at least 100 different bottles. I figure that everyone has a vice. Some people drink, some smoke, I buy nail polish. I like to layer them to make my nails extra funky. Right now I’m wearing Mint Apple by Sinful Colors, but I really want to try out some of that crackle stuff.

Oh, one of my absolute favorite nail polishes happens to be a robin’s egg blue, or more precisely, a Tiffany blue – it’s For Audrey by China Glaze.

Also, I’m mad coveting a few from the Pirates of the Caribbean IV: Johnny Depp is Just Really Into Being a Pirate collection from OPI, particularly Stranger Tides. And there is this 7 pack from American Apparel that I want, but then I’m like ugh Dov, then I’m like ooooh pretty neutrals:

For the first time in like, a year, my nails are bare. I just removed the polish off of them and am letting them breathe for a day or so.

I buy cheap nailpolish because I am poor and I am a novice. But I have a million colors. My favorites are neons and deep blues and purples. I also have tons of glitter polishes to go over the tops, which makes for endless combos.

I’d really like to find a beautiful gray color, and also learn how to do a french manicure at home.

I am increasingly becoming a nail polish junkie like whoa. I’ve got Sephora by OPI’s “Worth my weight” on my fingers (it’s a sparkly gold) and Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri Rapid Red on my toes.

Funny story: one of the totally random ways my mother was strict when I was growing up was not allowing me to wear any nail polish that wasn’t pink (and this was up until I was like 13 years old.) To this day, I don’t wear pink polish. Bring on the blues and purples and grays!

Speaking of which, my most recent polish purchase was a light blue-green by Essie. I used to get manicures fairly regularly, but I bought some stuff (cuticle remover, orange sticks, good nail files) and now do them myself at home.

I belonged to an organization for young ladies that didn’t let us wear nail polish to meetings, so I never even played with it in my not-so-wild youth. I’m also a cuticle gnawer, so I still don’t paint my fingernails, but I love having absurdly colorful toenails. It’s like finding a double rainbow every time I take off my socks.

Psst: Zoya has a fabulous robin’s-egg blue called “Robyn” and a shimmery gunmetal called “Freja.” I suggest you check those out.

Right now I have Zoya Areej on my fingers, but when I get a chance (i.e. after finals are over), I intend to change it to China Glaze Sea Spray.

By the by, has anyone done a half-moon mani freehand? I don’t have any of those little reinforcement things that all the tutorials say to use, and don’t feel like going out of my way to buy them, but I’m not sure if it’ll take me years to do a decent-looking polish job without them. What do you think, is it worth attempting?

About a week and a half ago, I splurged on a mani/pedi with Zoya’s “Kate” on my fingers. I forget the name of what went on my toes, but it’s a deep purple. Love it. Another fun spring color is Essie’s Fun in the Gondola, which I plan to redo my fingers with this evening.

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