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Lunchtime Poll – 5/18

While I was trying to think of today’s LTP, I was singing a little song in my head.  It went a little something like this:

Lunchtime Poll, Lunchtime Poll, Gotta think of a Lunchtime Poll. (Sung to the tune of: Nothing. In the key of: Off).

And I realized that I sing little songs to myself (or out loud) about things that I’m doing all the time. Sometimes they are tuneless and annoying like the Lunchtime Poll song.  Sometimes it’s changed lyrics to a real song; recently in our house we’ve been big fans of changing the lyrics to “Desperado” to reflect a current activity.  I just like to hum a little song while I go about my day!

So today’s LTP is: Do you sing random little songs to yourself? If so, give us an example!


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I’m fond of changing the words to a currently-playing song to reflect what I want to say. Last week while I was at work “Sweet Child O’ Mine” was playing over the radio in our store and I approached my boss, air-guitaring and singing (over the line “where everything was as fresh as a bright blue skyyyy”) “Ms. Sandy, can I clock out because I’m hungry and I wanna go hooooome?”

The vast majority of my made-up songs are in lolcat and directed toward my felines. “O hai Riley, I see you is hungry for noms…”

My little brother once made up this song that we still sing when it’s dinner time with no actual dinner in sight. It goes, “Aye yai yai yai, my stomach is eating itself…” I don’t know what the tune actually is, but it’s that stereotypical Italian-sounding song that Dean Martin probably sang. (We also have an infamous family story about him making up a song about cleaning his room that was interrupted by a mild electrical shock. It’s funnier than the summary sounds.)

Anyway, I make up songs all the time. “Maaaaking peanut butter and jelly! Putting the jelly on the breaaaad! STRAAAAAWWWBERRY FOR MEEEEE!” Completely random, not usually a particular tune, just whatever strikes my fancy at the moment.

oh I do, and it usually crack me up. I sing in my head but laugh out loud, which make people think I’m crazy, and I’m not sure they are wrong. anyway no examples cause it’s usually not in English. Oh wait! I have one English example. One time I was walking in a forest with my sister her husband and their daughter who was one year old at the time and we were singing “walking in the forest” to Lunch Time Poll tune, imagine that!

I do this all the time, especially when I’m doing stuff with my kids and I’m feeling silly. Last night we cooked dinner together and I was singing “macaroni and cheese” to the tune of “The Hallelujah Chorus”

I also hum my own ‘hold’ music if I have to so something while I’m on the phone, like when my husband calls to ask if he left X on his bedside table, I’ll hum while I go to look for it instead of talking.

Actually, I do this to an extent, although I don’t do it to myself. I sing nonsensical songs to the babies I work with.

Today, for instance, the baby I was with was incredibly fussy when he woke up (he’s teething and has apparently been waking up a lot during the night). To sooth him, I sang [to the tune of “If you’re happy and you know it”]:

What’s wrong with little Miles, I don’t know!
*bounce bounce*
What’s wrong with little Miles, I don’t know!
*bounce bounce*
When his teeth begin to ache, then none of us can get a break
Until those little pointy things decide to show
*bounce bounce*

I also typically sing-song what I’m doing when I’m with the kiddos
[without any particular tune or rhythm, and usually with an exaggerated silly voice]:
Mashed laaaaamb, I’m microwaving mashed laaaaaamb! No more fuss because here it comes the mashed laaaamb!
“Ew, ew, ew, spit up on the flooooor. Gotta clean up that spit up on the floooor! No don’t touch that spit up on the floooooor”

I sing the silly ditties I invented for my sons when they were tots, usually variations of nursery songs. Or the silly ditties I invented or the mistaken lyrics version of songs they sang.

Kong-Kong (#2 son) used to sing the Pokemon refrain:
I teach you, I teach you, Po-ke-mon
Gotta have a ball!

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