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Lunchtime Poll – 5/19

I had a job interview last week and they asked me this question: if money and logistics were no object, what would you do as a career?  I think the right answer was like, “I would be the position I’m interviewing for” or something, but I said I would sell coconut monkeys out of a hut on a beach in Hawaii.  What would your answer be?

By Luci Furious

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I might teach college English. Which I do anyway. Ha. Or possibly I’d do grant writing. Another thing I’d love would be working at a museum (like the soon-to-be-closed Washington State History Museum) researching and writing the information to go with exhibits and planning educational opportunities for students who visit the museum. That would be delightful.

I would be doing the same thing I will (hopefully, fingers crossed, ohgodplease) be doing after bar results are out: prosecution. Or, if I had not just gone to law school, I would work with my vet and go around just hanging out with the horses and calming them down while she does her job. Equine Vet was always my Career Plan C, but after law school, I am no longer interested in being a student.

Oh! I would go out and buy a big ole farm with lots of pasture room and a couple barns down in the valley and set up a facility for dogs, cats, horses, llamas and the like. All animals that were neglected or needed a good home. They could run around, play, be free and sleep on giant couch cushions covered in flannel. There would be a vet (we would grow to become best friends) and a trainer (we’d be allies but always kinda poke and prod each other) and a nutritionist (we’d be secretly in a relationship, I don’t know). And all the animals would be happy.
One area of the farm though would be the chicken coup and cow pasture because my mom and grandma would KILL me if I didn’t take advantage of so much space. I’d make them help me though. Grandma would live in the cottage down by the creek, near her garden and roses.

This will all happen.

…Once I start buying lottery tickets.

(a job type job? I’d work on a farm – preferably a polyfarm)

I’d probably keep doing what I do now, making glass art, but in a bigger studio with an unlimited supply of 70’s and 80’s TV shows to watch while I work. Or possibly be a manuscript screener for a publishing house so I could read all day and get paid for it.

Gotcha! So many people are unhappy with their jobs and having one you like is so coveted so it kinda struck me the wrong way I think. Glad to hear it was a playful question.

I would like a job that required me to scroll down endless pages of design blogs, while eating fries, drinking Scottish Ale and petting a French bulldog.

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