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Lunchtime Poll – 5/25

How is it possible that we are halfway through another work week already? Or, how is it possible it’s only Wednesday (depending on your perspective)?

Usually I have something that made me think of the LTP, but I’ve got no motivation for this one, it just came in my head. Do you cry at movies or TV shows? I rarely do, maybe because I typically have no problem crying at other times. It seems like the people who cry most about movies, TV, or books are people who don’t cry as much in real life. I think the last movie I cried at was Grace Is Gone, and if I’m being fully honest, I was just looking for an excuse to have a good cry. What about you all?

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I’ve never cried at a movie or TV show. I’ve even asked for suggestions from friends of movies that made them cry, but none of them have worked, even if they were really good, sad movies. I’m not really a big crier in general, though; I usually only cry when I’m mad at myself. Usually when I do come close to crying at movies, it’s because something is beautiful or perfect. Like, I almost teared up at both the music store scene in Once and the end of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (“Okay? Okay.” Kills me.)

I cry from movies, Oprah, and even some commercials. If something is really sad OR happy, I will cry. I refuse to see the movie Up again because I cried in the first and last five minutes of the movie at the theater. Bollywood movies have made me cry. Oh, and if I’m watching a war-type movie (when the husband gets to pick the movie) and there are injured horses involved, I get pissed and then I cry. I get more sad seeing the horses injured than when people get injured/killed.

But I hardly ever cry in real life. Pretty much only at funerals or when I have a severe migraine that makes me temporarily lose my sanity.

It’s so interesting to read these posts and realize so many people have similar responses.

When I watched Precious, I cried like a baby. I couldn’t even leave the theatre. The people I came with were watching me, ’cause they knew it was coming but in my defense, I heard a lot of uncomfortable laughter, which I interpreted as a lot of people trying hard not to cry.

I’ve cried over a McDonald’s commercial.

My go-to crying movie is Joy Luck Club (“I see you. I SEE you!” ::sob::) for when I can tell I need a really good cry.

My worst crying from a movie was To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday. I was watching a movie at home with a friend and the trailer for Gillian came on and it made me cry. A few days later I rented it to with another friend — a non-crying friend who had never watched a movie with me … man was she in for a show! I started crying before the opening credits, ugly cried through the whole damn movie, fell asleep crying that night, and then started crying again the next morning in the shower.

I cry all the time! That means a lot! I cry for me, myself and everyone else. Don’t cry in front of me, because that will make me cry too. I’m not a big baby mind you. It’s just that I feel very deeply, so that means I also get angry, frustrated, I’m full of compassion and sympathy! I’m curiously enough always laughing too! I’m emphatic, what can I say?

I know, right?! Crying is not a wussy thing but a sign of serious empathy!

I want to take a bat to people who abuse animals but in that same thread, I also cried every time I watched Homeward Bound as a kid (I can’t watch it any more). Wuss? No. Animal Lover – hells yes.

Wuss, smuss. I’ll even cry if I’m angry enough! And oops I spelled empathic wrong. I knew it looked funny :) Being empathic is both a gift and a curse. While other people are running around being apathetic, I can’t help but care. Sometimes I wish I didn’t care . . . so much.

I bawl like a baby for Oprah, movies, youtube videos of baby animals and hardluck stories, TV series (except Law and Order SVU… for some reason my gushy emotions stay in check for Stabler and Benson), books and even for certain songs. But yeah, I rarely cry in real life. There’s something that toughens up when I’m around people, and I get embarrassed if I cry at the movies or in other public spaces. I don’t even like to cry around my S.O. but it’s gotten to the point that if he notices we laugh about it together.

Actually, I was going to post this to the open thread, but this seems an appropriate arena considering the topic: I’ve noticed that when I cry, I get a little red spot on one of my cheekbones. I don’t know how to explain it other than it looks like the beginning of a pimple (like a red blemish under the skin). But it’s not a pimple. You can’t see it in my day-to-day life, only when I tear up, and it lasts for about an hour after the waterworks. Anyways, do any of you have this? Know what it is?

It’s like Oprah’s JOB to make people cry. (oh, and her last show is today, sad) :(

Anyway, I get the red spots too. It happens because my face is flush either from crying or after taking a hot shower. It’s like a pre-blush thing. It fades away after my skin has cooled down. When I was little it made me concerned but my mom (a nurse practitioner) said that it was nothing. Just genetic stuff. So, no worries. :)

I never used to cry at movies or tv. Ever. Couldn’t shed a tear. Then I read Rohinton Mistry’s “A Fine Balance,” which immediately after reading I cried for at least two hours and was depressed the week after. Since then I cry at everything. Friggin’ Hey Arnold makes me cry on occasion.

god damn. I cry for all the tv shows and all the movies. Even tv shows that I’ve seen more than once! I know it’s coming, that scene where Fred dies in Angel and it’s just heart wrenching. Every time. I’ve started skipping that episode because it’s too difficult.

Even characters I wasn’t that interested in, their dying has sent me over to the Ugly Cry. One character in particular from way back when I was a kid. ER had this story line where one of the doctors I liked had befriended a kid with cancer. It was terminal but the kid was just living life as he could. I didn’t follow it that much and I only watched when my parents weren’t home (it was on after my bed time). But still, when they showed his funeral, I was A Mess. It just hit me hard.

So yeah. Even the sappy shows, the chick flicks (I am looking at YOU, In Her Shoes).

But I blame Lion King. It was the first movie I saw in the theater (my parents NEVER took me to the theater, I think I was 9 or 10?) and I cried so hard. Damn you, Scar. Damn You! (I have since gotten really good at hiding it and setting my tear ducts to Maximum).

Oh, and I rarely cry for real life events (except tragic things like 9/11, Katrina, Joplin – omg, my heart goes out. And McQueen, tragic can be relative.) The only personal event that hit me hard enough to lose it was the sudden death of my grandfather. It was not a painless death. So. that’s about it.

I didn’t cry at tv or movies for a long time, except when it was going to be something sad about animals. Now I cry over emotional father-daughter things and romantic lovey-dovey stuff because I relate to those things more. But I’m also a real life crier. If I’m having a difficult or frustrating conversation with someone I care about, I will probably cry at some point. I hate it!

I am not much of a cryer at all. My mom blames it on the fact that I was so sensitive as a kid that I grew out of it, or something. I’m one of those who developed the hard outer shell, so much that my friends noticed when ONE tear from my that was farthest away from them in High school, watching A Walk to Remember. Recently, though, I’ve cried while reading Incendiary. There’s got to be a movie, too, but I’m not remembering it.

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