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Lunchtime Poll: 5/5

Today is Cinco De Mayo, the celebration of Mexico’s victory over French troops in 1862. In the U.S., Cinco De Mayo has morphed into a day of celebrating Mexican culture.You may find a parade or a celebration in your town, and people wearing traditional Mexican dress. Chances are, your local bar is running a special on margaritas and Coronas. Are you having a fiesta today? Also, since it’s lunchtime, here’s a link to AllRecipes for some authentic Mexican food.


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Friends from California, Utah and Colorado are all flying into Phoenix this weekend for festivities tonight and an annual CDM party this weekend! My BF thinks Arizona’s Tourism Board should work on becoming the CDM capital of the country! Counting down the minutes.

Lunch time is approaching here and some people in the office just brought in chips, salsa and fresh guacamole!
I love avocados. Let me tell you. They make my day.
I could break my leg this afternoon and still be like “Whatever, I just had fresh avocados for lunch. The day is STILL awesome.”

And I just realized there is Corona in my fridge so when I get home, I’m having a bottle while I pack for Mother’s Day adventures. :)

Man, one thing I miss about the south are the Mexican/Southwestern joints. We have a handful of decent Mexican themed restaurants here in Montreal, but they’re nothing like the greasy, cheesy goodness back home!

With that being said, I’m thinking about making fish tacos for dinner tonight!

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