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Open Thread: Holiday Weekend Edition

Well, it’s Memorial Day weekend in the States. For Americans, this means celebrating our fallen brethren the only way we know how: by drinking and BBQing for three days straight. I’m going one better and attending a baseball game, so I’m pretty sure I have to eat some apple pie as well just to be as cartoonishly American as possible.

I hope everyone has a good weekend! If you’re going on a trip, safe travels. And if you’re going to be on a beach or lake somewhere, be sure to wear sunscreen! This concludes my mom-like nagging. (Call me when you get there so I know you got there safe!)

And, what better song to kick us off than this deep, complex ditty by Miley Cyrus?

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I just successfully did some of my laundry at the laundromat! Not all of it, because this was a learning experience (seriously, person who put powdered detergent in the liquid detergent spot and got a machine all gunked up: I dislike you a lot.), but enough that I have clothes for the week!

I’ve decided that I am going to continue using the laundromat and occasionally supplement with laundry at a friend’s house (Tuesday night is game night, and also “Holy crap I don’t have time to get to a laundromat until the weekend but I need clothes for the rest of the week” laundry night), mostly so that I can bring my netbook and maybe get some writing done. Or bring a book and do some reading, whichever.

I got in a fight with my bestie on Friday morning- well, it wasn’t a fight as much as me sort of telling her off (which is something that I REALLY have to be driven to do as I usually shy away from conflict) and I still feel all sad and gross from it. I don’t know what to do, also- she keeps coming on skype and I keep logging off right away which I know is totally babyish but I just don’t want to talk right now.

Woohoo,have a happy long celebration week end :-) we have a bank holiday here too, which anyway doesn’t really matter to me and MrFlop because we’re both finished with our last exams! It is also my last week end as an unemployed person! I’m so excited I could eat a whole cheese fayre! DrWho was OMFGWTF? And I guess Game Of Thrones tonight will be very good, so …. Good times!

I am really excited and nervous. See, during February and April, I decided to go work for the Arizona Renaissance Faire and really enjoyed it (well, once I got some friends and stopped sitting alone in my tent). Then I decided to come back to Seattle for the next two months to take care of some business. Well, I have been doing nothing but taking care of business — in my first couple of weeks here, most of the contents of my wallet got stolen so since then I’ve had to go all over the city to get them replaced. Not to mention I had a dramatic break up and have had to move my stuff out of my ex’s house, and I’ve been almost-homeless for the past two months and all in all, I am SICK of Seattle. And on the 1st of June, I finally get to leave! I’m going to Texas, then hitching a ride with some friends to the Colorado faire. We’re going to some hot springs on the way! And I’m going to live in the mountains for two months! Near some more hot springs, and waterfalls and such! And I get to see my new friend with benefits again, who I am a little interested in (but only a little, because there is no way in hell I’m going into another relationship anytime soon, but either way, he is pretty awesome and I rather like him and am I good with run-on sentences or what?)! He called today and we talked about etymology. But I still need to get a tarp for my tent. And get my shit together. But, but, hot springs! But then, responsibilities! But, I’ll get to have a sex life again! Ohgodohgodohgod, two more days! Eeeeee!
/ridiculous ranty excitement

Anyone else irrationally upset by the fact that the hangover 2 did so well? It means that studios are going to make a lot more of THOSE types of movies. It’s easy for me to be pissed at the bros who watch that crap, but I just get so much angrier at the women. Well actually that’s not true, but I wind up thinking about them more. You’re watching a homophobic movie where all the female characters are passive sex objects or shrews, and you’re fine with that? You see these women at the movie theaters, being dragged along by their boyfriend and his “wolf pack” (gag me), and I just can’t help but wonder about their lives.

It reminds me of this group of friends I used to have. It was basically a group of these dudes, and their wives. None of the wives really got along, which was great for the men because it proved their idea that women all hate each other. Most of the time the women would watch as the men played cards, games, etc. To me it seemed like the only two women who were a “part” of that group were the ones constantly bashing other women, laughing at sexist jokes (which were, duh, at their expense), and shrugging off pretty much every insulting thing the men would do to them. I watched this one women as she let her and her husband’s sex life become public discussion. If this was a wolf pack, her husband was on the bottom. You know the guy, the one who ALWAYS gets ripped on. She, on the other hand, was closer to the top because she was hot and let guys say/do whatever they wanted to her. I felt so embarrassed for her and I remember bringing it up in private. She snapped at me and said I was “making too big a deal” out of it. I couldn’t lose that group of “friends” quick enough. The only reason I was there in the first place was because she wanted me to date one of her friends. A “really nice guy” who let her sit on his lap in front of me. Then when I mentioned how weird that was I was “getting all emotional” and “making a big deal.”

That was so many years ago. But to this day I wonder about women like her. What are they thinking? I understand getting attention from the opposite sex is nice. And especially for women we’re taught that attention from men is what makes us matter the most. But with those types of guys, you just have to be so self-deprecating to get it. Was my friend really thinking that, even though those men made sexist jokes, that she was somehow exempt? I feel this exact same confusion toward women who diss feminism. The other day I was reading a book and the author made the female character stop a waiter from holding a chair out for her, “not because of feminism, but because she’s so short and it’s always awkward when men do that.” Gee, for a minute there I almost thought you were a ball-buster (WHICH YOU ARE ANITA BLAKE WTF), but I guess it’s okay cause you’re not a “feminist.” That means the hot vampire bros will want you.

Okay, meandering rant over. I feel better now. I think I’m gonna go barbecue.

Oh I agree! I felt like the characters were so nuanced. My favorite scene was the breakfast with Lillian and Annie, after Annie has had another night of terrible sex with John Hamm. Not only was it hilarious “see these are the balls, you just can’t tell cause my elbows are pointy,” but it seemed realistic, like it was the sort of breakfast I would have with my bestie.
I hope that there are many more like it. And fewer Catherine Heigl rom-coms, which portray women as neurotic and empty until they meet the right dude.

Ok, so I just finished watching Doctor Who episode 6 (The Almost People)


What in the world? When did we trade out our Amy? And that weird birthing pod? Where is she???

I was babysitting last night and the nearly four-year-old had 3 night terrors, the last one lasting about half an hour. His older brother used to have them so I knew what it was, but still it’s very scary when someone seems to be awake but isn’t, is crying and moaning, won’t be comforted and then can’t be woken up properly. The brain is an awesome/crazy system.

Little Bastard update: So as you know, I’m “fostering” someone else’s dog; the owner moved abroad several years ago and the Little Bastard has been passed around between several “foster” owners since she’s been gone.

Anyway, LB has had escalating separation anxiety/stress issues. To make a long story short, the owner was in town and we had a hash-out conversation. Ever since that conversation, the owner has been really cooperative LB-related issues (as opposed to throwing fits). I’m keeping a “wait and see” approach with this, though.

This new attitude is in part because LB went into a panicked frenzy the night the owner was here (thankfully, there hasn’t been a repeat incident). This finally got the owner to realize that I was right about LB’s issues.

So things are looking up a bit! Am hoping that things will work out for LB soon!

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I last hung out in an OT, but today I wanted to come by and let my fellow Sephies know that, as of this week, I’m officially BicuriousShoes, PhD. (I was going to look into changing my screenname for a few days to celebrate, but that seemed a tad too obnoxious…) Thanks again to all the Sephies who put up with my endless whining during the last few months of writing. And, to all of you who are currently in the midde of the writing & whining part… You can do it!

You can totally do it! Some parts will suck, but you will survive, I promise. Just learn from my mistakes and remember to always take some time to do fun stuff, see your family and friends, take care of yourself… Otherwise you will burn out before chapter three. Good luck!

Yay me! There hasn’t been a huge celebration yet, but I’ve really enjoyed sleeping through the night without stress dreams, going out to a movie and dinner with my long-neglected friends, and just vegging out on the couch, catching up on Game of Thrones. How are you doing?

I wouldn’t call myself a convert yet – although I did watch four episodes in one sitting… But, not having read the books, I’m still relying on online recaps to understand everything that happens in each episode. Otherwise the episode ends and I’m like “huh?”

Mm, that sounds pretty nice actually. Getting your human life back. I am OK. I came down with typhoid, of all things (!) and have been frantically packing, seeing friends and tying up loose ends, as we are moving to the US in a few days. I’m ready to move on from here but it’s sad to leave close friends behind; and I’m getting all sentimental as I dismantle my life here. Sniff.

Also, apparently I need to start watching Game of Thrones, because I feel left out.

I know how you feel, I’ve already had to dismantle my life, pack it up and move it to a different country three or four times.

I’m still getting started on Game of Thrones and I’ve never read the books, but I’m liking it so far. And I still haven’t got started on Downton Abbey! And I still haven’t watched the last two and a half seasons of Lost! I’m going to love getting my human life back!

It went well! There was food, we did cake before dinner (some people had to leave before dinner, so at about 3:00 I declared that it was time for cake), we played a board game that a bunch of my friends had never played before (Tales of the Arabian Nights – it is super-awesome). Overall, it was tons of fun, and raised some money and presents for my local animal rescue, so yay!

I can’t wait for the next recap! I only meant to watch the first two episodes because it ws pretty late, and I just got so hooked that I got completely caught up. It’ll make editing the recaps easier, because I was trying to stay relatively spoiler-free while still copyediting, which is as hard and stupid as it sounds!

Now I just can’t decide if I’m going to finish the books soon or if I should wait. I’m only about halfway through the first one, so I’m not sure if I want to spoil myself.

ouch, that must have been very difficult!

I read all the books before the series and I’m really enjoying the realisation of the characters, and the subtle differences in plot. I do sometimes feel though that I’m much less able to speculate about where the plot’s going and what the characters are like, so that’s a bit of a drawback. But you’ll enjoy both whatever you decide.

Just finished reading The Hunger Games novels. Now suddenly I have an opinion about the actors they choose for the movie. Specifically for Gale and Peeta. Well, mostly Peeta.

Those were the first books I bought on mah fancy new kindle! I got it last week and I’m so excited about it. I had been deciding between the 3g and Wi-Fi versions, went with the 3G. It was totally worth the extra 90 bucks. I was stranded without a book when I was subbing last week and used it to buy something in class. Yay, technology!

Anyone want to recommend some books to me? I like urban-fantasy, sci-fi, and romance. I prefer books with badass female leads.

Have you read any Jacqueline Carey? Her fantasy epic series starts with Kushiel’s Dart. You should also try Graceling by Kristin Cashore, Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Mariller, and The Folk Keeper by Frances Billingsley. Jacqueline Carey also wrote Santa Olivia which has a particularly badass female lead.

I just tore through the first two Sandman Slim books, ‘Sandman Slim’ and ‘Kill the Dead’. They’re more noir-ish urban fantasy and a lot of people liken them to the Dresden files (I only read the first Dresden book so can’t compare). Earlier this month I totally devoured NK Jemisin’s ‘Hundred Thousand Kingdoms’ and ‘The Broken Kingdoms’ — and I’m not exaggerating about devouring them. I read the first one in a couple of hours, ran to the library, grabbed the second one, and finished it in another couple of hours. They’re straight fantasy in an original world where the universe’s gods have been harnessed and turned into weapons by the ruling kingdom. And the lead characters in both novels are WOC.

I just read Changeling this past week and found it kinda.. meh. I liked the concept, I liked the characters, I just found the writing didn’t exactly keep up with the story.

Snow Crash always tops my sci-fi recommendations, but you might also like ‘The Diamond Age; Or A Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer’ by Stephenson. Also Mary Dora Russel’s ‘The Sparrow’ is one of the best sci-fi novels I’ve ever read.

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