Peanut Sauce: I’m Saucy!

I have been traveling basically all week, what with various obligations and field work, so I haven’t been hanging out in the kitchen too much. As a consequence, I don’t think I’ve cooked at all this week, except for some pasta on Monday. That’s OK, these things happen, but unlike the Pioneer Woman, I am not famous and therefore cannot just post pictures of my family members in soft focus, so I have to get you some content anyway.

Oh wait, the one new thing that was attempted at Chez Aa was a peanut sauce. It’s just peanut butter, soy sauce, sriracha, and water. The proportions are about 2 tablespoons of soy sauce to ½ cup of peanut butter, water to thin it out to whatever you think is copacetic, and enough sriracha to clear out your sinuses.

This ended up on some stir fry (tofu, rice, veggies – it was all right), but I sort of first fell in love with it when I’d go to Thai and Vietnamese restaurants. I am really into appetizers, probably because my family never got appetizers (and since I’m of the belief that blogging is like free therapy, let’s start talking about my relationship with going out to eat”¦no, I’m kidding, no one cares, including me). Also, appetizers are about an 11 on a scale from 1-10 of food awesomeness. They’re small, oftentimes finger-foods, and sometimes so good you want to make them a whole meal but can’t exactly (I’m looking at you, veggie potstickers).

Anyway, whenever I’d go to this one Vietnamese place in St. Louis (Lemongrass, holla), I’d get these spring rolls. These are the best, and if I ever get my rice paper experiments to work, I’ll actually have a recipe for the roll to share with you. As it stands right now, my recipe is “go to a good restaurant and get some spring rolls.” They are like eating summer –fresh, crisp, light, and airy, basically the perfect complement to any meal. As an added bonus, they came with a little bowl of peanut sauce for dipping and whatnot. I don’t know who sold their soul to the devil to develop this amazing harmony of crisp spring roll and savory peanut sauce, but seriously, dude, it was worth it.

The peanut sauce is pretty good on tofu and veggies, too, and I bet it’d be good on other things, like sandwiches or French fries (maybe not French fries, unless you have a whole metric ton of sriracha). I’m just glad that I can add another condiment to my collection; it’s almost as exciting as the day I found Fancy Beer Mustard at the grocery store.

Do you make any particularly tasty condiments? What are your experiences with peanut sauce? How awesome is sriracha? I want to talk to you.

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Due to our colonial past, most of us here make an Indonesian-style peanut sauce, which means ketjap (kecap) manis, instead of another soy sauce, and sambal ulek (oelek) instead of sriracha. I’ve actually never tried it with regular (Japanese?) soy sauce, but I recently found sriracha in one of our Asian supermarkets, so I might have to give it a try. Pork/chicken satay with peanut sauce and fried onions (with a side of fries) is one of our most well-loved “national” dishes. I’m sure you can make vegetarian satay too. Definitely give a nice topping of bawang goreng a try, too. Om nom nom now I want satay instead of the pasta with tomato sauce I have planned for tonight.

I was just in NL, visiting family… and I have to say I have always loved nasi-goreng a lot, my Dad (who is dutch-Canadian) always made it when I was growing up but it was especially tasty in the Netherlands. I have never had satay, which is probably a good thing because I am allergic to peanuts, but perhaps I could make it with soy nuts or something instead.

I love peanut sauce, and I never get to have it because my hubs hates it with a fiery burning passion. Makes me very sad. I’d love to do up some tofu nuggets and spring rolls (two of my favorite things) and have a delicious peanut sauce dip on the side. Oh, that sounds like heaven.

I saw a recipe once for a thai pizza that I’ve been dying to try for years. It calls for chicken but I’d use fake chicken or either tofu. Basically you marinate the chicken in thai green curry sauce and saute or grill it up. Then you use peanut sauce as the base for the pizza, and top with the chicken, mushrooms, carrots, crisp peppers, and broccoli. Top with mozarella and bake. Then right before serving, garnish the pizza with chopped toasted peanuts, chopped scallions and a touch of lemongrass.

I want to try it SO bad. I figure it’d either be really nasty or amazingly delicious. Since the man hates peanut sauce I’ve never made it, cause really, I don’t need to be eating a whole pizza. Though I could.

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