Tuesday Trivia

Tuesday Trivia: All the Pretty Colors

As you may or may not know, I am in the middle of a big, fat bathroom makeover. For me, the best part of any room decorating project is choosing a color palette. I am that person who will show you three different shades of white and ask which one looks better with this blue. And then I’ll completely disregard what you say because it’s really secret option “D” that looks best. I drove my son crazy looking at paint chips.

Anyway, all the cool colors got me thinking about all the cool color names there are out there.  For tonight’s trivia challenge, can you tell me what these colors look like under their fancy names? I’ll be honest with you, I went to Google for inspiration. I knew what 1-10 were before I started, but 11-15 are new to me.

  1. Bittersweet
  2. Cerulean
  3. Puce
  4. Chartreuse
  5. Cerise
  6. Buff
  7. Cinnabar
  8. Phthalocyanine
  9. Umber
  10. Verdigris
  11. Amaranth
  12. Wenge
  13. Coquelicot
  14. Halaya Ube
  15. Smalt


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4 replies on “Tuesday Trivia: All the Pretty Colors”

1. brownish tan
2. the best blue in the history of color
3. a pale pukey-pinky-mauve color
4. an awful greeny yellow headache color
5. I’m going to guess some kind of blue?
6. pinky peachy pale something or other Buff
7. reddish brown, like cinnamon? I don’t know.
8. Oh, now you’re just making things up.
9. brown
10. green? It sounds like green-gray in some sort of romance language
11. yellow? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it, but it sounds kind of yellow to me.
12. Um… brown? Like a wedge of wood maybe? Where do people come up with these names?
13. No, seriously.
14. I mean it.
15. I have no idea, but I’m going to guess gray and shiny like smelt!

Total dorkitude: boyfriend and I play name the color regularly. I want to play this one too!!

1. Reddish brownish.
2. Blue — in my 3rd grade class, we were all obsessed with this color. By December, they were all used down to little nubs.
3. Puke green? Doesn’t sound pleasant.
4. Yellow!
5. Blue? Blue-ish? (Trying not to cheat by reading answers from people who have posted already).
6. Non color? Beigey-whitey.
7. That it has “cinna” in it makes me feel like it should be red or brown.
8. Had to google this one out of curiosity, so I won’t spoil it!
9. Dark orange?
10. Isn’t this a cactus? I’m an East Coast girl — I could be confused.
11. …
12. Werewolf color?
13. Red
14. ?
15. Sounds like smelt.. I’m going with gray.

Eek, this was fun.

1. Brown
2. Blue /my crayon color of choice
3. Something ugly
4. Bright green -brighter than Carmine I think
6. Beige/off white
7. Redish brown?
8. Blue
9. Brown
10 green
12 sounds unpleasant
13 Red-thanks Monet
I was fairly confident in my color-name knowledge but dang 11-15 pretty much schooled me

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