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Wednesday Night Open Thread

Did you have fun with the colors?  Are you having a good week?  Or are you just glad that the weekend is on the horizon?  If Tuesday is Delurkification Day, then I am declaring Wednesday to be All the Answers Day.  Take this opportunity to ask us, or your fellow commenters, anything you want to know.  We’ll do our best to answer, starting with the answers to Tuesday Trivia:

1.  Bittersweet is a reddish brown, one of my favorites from the classic box of 64 Crayola crayons.

2.  Cerulean is a lovely shade of blue.

3.  Puce is a weird reddish, greyish, purple.

4.  Chartreuse is a vivid cross between lime and pea green.

5.  Cerise is a purplish red, like cherry juice.

6.  Buff is a light tan with a hint of pink.

7.  Cinnabar is red with a touch of orange-brown.

8.  Phthalocyanine is an electric green-blue.  In paint you usually get either Phthalo Green, which is a bright blueish green, or Phthalo Blue, which is a bright greenish blue.

9.  Umber is a dark black-brown.

10.  Verdigris is the color of oxidized copper, like Statue of Liberty minty green.

11.  Amaranth is actually a dull purplish red.

12.  Wenge is a beautiful deep brown, named for a type of wood.

13.  Coquelicot is a vivid poppy red.

14.  Halaya Ube is a deep lavender, and a Filipino purple yam.

15.  Smalt is actually a rich lapis blue.  It has an interesting history, going back as a popular pigment color for artists as far back as the sixteenth century.  Who knew?


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I did my first-ever gardening on Monday (planted two plants and murdered a whole field of dandelions by hand, because we can’t use weed killer due to two tiny, curious dogs), and everything that is supposed to be alive is still alive, and everything that’s supposed to be dead is still dead! Success!

Wenge is all the rage in Spain’s Ikea-knockoff cheap-furniture stores at the moment, which explains why we own a wenge closet and dresser, wenge nightstands and a wenge desk (they are wenge in colour only, we can’t afford the real wood). I imagine my future children looking at it with the same dismay that my generation looks at big frilly curtains, doilies and lamps made of seashells.

Hi all! Stopping by to say hello. I haven’t been around these parts in a while. I’ve been mad busy starting a new job last month, and trying to find a cat friendly apartment in SF this month. I’m hoping things will calm down soon so I’ll have time to read and comment more around here. Hope all is well!

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In the meantime, if you want to register or you know someone who got blankdoc blocked in the process, email me and I’ll create a new account for you. (selena at

Heh. I think the rules over there have to be tighter, because of the sheer number of people leaving comments, but we usually don’t care if you criticize an article, as long as you don’t use personal attacks. Being the little guy (ladyblog) means we need to have thicker skins.

We are in the habit of providing a warm place to hang for the refujezzies, so please take this plate of internet cookies and a big mug of cocoa with our warmest wishes.

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