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Wednesday Night Open Thread: Things that Start with “G”

I had tubs of fun reading all your answers for our Fun Time activity,  I will definitely remember this for the next time I feel like I’m tapped out of trivia.  I thought I’d see if I could come up with my own answers after everyone else contributed.  I had to stretch things a little, but “G” is a tough letter when it comes to clothing.

A popular woman’s name – Gail

Something you eat – Garbanzo Beans

A musician or band – The Guess Who

An article of clothing – Grover Overalls (I had the most awesome pair of overalls with Grover on them when I was little, and someone already said ‘galoshes’)

A book or author – Glinda of Oz

As always, feel free to use the open thread however you see fit.  However, if you have any ideas about trivia topics or other fun games you’d like to see, I would welcome any suggestions for my rainy day box :)

And here’s one last “G” to end the day:


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Wooo! I am still awake for the open thread! I am so proud of myself. I was in Holland for the past month visiting family etc and my time schedule/sleep pattern is still messed upish. Now I get really tired at 1030 and wake up WIDE awake at 630 or 7. The boyfriend claims that this is how the rest of the world that isn’t up late working on papers and their dissertation lives… I am not convinced.

Deelite is appropriate in nearly every circumstance.

Hey friends, I’ve got to upgrade wordpress tonight, so it may take the site down for a couple of minutes. It usually goes really smooth, but in case you click and get an error, try again in a few minutes. I’m not going to do it until after midnight, when the traffic is low.

Love, your faithful server wench.

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