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Wednesday OT: 5/18

Happy Wednesday, all! It’s that time again, time for you all to take the lead and post whatever is on your minds. My mind is racing about a mile a minute because I have a big show this weekend and I am running out of time to prepare. In order to give myself a moment to relax, I’m playing a video of one of my favorite Disney songs after the trivia answers. What about you? What’s your favorite?


1.  A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes ““ Cinderella

2.  In a World of My Own ““ Alice in Wonderland

3.  Bella Notte ““ Lady and the Tramp

4.  Once Upon a Dream ““ Sleeping Beauty

5.  Whistle While You Work ““ Snow White

6.  The Bare Necessities ““ Jungle Book

7.  Ev’rybody Wants to Be a Cat ““ Aristocats

8.  The Age of Not Believing ““ Bedknobs and Broomsticks

9.  A Whole New World ““ Aladdin

10.  A Part of Your World ““ Little Mermaid

I do so love Louis Prima.

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8 replies on “Wednesday OT: 5/18”

Welp, here I am, sitting in the waiting room waiting to find out why my period is a week late. I know what should be the obvious answer, but I took 2 tests and both came back negative. As someone who is pretty regular, this definitely has me a little on edge…

Wish me luck?

Thanks you guys, it really means a lot. I don’t have many close friends here, so it helps knowing there’s a supportive community out there!

After a third negative result in the presence of a nurse, I have an appointment to come back next Friday to do some blood tests. Still no telling what’s up, but it looks like they’re going to screen for hypothyroidism. I’m freaking out a little bit (after some online reading, I’ve seen the possibility of surgery mentioned a few times!!!), but I guess I’m also relieved that I’m (probably) not pregnant.

Favorite Disney song? I’ll Make A Man Out of You from Mulan. Shit is amazing.

You guys, a girl got jumped by a large group of people in the lobby of my apartment tonight. Even since we moved in here stuff like this has been happening. My boyfriend was in the elevator with a guy tonight who just said tiredly – “This place is crazy.” The people who we subletted this place from said they have never felt unsafe but things are nuts here. Since the summer started it brings all these people out on the streets and the have been jumpings and stabbings and lots of things that make being a pedestrian here in the summer really uncomfortable, especially as a woman. Argh.

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