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Weekend Open Thread!

Happy Friday, team! I’m in an ’80s mood, so you all have to deal with it. It seems like it’s been a crazy busy week for a lot of people, so I hope everyone has a good, restful and/or fun weekend! 

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I’m revising for my finals. It sucks. Even if I like Surrealist France. And we’re broke to the point pastas and ketchup are a delicacy. But … Game Of Thrones tonight !! :D And I’ve been accepted to the PostGrad I wanted, more Woot Woot Time !!

I’m so happy that this weekend is a long one (Victoria Day, whatup!). I had a hellacious Saturday with getting ‘disciplined’ at work, finding out that previously-benign coworkers are now complaining about me, and then getting called a bitch while volunteering at a crisis helpline. By the woman who was calling us because she was bored. WHATEVER LADY.

Comparatively, today has been awesome (ran a race, got a fancy finisher’s medal, went to brunch and had a nap) so I’m glad that Monday can also hopefully make up for the ultimate fail of yesterday. There are fireworks on my street tonight but I don’t really care about those- all I want to do tomorrow is run around outside and hang with the fam and do some Life Planning.

Who’s got similarly super-awesome Vic Day plans?

Apparently it’s going to be all rain, all the time tomorrow so laziness sounds like the perfect plan. Everyone around me is setting off fireworks like crazy but I am inside, like the cool kid I am.

Victoria was the COOLEST QUEEN, no? Second only maybe to Liz I herself. But here are some pretty convincing points in Vicky’s favour. In lovely comic form.

Ugh, major headache from friend v. family drama. Righteous rant to follow:

Long story short, I lived a home for a year after college. My parents were concerned that I was losing ambition and perspective in my life (maybe I was, but in my defense, I never really had time to grieve the death of my mom while I was in school, I had no idea what I wanted to do in life and I graduated right at the peak of the recession). There were curfews, there were going-out privileges “earned” when I showed that I had completed a 40 hour work/volunteer week. It was overall pretty humiliating, but I also saw their reason for doing it. But I complained about it to my friends. A lot.

I finally got my act together and left the family home. I assumed this was a chapter in my life that I could put behind me. Apparently, one of my good friends didn’t think it was over. She had to drop something off at my parents’ home, and took the opportunity to have something of an “intervention” with my step-mom. I have no idea what was said, or how, but I do know that my step-mom was left feeling extremely hurt and embarrassed by it. This friend maintains that the talk went well and that there was no reason for my step-mom to be defensive or hurt, but it really kind of boils down to a “she said, she said” kind of situation.

Fast forward 2 years: Said friend and I are planning a trip to the mountains when I come home this summer. Her parents have moved away from the area, so she asked me if she could stay at my folks’ house for the nights surrounding our trip. I asked permission of my parents, as it is no longer my home. And, although she didn’t say “no” outright, my step-mom basically reminded me how hurt she still feels about the conversation and how she would feel awkward with my friend in the house.

I’ve already written my friend and tried to explain the situation as gently as I can to her. Unfortunately, the trip is less than 2 weeks away, and my parents only told me this yesterday. I know my friend is pissed that this doesn’t leave much time to change plans around, and I’m sure she’s pissed/hurt by what my step-mom told me.

Anyways, it sucks there’s all this drama surrounding my homecoming before I even get there. Moshmoshkla haz a sad… :(

hey everyone! is anyone good at cooking and willing to help me with some cheese-related drama? I tried making macaroni and cheese today (this recipe! and something went crazy with the cheese sauce. Instead of becoming a liquid sauce it kind of thickened like crazy and became the texture of spackle or something. It was way too thick and wouldn’t thin out when I tried adding milk later on. I used pre-grated cheese, could that be the problem? It was a nightmare and tasted pretty lousy and rubbery.

I don’t know what to tell you other than to keep on adding milk and/or butter to water it down, but as for the cause of the spackle effect, I know that sometimes they’ll use flour to keep the cheese from sticking together in the package. Maybe there was just too much flour?

Oh, man, there is not a lot of weekend left.

To do: Get my sewing room decently set up (50% would be okay), balance my checkbook, pay bills, clean up some of the moving mess….

On the plus side, it will be soooo nice when my sewing room is set up! After the car incident this weekend, I really need some extra cash, so being able to make some ridiculous tiny hats and ridiculously frilly aprons and try to sell them on etsy will be nice (plus no “real” materials cost, because I already have everything because I am a fabric and craft supply hoarder! This is why I needed an apartment with a craft room!)

So… what’s on everyone else’s to-do list for the weekend?

@QoB, I hoped you’d be around!!!! I am SO FREAKING HAPPY, I can’t even describe it. I keep doing happy dances. What an emotional rollercoaster. I genuinely thought it was all over at halftime, and I was watching at the pub with a load of Northampton fans so I was really despondent (though the landlord and his adorable dog were on my side). I can’t imagine the mental and physical energy it must have required to make such a stunning comeback. If Sexton can continue to show that kind of maturity, he’ll be one of the world’s finest outhalves yet.

I actually think the Rapture may have happened, and now we have concrete proof that God is a Leinster fan. We certainly could use a bit of a break these days!!!

First the Queen, then God for Leinster, next Obama… no stopping us:)

I was watching in a pub on upper Baggot St with a bucketload of Dubliners in Leinster jerseys. I was so freaking disappointed at half time, shades of spectacular failure etc etc. I really didn’t think we could bring it back, but Sexton was a demon in the best possible sense of the word. He still doesn’t quite have O’Gara’s accuracy, but he’s definitely a better all-round player.

My dad was in the Millenium Stadium (sooo jealous!) and he texted “Incredible! Unbelievable! Go hiontach! I’m dancing!” so it seems dancing is the celebration of choice.

SOOOOO envious of your dad!!! My old boss, a Meath man himself, texted a bit after the match to inform me he’d already quaffed a bottle of champagne! I bet there are expats all over the world feeling pretty pleased with themselves.

The question now, of course, is how to bring this forward, especially given how many international players there are on that squad. Many lessons still to be learnt. Our mental toughness is clearly there, but there should be big question marks over the scrum in particular. The guys are also all physically exhausted, it’ll be tough to strike a balance between rest and preparation coming into the World Cup. BOD especially needs a break, I wouldn’t even play him against Munster next weekend! Put MacFadden in his place, give the icon a chance to rest his knee.

I think the 10 question for Ireland has been pretty definitively settled, though. We should use O’Gara like the English use Wilkinson – he steadies the ship and provides a bit of a boost when things go wrong for Flood. Having said that, Sexton proved tonight (and throughout the season) that he’s a far more mature, tough player than Flood is, so I’m really hopeful about his future. Fitzgerald continues to irritate me at 11, I think he’s impatient and Munster have by far the better winger in Earls, but I may be biased due to some salacious tales I’ve heard about our Luke! :)

If BOD had scored a try, the whole pub would’ve got free pints of Heineken. Not that I’m bitter or anything, but I think you’re right about giving him a rest next week…
I’m very much in favour of Earls. He’s just a gutsier and more interesting player (IMHO, of course).

I have internet again! I know someone asked how the move went, but I couldn’t reply because my password is stored in my computer and I forgot it so I couldn’t reply from my phone.

But I am back! My move went well! My stress levels went down so much, and then I was in a car accident yesterday (I fought a pothole and the pothole won, to the tune of $1200. Fun times! Thank you, loan from the Bank of Mom.)

So… that’s how things are. I did also start my X-Men recaps and I have no idea on where I need to send those. Really, I just have my first before-watching nostalgia-fest post finished. Will be watching the first episodes tonight after I get my real computer set up (my desk was in the car which is now in the shop.)

So… yeah, that’s been my week!

I’ll spend six hours tomorrow watching an exam analysis for BarBri, but staring longingly out the window at the sunshine. But! Then we are warming the house of some friends tomorrow evening, and Sunday I shall cook my flesh next to the pool (wearing sunblock!) and drink AAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLL day. Ooh, and tonight I discovered $8 gin that is totally not bad. It is not Henderick’s or anything, but it’s juuuuuust fine for my nightly g&t.

Yay/Boo! We’re on the last day of BarBri preview, so I just had to do a 100 mpc exam yesterday and today we’re going over the analysis. I’m trying to get everyone to skip lunch so we can get out of here sooner. BarBri doesn’t officially start for us until Wednesday, so I have a few days of freedom to sun myself and nap and not be a law student for a little bit. Good luck with your essay! We’re almost done!

EVERYTHING involves texting now. I was talking to my much-younger cousins about this a while ago, and how dating was hard enough when we used real phones that were not connected to your body at all times, and how everything now is so immediate and intense.

Oh, yeah, haha, sorry. Long story short, one of my favorite people in the universe decided that I wasn’t joking when I made the “Johnny lifts Baby” arm motions when the “Time of My Life” Dirty Dancing remix came on, and smashed her head full-force into my nose. I’ve never laughed so hard while also crying in my life. And yes, we kept dancing. Hospitals are for people who aren’t having fun dancing.

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