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Weekend Open Thread

Reminder: We will be liveblogging the ESC (Eurovision Song Contest) finale tomorrow afternoon, so be sure to tune in at 3pm EST if you’d like to join in on the glitter-tastic fun.

Otherwise, use this space for your open-threadly needs until Monday morning. I know that many people (including some of our Thankless Interns!) are graduating from college or grad school this weekend, so I’d like also¬†to extend my hearty congrats to anyone who’ll be¬†throwing a cap in the air in the next few days.

And on that note I’ll tortue you all with Vitamin C’s Graduation Song, which came out the spring I graduated from high school (which means my class OWNS IT!). Friends foreverrrrrrrrr!

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I’m always late to the Open Thread game…

Oatmeal in my tum tum, green tea (Japan bancha) in my cup cup. Since this paper doesn’t seem to be writing itself, I guess it’s time to get to it… solidarity? What is everyone else working on? Or suppose to be working on… rather…?

Next week, I’m moving out of my boyfriend’s apartment. We’ve been together for 2.5 years and have lived together for the last 2. We moved to Colorado (from Kansas) so he could go to grad school (for physics). I was super stoked to move here and have no regrets about living here now. I’m not exactly sure what this move means for our relationship, we’ve both agreed that just because I’m moving doesn’t mean we have to break up. I’m moving because he’s become completely obsessed with bicycling since we moved here. He’s on his school’s cycling team and does their road season and mountain bike season, he’s also joined a separate mountain bike team and a separate road bike team and is thinking about getting into BMX racing. All the cycling, plus his homework/TA load leaves me at the bottom of his priorities and I just can’t take it anymore. I end up sitting around 24/7 hoping and praying that tonight he’ll have a little bit of free time to hang out with me. It’s not good for my self esteem because now I kind of find myself with the attitude of, “If my boyfriend can’t make time for me, why would anyone else.” I told the boyfriend and sort of pointed out all the ways he’s been a shitty boyfriend. He realized my point was valid and admitted to being a shitty boyfriend but didn’t really make any promise to change so I’m really, really not sure where we’ll stand after I move. I love him and want him to make an effort to actually be a presence in my life but I’m not sure that’s what he wants.

Anyway, here’s the real kicker, I’m planning on being moved out by the 19th…his birthday is the 20th. I’ll have work/school from 9am to 10pm on Friday but Saturday I could definitely do something with him. Do you guys think I should buy him a gift/take him out for his birthday? Or should I just pretend like I forgot? Any advice at all would be awesome.

Your boyfriend of 2.5 years is cool with you moving out so he has more time to focus on his bikes. He doesn’t really seem to give a shit about whether you’re around or not. My first piece of advice is dump that chump.

As for the birthday… it’s a tough one. I’d certainly wish him a happy birthday, but hold off on the present and plans unless he shows that he actually wants to spend time with you. And plan something else for your Saturday – don’t spend the day sitting around waiting for him to call.

I honestly don’t really see us staying together which really sucks. I’ve had a huge, giant crush on him since the summer of 2006 when I met him. I think I’m just going to let this situation drag on until he breaks up with me. I want him to feel some responsibility for this relationship ending. I think hope I’m going to be a lot happier after I move out of here. Maybe I’ll be so much happier my plan will change and I’ll just dump him. Only time will tell…..

My ex-boyfriend of nearly six years broke up with me the day before my birthday, and still got me a present. It was a necklace. I never ever wore it and then I ‘lost’ it when I moved out of that apartment. Just an opinion from the other side.

He doesn’t seem like he cares so I wouldn’t get him anything besides saying ‘Happy birthday’. It will feel weird, definitely.

Oh god, that sucks. I the boy I was dating when I turned 21 broke up with me on my birthday. We’d only been dating about 6 or 8 months or so but it still really sucked. If I get this boy anything, it will be a gift card to the bicycle shop that sponsors his school’s cycling team. He gets a discount there. It’s pretty awful that I’ve known this guy for 5 years and this is the best thing I can think to get him. I’m definitely not into getting him anything expensive or super thoughtful because it seems like it would be a waste, like your necklace.

If I were you, I would have “lost” it at the pawn shop or on craigslist.

Thanks for the cupcake and hug. :) I’ve been trying really hard to remember that the voice that tells me nobody wants to hang out with me is a crazy bastard. Also, he bought another road bike yesterday. He needs a new saddle for it so that’s what I’m going to get him for his birthday.

I saw Bridesmaids yesterday, and I enjoyed the hell out of it. I’d been looking forward to it since I saw the trailer, because I’m a big fan of both Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph. I thought Melissa McCarthy’s character was fabulous, too. It dragged a little bit towards the end, but I’m can’t really complain about a movie that features Roy from The IT Crowd, has a Fiona Apple song on the soundtrack, and passes the Bechdel Test repeatedly. I went with a group of friends, 3 guys and 3 girls, and everyone enjoyed it equally, so I really hope all of this “Men won’t see a movie about women” foolishness gets disproved. Two of my male friends said they had more fun at Bridesmaids than at Thor.

Just saw it too. Pretty funny stuff. Kristen Wiig is pretty delightful in it, as is everybody else in the cast. I laughed so hard I cried. I mean, it’s pretty standard rom-com stuff (at least in terms of the plot development, not standard in the sense that it actually passes the Bechdel Test), but it’s friggin hilarious.

That’s good to know. In spite of the fact that he laughs out loud every time he sees the commercial, my fella is of the “But this has to be a movie for girls” ilk. He’s at least admitted he’d like to see it when we can rent it and watch it at home, but I think I’ll be able to talk him into going to see it at the cinema with me. Hopefully he’ll see that just because it has a lot of womenz in it doesn’t mean that he has to check his penis at the door!

I saw it today with my sister and we LOVED it. So did the theatre crowd, so there was a lot of same-time groaning and enthusiastic commentary that made the viewing experience awesome.

I wish we had seen more of the other two bridesmaids- Becca and Claire(?)- the bitter mom character, apart from the one drunken airplane convo I feel like they didn’t have much to do. The Rhodes-being-mad-at-Annie bit dragged on for far too long, I felt, though it did give us the amazing driving-violation montage. “Who’s driving this car?!?”

But I’m nitpicky. Everyone should still go see this movie so we can have more of its ilk.

I took my dad to see Thor on Thorsday (I’m such a nerd) because it was his birthday and I wanted to see it. I’d read about it on Shakesville–the multicultural casting and the feminism and stuff (seriously, it’s awesome. Teh ladies are wearing things that ladies in their line of work would actually wear. And they actually have personalities.

What I WASN’T expecting was my immediate and intense attraction to Loki. Holy shit. I mean, I usually go for the broody ones, but when I got home, I looked up the actor’s picture and hooo boy. Delicious.

So far, my weekend fun has involved catching up on my favourite TV shows (I was two weeks behind, so that kept me entertained for a few hours), getting back into bed with Tina Fey’s Bossypants, and drinking half a bottle of wine. I regret nothing! I’m even considering watching the Eurovision Song Contest, which I haven’t done since I was nine years old and I really believed Spain could win.

How’s everybody’s Saturday?

Aw, how’s Tina Fey’s book? And what is this ESC everyone is talking about.

And to answer your question from about a week ago… papers are going ok. One is done and out of the way, and boy was it a tough one. It really disintegrated about 9 pages in. After about 3 hours in the fetal position, I just changed directions with it and was able to salvage it. Im a little worried that the change of direction came at the cost of cohesion of the paper, but given that it fell apart about 2 days before it was due, I didn’t have time to scrap it and start over. I HAD to build from the 9 page on. This second one is more engaging for me… not easier to write, of course. But I feel a little more in my element as it’s pretty reflective of “what I want to be when I’m all grown up.” I’m working on Foucault and death and Susan Bordo and plasiticization and through a few tricky moves with regard to inorganic, organic, and decomposition, I’m able to show that plasiticization is the obsession with the un-aging, non-decomposing (and thus truly dead) body.. or, by definition, necrophilia. Then I’m placing it all back within Foucault and biopolitics/plasiticizaiton as a technology of governing the body.

Now.. if onyl writing the whole damn thing was as easy as talking about it…

I’m moving across the country via train this summer, and my grandmother just sent me an e-mail saying that she wants me to be able to get a roomette for the trip and will pay for the difference between that and a regular cabin seat as a graduation gift. However, the difference is over $600 and since I know that would be a burdensome cost to my already not very financially stable grandparents I don’t feel comfortable accepting such a large gift. Does anyone have any suggestions about what I should do? I can’t accept the gift in good conscience but I don’t want to hurt her feelings by rejecting it either.

I got robbed yesterday :( I drive a pretty old car that doesn’t have power locks, and forgot to do my meticulous check on my way to do some shopping. I got back to the car and the glove compartment, between-seats compartment and trunk were open. They stole my GPS unit, my entire gym bag ($150 worth of clothes and a $200 Garmin), my planner and the book I was reading (WHY???).

I ran around yesterday and today replacing everything and am out about $600. Thank God that this is the ONE TIME I can afford it.

I know, it’s idiotic, and I should have checked my locks, and now I have to keep a superclose eye on my house and my credit card bill. I’ve already been chewed out by numerous ‘friendly advisers’, anybody want to give me a big glass of something frosty and a story of their own?

Oh no! I am SO sorry to hear that. I know you feel silly for leaving the car unlocked but it’s not right for you to blame yourself for someone else committing a crime.

I did get pick-pocketed on the DC Metro once. I was traveling, so I was heading to the train station with my rolling suitcase and a backpack as a carry-on. As always, I had my wallet on the front pocket because on the DC Metro you have to swipe in AND swipe out, so I neede it for easy access. Anyway, it was super anti-climactic because it was just suddenly GONE but everyone I told about it (especially the men!) told me it was my fault for leaving the wallet in my front pocket.

Meanwhile, the countless times I’d done that exact things in the several years prior without incident were irrelevant.

The point is, you can always beat yourself up over these incidents, but the point is, it’s no one’s fault but the person who committed the crime. Of course you have to do everything you can to take precautions, but you can’t live in fear!

….well. That was long winded, but I hope it was a good pep talk! Best of luck picking up the pieces.

When we first moved into our house I went out to the car one morning to see that the stereo was gone :(
Because we had moved into a very quiet neighborhood I had gotten into the really bad habit of leaving the car unlocked (same boat as your- old car, no power locks). In our previous neighborhood I was religious about making sure it was locked- so I felt even more foolish for assuming this neighborhood was better.
I called the cops but felt silly and very embarrassed for not having locked my car. It’s hard to not blame yourself; I feel for you! And I also ask, “why?!” Why would they want your book, gym clothes, or my old stereo?

Last December both my wallet and checkbook were stolen out of my purse when it was sitting right next to me at a coffee shop the day before I was supposed to fly home for Winter vacation. It was dead week and I was so focused on the paper I was writing that I didn’t even notice someone reaching into my bag – I found out an hour after I arrived at the coffee shop when a roommate called to tell me that someone had dropped my checkbook at my house sans the credit cards I had used to pay for the tea I was currently drinking. That my credit and debit cards were stolen wasn’t a big deal even though they charged over $600 since I had fraud protection, but my social security card, driver’s license, and health insurance cards were all in my wallet. I spent a day freaking out that the thief was going to steal my identity and run my credit even farther into the ground. Luckily they ditched my wallet with all the important cards still in it and someone (the thief or a Good Samaritan) dropped it into a mail box and I got a call from the post office the next day asking me where I wanted them to send it.

My friend just got mugged. I mean, knocked him face down unconscious about a block from his home after coming home from the bar at 3 am….

They sure did pick the wrong person to mug though. The bag he had on him was a bag of dirty balled up clothes (which they decided to leave) and his jacket had a cell phone from ten years ago, a debit card (which they can’t use without a pin number of course), and the credit card (that they attempted to use at a grocery store) was already maxed out.

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